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Changing my user name to @swadeshine. Don't be alarmed.
Thinking about changing my username. Any suggestions?
The living room is happy that @twtfm works on the Wii browser.
And to all a good slumber.
#LOST Money Mark (Beastie Boys) - Push the button" ♫
RT @fadereu: Today's date in Mayan script:
DISCLAIMER: My tweetscape is pretty diverse. Follow me one day, unfollow me the next. It's all good. I do the same. ~ cheers
Anyone one else find themselves #hashtaging notes on scrap-paper?
Are there any #LOST Anonymous groups in the #asheville area?
@eglinski #FRINGE If you can, just watch the season finale. You'll want to recap, but I don't think it's totally necessary.
@eglinski The reflection within the reflection. That initially makes me think of where I suspect he may be taking #FRINGE
) + ( RT @1awakening making money cash marketing get rich quick ad... commercial patriots police email self-improvement $$$ big dreams glitz
@eglinski #LOST I like the theory that 1 group was pushing the button & another group was testing quantum/observer principles to see changes
@qatesiuradewyo No, but I totally want to see this #VALIS opera. I've been keeping my ears peeled for a torrent link or online vid.
@1awakening Beautiful. To be retweeted when appropriate. Thanx.
+ @eglinski Check my feed for most recent #lost / #valis connections. Wouldn't it be sweet if there was another DHARMA station in space?
@eglinski Check my feed for my most recent #lost / #valis connections. Wouldn't it be sweet if there was another DHARMA station in space?
@suehuskins A little birdie told me @_cosmicstuff is coming to visit & might move up. Wanna help find her a teaching job near #asheville ?
#VALIS in one hand, #LOST rerun comin' up at 1. All is well...and synched.
@THESKYLIGHTER Hey - If you're ever near Asheville...
@suehuskins Rained a bunch in Sarasota too. Heard that it beat the 1 day record from '71.
@trollsmyth That's a crazy cool world you got goin' on there.
Back in Asheville scanning the datasphere. Did I miss anything cool?
Wallet found. I guess I *will* be flying home today :)
Chillin' on Lido key
Wondering: Has any other book appeared twice in #LOST besides #VALIS ?
Wondering if any other book appeared twice in #LOST besides #VALIS ?
Finding more & more connections between #LOST & PKD's 2/3/74 #VALIS experience ~ beam of pink light -> unstuck in time, tech as divinity
#LOST #VALIS "to release electromagnetism every 108 minutes to an orbiting satellite with a 5 minute pass-over. "
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