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Re: Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways -
"Thanks for saying so. I think all would agree it wasn't the same without you Michael!" - Travis Campbell
Re: The Ultimate Social Media Marketing World Wrap-Up -
"Wow, well done Michael. So much goodness here. Was great meeting you there, sharing this." - Travis Campbell
Re: Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways -
"Great share here @Ashley Coombe! The photo is helpful too, love it! Looking forward to next year already." - Travis Campbell
Re: 3 Reasons To Dress Sharp When Traveling -
"Great thoughts here @RMRStyle! Love the story of your study group friend! For work from home entrepreneurs, sometimes it's forgotten that when you are out and about, that dress is important! Early on, I got burned being absent-minded on this point. I've found preparation to be a solid weapon in a competitive marketplace. Dressing well is part of that preparation, would you agree? And hey, it sends a message to your customer or prospect that you are serious about working for their success! Right?" - Travis Campbell
Re: 3 Steps to Getting a Professional Design Your Market Wants -
"Indeed Ryan. I was surprised to see how they've continued to improve the service. From a marketing perspective could you see yourself using the functionality described above to get market driven designs?" - Travis Campbell
Re: T-Mobile Marketing Solves Switch Problem – Get’s Customers -
"Thanks Ryan! I think "Team Magenta" did a great job associating their brand with a "clean" celebrity and bantering about "no contracts". Be interested to see how this pays out for them." - Travis Campbell
The most amazing person I've ever met. So glad God gave you life! Happy Birthday +Ana Helena Campbell! -
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Tech day Saturday at the Campbell's. Today's lesson? The +Infusionsoft campaign builder. Youngest (left) reenacts his response when learning he can give happy birthday wishes automatically & forever to contacts in his database. #marketingautomation -
Google for Entrepreneurs Why You Should Attend -
Welcome to Denver +Google! +Steve Grove talking +Google+ at #gfedenver -
#entrepreneurs with +Google for Entrepreneurs learning and discovering how to increase global connectivity & more #gfedenver +galvanize -
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Enjoying the +Daymond John Academy here in Denver. +Daymond John Academy staff are a sharp group. -
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Great times with Mom today in Colorado. -
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What I Learned About Marketing at InfusionCon -
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