Mark Traphagen
Re: Is Google Running an SEO Scam With Google+ and AuthorRank? -
"When author markup really kicked in for me (some time in January all search results for my content started showing with my author rich snippet), I too began to see my organic rankings and traffic rise. I immediately assumed it was some kind of artificial boost because of Author Rank. But calmer heads like AJ Kohn weren't so sure, and cautioned me that other factors could be in play. 1) Rich snippets are known to increase CTR. Increased CTR is a signal to Google that the result is relevant to the query, so your ranking may rise for that query because of that. There's a known reason for the higher CTR: human eyes are attracted to faces. So a search result further down the page that would have been passed over before now might get clicked before higher results. 2) I think for your example you may be overlooking that your Klout post got a lot of backlinks and was widely shared on social media. That undoubtedly had an effect on your relevance and ranking. After a lot of consideration, I've..." - Mark Traphagen