This happened...almost 500 years ago. -
Thank you men for encouraging my son on his journey to become a man himself. #squire +David Campbell -
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Re: How to Capture More Email Leads With Social Media Contests -
"Thanks for bringing us up to speed on the state of contest tools and strategies @zsuzsa! Bravo! Many get excited with the idea of influx of traffic and subscribers, how important do you see it to have an engagement strategy in place prior to launching a contest? -Travis" - Travis Campbell
Congratulations Germany! Herzlichen Glückwunsch Deutschland! -
I could be wrong, but #brazil’s acting in the #worldcup isn’t helping their cause. #TellTalePhoto -
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Re: 3 Steps to Getting a Professional Design Your Market Wants -
"Indeed. I think business owners can move forward with more confidence allowing the market to voice their opinion. Important to consider longevity of the logo, you don't want to change it every few years based on certain design trends. Thanks Pete!" - Travis Campbell
Re: Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways -
"Thanks for saying so Jamie." - Travis Campbell
Re: Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways -
"My pleasure Michael." - Travis Campbell
Re: Review of Traffic Travis – Latest Update -
"Well said Mary." - Travis Campbell
Re: Review of Wild Apricot Membership Management Software -
"Thanks for the heads up. Will ping @peterbriss and see if he is interested in posting a review here." - Travis Campbell
Taking a break form here until July 1, 2014. Feel free to connect with me in real life if you need. Enjoy June! -
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Great meeting +Matt de Caussin +Nader Akhnoukh +Toby Murdock & others +Kapost during #BSW14 tour with my son +David Campbell. Thanks for having us! -
Happy Mother's Day Mom! Much of my success in life I attribute to your influence. "She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed;"(Proverbs 31:27, 28 ESV) -
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Happy Birthday +David Campbell! Was a blast at the concert last night with your Mom +Ana Helena Campbell, brother +Daniel Campbell, and that both +Cade Walker & +Jorgen Mandl were there to celebrate. Great photo here with TobyMac's drummer to cap off the night! Love you son! -
Was a great time at the final JV Alert Live (+JV Alert Denver) event. Was an honor to be there. Well done +Ken McArthur, +Joel Comm, and the many others who made this event a success! -
MailChimp Review – 10 Useful Email Marketing Features -
Re: Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways -
"Thanks for saying so. I think all would agree it wasn't the same without you Michael!" - Travis Campbell
Re: The Ultimate Social Media Marketing World Wrap-Up -
"Wow, well done Michael. So much goodness here. Was great meeting you there, sharing this." - Travis Campbell
Re: Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways -
"Great share here @Ashley Coombe! The photo is helpful too, love it! Looking forward to next year already." - Travis Campbell
Re: 3 Reasons To Dress Sharp When Traveling -
"Great thoughts here @RMRStyle! Love the story of your study group friend! For work from home entrepreneurs, sometimes it's forgotten that when you are out and about, that dress is important! Early on, I got burned being absent-minded on this point. I've found preparation to be a solid weapon in a competitive marketplace. Dressing well is part of that preparation, would you agree? And hey, it sends a message to your customer or prospect that you are serious about working for their success! Right?" - Travis Campbell
Re: 3 Steps to Getting a Professional Design Your Market Wants -
"Indeed Ryan. I was surprised to see how they've continued to improve the service. From a marketing perspective could you see yourself using the functionality described above to get market driven designs?" - Travis Campbell
Re: T-Mobile Marketing Solves Switch Problem – Get’s Customers -
"Thanks Ryan! I think "Team Magenta" did a great job associating their brand with a "clean" celebrity and bantering about "no contracts". Be interested to see how this pays out for them." - Travis Campbell
Great inspirational conversation with +Peter Billingham today. Great stories from a great storyteller. Appreciate you! -
Photo taken by +Ana Helena Campbell while #Mountainbiking today in warm #Colorado winter weather. -
Hitting new highs with four 5s on the today. +Nike #fuelband Who's down with #progress ?? -
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