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Kevin Rose
Terry Tate has a Painful Message for Sarah Palin -
Terry Tate has a Painful Message for Sarah Palin
looks so real - Travis Cooper
Never gets old. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
hahahaha!!!! love it! - AJ Batac
That was some awesome video mashup. It has that David Letterman comedy signature to it. ftw!! - imabonehead
Best Digg Ever! - Darrell Bell from twhirl
That was brilliant! - Bill Sodeman
Robert Scoble
Going to Facebook later today to interview devs about the new site design, connect, and feeds. Wanna know anything? I might do a Qik too.
Yes please, can we have friend feed show up like the old design? - michael sean wright
why the script so often chokes in FF3? / where's the widescreen support - Richard Lawler from twhirl
I'd like to be able to search for a url. - Shawn McCollum
Is simpler integration/aggregation of users' OTHER social media in the cards? - Dave Roth
it would be nice to be able to cut and paste an email address from a contact rather than have to retype it in every time. - Thomas Hawk
when are they going to fix the messaging features - private message handling is not great in facebook. - Morgan
When will FB allow users to export their own attention stream? (ie the newsfeed about them) - Sean Ammirati
ask them when will they change their stupid TOS to stop being so unethical - Marcos Marado
their notes/blogging platform is very old skool. when will that be upgraded to allow import of photos,video,etc..? - Randy Ksar
Why do something like Connect when there things like OpenSocial and OAuth that do the same? I understand not using OpenSocial, but OAuth is a fairly generic authentication/authorization standard. Do we really need another proprietary one? - Rob Diana
Why can't I only see those people that I have not sent a fan page or group invite too? Why can't I segment by network on that screen like I can for an application invite? - C.C. Chapman
Ask them who it is that has the secret crush on me! - Greg Lowe
i don't follow Facebook stuff closely, so maybe this has been answered ... offhand, i'd be interested in whether there's any plan to adapt Facebook policy for international markets (ie, allowing greater anonymity in Japan), and if not, what other plans they might have to overcome that sort of hurdle (if any). - idnan
I second the Firefox 3 problems. Links on the new layout die more than half the time. - Sean O
Are they planning on giving more importance to video distribution on the platform? - Xavier Vespa
I would want to know how users could export more of their personal information to make backup of it. - Daniel Schildt
And yes, they need to change TOS so they don't own every photo people add to their profiles. - Daniel Schildt
They should also fix chat and add support fox visible logs for it (or option to avoid logging) like Google does with Gtalk inside Gmail. - Daniel Schildt
Can we expect OpenId kind of features in the future? Can they also be used by third party websites that have nothing to do with facebook? - Corné Wielemaker
Ask them also if they would do mindmap styled diagram that would show your connections and how each of them are connected to other people you know. Some sort of interactivity in that (if made with JavaScript or Flash) could allow quite great learning experience as you could find out much easier who knows who. There are some third party apps that do that kind of stuff, but I don't personally trust them that much. - Daniel Schildt
a) how long will they keep the "classic" design available and b) how many people are choosing the new design? - Laura Norvig
Ask why Facebook Mobile doesn't support T-Mobile. - Jeff Lopes
When they finalize transfer of people to new design and how long they keep the old one around? Does old design make apps developement more difficult when compared to new one? What changes they recommend for people making add-ons for Facebook? Are apps going to have more reasonable privacy restrictions to not get access to all info? - Daniel Schildt works good on my windows mobile for all you winmo users out there - Tyler Gillies
Does the new design increase or decrease traffic to applications? - Jamie Ginsberg
How could users add more customized fields to their info tab in profile (and would that make Facebook more bloated)? - Daniel Schildt
do they plan on allowing video streaming etc in the future AND will they come out with their own FacebookIM client for the desktop - Travis Cooper
When will they add photo commenting (and viewing of photo comments) to the iphone and mobile web interfaces? - Andrew Fielding
Can you ask their Chief Privacy Officer to take phone calls from reporters? - Andrew Feinberg
Why does their site degrade to a blank page when javascript is turned off? - Brandon Titus
I hate being held hostage in an email thread listening to unending chatter from people I don't know and don't care to know. And can the apps under "Boxes" be made collapsible? It's like a dumping ground for useless apps now, I hardly go there. I keep those apps for peeps who can't live a day without poking me. And yeah, the blogging feature needs a major upgrade. Wait, their TOS gives them rights to my profile pictures? What the... - Carolyn Chan
Paul Grav
Japanese browser maker takes on IE, Firefox -
I can't believe that it is even popular anywhere in the world. It looks like a pile of garbage. They mention on their site "Perfect pages with the Industry-Standard Trident Engine". I guess perfection is Windows only then? I'm not sure that 'Perfect' is the correct word to use when describing the Trident rendering engine. - Paul Grav
i agree. looks like mud. why would they even cover something like this. - Travis Cooper
Ha IE looks better than that. - Luke Martin
Travis Cooper
what IDE do you use to code in, and do you use different one for different languages?
PHP:Dreamweaver 8 - Travis Cooper
Java:Eclipse, Rational Software Developer (Eclipse Based) - Travis Cooper
Flex:Flex Builder 3(Eclipse Based) - Travis Cooper
For PHP, CSS, HTML, etc, I use Panic's Coda. For everything else, I usually find myself sshing into the server and using vim. Nearly all of my web development revolves around PHP, database administration, and server administration. - Mark Trapp
I use Eclipse for Java... I'd prefer IntelliJ, but then it's not free, so. For pretty much everything else I use Gedit (woo Linux) hacked up with some sake tasks to make development easier. - Tommy Morgan
Python:Emacs, Python:TextMate (on mac) - Adnan
KDevelop on Linux. Seriously. I use it for HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and Python. - James Rishabh Mishra
I'm working in ASP.NET currently, so it Visual Studio all the way - Glenn Slaven
NetBeans - scott anderson
mcedit - Grant Bierman
50% Textmate 50% Aptana/SVN - Andrew Wooldridge
Textmate & Firebug 99% of the time. Visual Studio when IE is being particularly naughty. - Jason Wehmhoener
I use Vim nearly all the time, although it's not an IDE. - Morton Fox
eclipse for java stuff. textmate for the real fun: ruby. :-) - Kevin Smith
Kate on Linux, for Ruby, Java, HTML/CSS, and plain-text. :) possible248: I thought KDevelop was a bit too heavyweight. - Benjamin Kudria
Benjamin: It is a bit heavy for simple coding, but I like it's the right fit for me. - James Rishabh Mishra
Zend Studio for Eclipse. It's pretty good, but it crashes sometimes. - Hao Chen
vi - The six editor!! :) :) - Bwana ☠
komodo editor, vim, gedit - Syam Kumar R
DreamWeaver CS3 for html, And Visual Studio 2008 for code - FrenchW
Everything from DreamWeaver to Notepad to Vim to pico to pixels... - Daniel Schildt
PHP: Zend studio and vi, .NET: Visual Studio, python: pyDev, vi adn Visual Studio. - Sudar
I use vim/kate for all kind of coding. - k00pa
I stick w/ textmate as much as possible, but I have to develop in .net... so obviously visual studio, which, for me is way too heavy for a web platform ide - ben bloch
From time to time I have used Dreamweaver mostly because of it's autocomplete but use many different tools depending on where I work. - Daniel Schildt
My time is split between Textmate, Vi and Flex Builder. I enjoy using Textmate and Vi. If I could, I'd rather not use Flex Builder/Eclipse. - Paul Grav
Vim, although it's not really an IDE. - Morton Fox
Frontpage... It's the most idiotic program on earth... - Luke Martin
Kevin Smith
@traviscooper can't really compare to other services, but i've been a fairly satisfied at&t/cingular customer for about 7 years now
in that case, i might just keep using this old phone til after july 11.. then see where i stand... i think 3g reaches my house ;) - Travis Cooper
Kevin Smith
Tommy Morgan
If you have a signature that regularly makes up more than 50% of your email traffic, you're taking yourself too seriously.
amen. - Travis Cooper
Spread Firefox | Download Day 2008 -
Spread Firefox | Download Day 2008
"Join us in our mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!" - browneyes
i'm there bro - Travis Cooper
I got it on download day! - k00pa
I downloaded it to two computers on download day! - k00pa
Charlie Anzman
eBay API BIG change - New PayPal tools -
nice link - Travis Cooper
Kevin Smith
contemplating career stuff
what kind of career stuff.... we should get a support group for those of us ready for a change..or just start a company ;) - Travis Cooper
Tommy Morgan
Is it August yet?
why the hurry? - Travis Cooper
Phil Crissman
Deciding this weekend whether or not I will quit a corporate job to do a 2-3 month CSS/Rails contract instead. I'm pretty sure I will.
good luck man. - Travis Cooper
Good luck Phil! - Shawn L. Morrissey
Thanks. The hard part is persuading the wife that it's not an insane idea! - Phil Crissman
Phil Crissman
General Tao's chicken over steamed rice. Yum.
jealous - Travis Cooper
I especially like the way it's spelled differently on every restaurant menu. Tao, Tsao, Jao, Joe, etc. It's still good, though. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Yeah, I have always found that (variant spellings) a little weird, since it more or less seems to be the same sort of chicken. - Phil Crissman
Argh. Darn twitter auto reply. Just replied to myself on twitter. - Phil Crissman
I sometimes reply to myself by accident, too. It's something I'd like -- that is, for FriendFeed to somehow add the ability to reply to someone else via twitterback. Right now I have to copy/paste and post separately. - dgw
Phil Crissman
whale-spotting: noticing a brief Twitter downtime which lasts (roughly) only to the next page refresh.
It's driving me nuts. Real spotty. I'm at the point now where I'm seriously considering going to a different service. - Tommy Morgan
I'm not sure there is an alternative yet. Of what's available, I'm liking FriendFeed best, but it does lack the spartan simplicity that made twitter attractive in the first place. That's not really a criticism of FF, but it's not quite the same. - Phil Crissman
I'm really enjoying FF so far... the multi-service mashups are nearly too much, but I think a good client could really work wonders for it. - Jason Alexander from Alert Thingy
yeah, it's horrible. i'm mostly using friendfeed now - Travis Cooper
Had this discussion with Kevin (@smithk14) earlier today - the alternatives are out there. If it were just the functionality everybody'd be on jaiku or pownce by now, from what I can see. - Tommy Morgan
I tried Pownce for a bit. If anyone here is using it, I'm Same nick on jaiku, though I use that even less... - Phil Crissman
Phil, try Friendfeed via Twhirl. It almost has the twitter simplicity. - Peter Fleck
I'll give it another whirl (no pun int... okay, I can't say that)... but I've found that AIR apps seem to steal a LOT of memory over time when left on. Is that just me? - Phil Crissman
That has been a problem. I should check my system and see. I run it on a Mac. - Peter Fleck
I run Mac at home, XP at work; feels like I've seen the problem with AIR apps on both machines. Still, maybe you just expect to restart the app once in awhile. Like Windows 95. :-) - Phil Crissman
Phil Crissman
Noting: most of the people I know on Facebook, I already knew offline. On Twitter, the opposite is true. Typical?
same here, I think I talk more to the online people I don't know than to the ones I do in the "real world" - jason burton
I would assume so. In Facebook you search for friends, in Twitter you happen upon friends. At least for me... - Damon Cortesi from twhirl
One person I knew prior to joining Twitter is on Twitter. And he just joined in earnest a few days ago. Real world, psh. - Mark Trapp
I have read some saying they personally know their connections on Twitter; must have been a deliberate decision on their part. - Phil Crissman
i agree, esp once you get into the community and you find people who share similiar interests - Travis Cooper
I agree. I only know one or two people on Twitter outside of the Internet. It's interesting how this is shaking out. - James Ferguson
I haven't met most of the people I'm connected to on Facebook and Twitter. - Morton Fox
James Rishabh Mishra
How do you pronounce WYSIWYG?
wizzywig - Glenn Slaven
i concur with Glenn - Travis Cooper
yep, "wizzy-wig" - Brett Kelly
Am I the only person that says "why-see-wig"? - James Rishabh Mishra
Heh, I don't even know how people get "wizzy" out of "WYSI". Oh well. :D - James Rishabh Mishra
Kevin Smith
really bummed that twitter IM notifications are disabled
agreed - Travis Cooper
Rumor: Tablet Mac coming this fall (updated 3x) | The Apple Core | -
we can only hope - Travis Cooper
Tommy Morgan
Great. Traffic on 85 is at a complete halt.
sorry man - Travis Cooper
Phil Crissman
Pork and Beans - Weezer. Vid is full of internet meme references. -
Pork and Beans - Weezer. Vid is full of internet meme references.
Holy crap that is amazing. Even if you don't like Weezer (not that I could imagine not liking Weezer, but I'm just sayin') - Tommy Morgan
Very cool video from a band I haven't really listened to much. Maybe I'll finally grab some Weezer. I actually liked the song too :P - Bartek Ciszkowski
Totally cool vid. How'd they get all those guys? It's all over several non-tech sites now as well. Great job. - Travis Cooper
If I had to guess, Travis, I'd say they were stand-ins. Probably a little bit of editing too. Really well-done though, it's true - Tommy Morgan
Tommy Morgan
It's quiet...... *too* quiet...... I'm ready to leave.
friendfeed should let you respond to a commenter, not just the original poster - Travis Cooper
Agreed. - Tommy Morgan
I like the idea that you can go to a specific place to talk about specific things, like battlestar galactica! -
yep, i agree - Travis Cooper
Can you search for other rooms? How?
that's an excellent question. - Andrew Badera
i have no idea - Travis Cooper
And as I eluded to, can rooms block content? Or just organize it? - lilbyrdie
I searched with creating. There are lots of rooms. =) examples:, - Erhan Erdoğan
Tommy Morgan
Friend-feed beef: I don't like the way they handle chronology. I usually scan down the list until I see something I've seen before... now I can't be sure that I've seen all the latest stuff by following that approach.
yeah, that's a problem. if you comment etc on something, or someone responds, it puts it back up at the top.. not sure that's always a good idea. maybe have a background color change or something... not sure.. - Travis Cooper
Another beef: I don't care what people I don't know say about what other people I don't know say. If a friend of mine comments on something, great, add it. Don't promote it to the top every time any other person comments on it, though. Or at least give me the option. - Tommy Morgan from twhirl
yeah, that's really annoying. I think there is a javascript addon you can get that let's you control that, among others things. let me check.... - Travis Cooper
Travis Cooper
i wish comments had time stamps like the origional posts do... just to make sure i didn't miss something
*original - Travis Cooper
Robert Scoble
Are you a Facebook "gangsta?" Funny video, or sad, if you look at it the right way. Flashin you my gang sign, but I still can't add you as a friend. Heheh! -
Are you a Facebook "gangsta?" Funny video, or sad, if you look at it the right way. Flashin you my gang sign, but I still can't add you as a friend. Heheh!
awesomeness - Travis Cooper
really freaking sad...and hillarious...the funny part is that there are real people like that out there...tons of them - steveo from twhirl
Travis Cooper
i hope that higher gas prices, possible recession will push stocks down in the short term (6months - 1.5 years) so that I can get some really good deals (like apple at 120 again). In the long run, everything will be back up, up, up.. but I need a good dip to buy in
oh, and since President Bush said that Iran will NOT be allowed to have a bomb, there are already rumblings about a military strike before the next prez takes office, I'm waiting to get in til after this time... - Travis Cooper
Phil Crissman
For crying out loud, is Twitter down _again_?
And here I was just going to make a few invisible friends... No wonder FriendFeed can't find a given Twitter username... it's _down_ - Phil Crissman
wait, I guess it's back - Phil Crissman
i caught it up with enough time to import my twitter contacts into friendfeed - - acedanger from twhirl
I'd like to use that (twitter2Friendfeed) but my work PC has a firewall that blocks the script. And at home... wait, I do have windows at home. It's on an old dell. - Phil Crissman
lol, hate to hear about the problems... we def need to get folks over to friendfeed, it hasn't been down one time when I went to use it. - Travis Cooper
Bryan Kattler
Tommy Morgan
Friendfeed + Twitter == cross-post hell! What do you suppose would be the best way to solve this..?
At the moment, I'm still mainly using twitter to "say" things, and FriendFeed for commenting... - Phil Crissman
try moving more to FF, and where needed, make imaginary friends.. convo's are easier to follow on FF - Travis Cooper
@Phil I do the same thing - acedanger from twhirl
it's worse, when you reply from FF convo as a twitter reply, shows up twice in FF - Travis Cooper
Travis, that's nothing: I made the mistake of linking my Tumblr, Youtube, Friendfeed, Twitter, and Ma.gnolia account together. Individualized echo chamber! - Mark Trapp
Well, what I meant was, I don't like seeing the updates in two different places. - Tommy Morgan from twhirl
yeah, that's annoying. - Travis Cooper
On the one hand, it makes sense to stop following people on twitter that I follow on friendfeed. On the other, Twitter has its uses... /sigh - Tommy Morgan from twhirl
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