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Jonathan Eisen

Jonathan Eisen

Evolutionary biologist, microbiology genomics researcher, cyclist, professor, and open access advocate at U. C. Davis
RT @roseveleth: No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt.
RT @artologica: Amsterdam has a Museum of Microbes and the @finchandpea is ON IT @phylogenomics @markowenmartin @Profmicro
@artologica @finchandpea @markowenmartin @Profmicro you know I was joking right?
RT @PlantDevo: @edyong209 @phylogenomics hahaha, we are hitting him hard. I just talked about The Napoleome
RT @markowenmartin: @phylogenomics I had my photo taken at the Shrine during the Salyers Symposium. Keep an eye on the mail, by the way.
From now on am asking anyone who emails w/ ??s about my papers to post them publicly (journal, @pubmedcommons, my blog) & then will answer
@edyong209 although I do wish you had used my catchy jingle "who are the contaminants in your sequencing project"
.@edyong209 my #1 rule of #badomics is - if someone does not expect others to use the word, then any words are ok (e.g., jokes, etc)
And look - it is the phone Microbiome #MicroBEnet
Welcome to the ever expanding microbiomes of the built environment simulation - run by my children #microbenet
From microBEnet: Not quite space, but microbes in high altitudes
@p_gl how does one do this ?
@p_gl @RELenski well, seems like the most relevant info - what do you expect to learn from who follows or RTs someone?
The Tree of Life: Job Announcement: Moore Foundation Program Associate
@cagraber @Gastropodcast wow - looks really nice -- will have to dig in
@marc_rr @games_to_change see my new post for more detail "The future of Google Scholar" at the #UCDavis ICIS blog
@marc_rr @games_to_change well, there are many things they could do that are legal but not exactly what publishers want
From microBEnet: Crosspost: Using Google Scholar in Scholarly Workflows
From #ICIS blog: The future of Google Scholar
.@games_to_change @marc_rr that Google Scholar is doing what publishers want is lame; we need alternatives akin to Delphi
RT @games_to_change: .@marc_rr thoughts on academic search from game-theory POV: "Changing the game of scholarly search" @phylogenomics
RT @The_Episiarch: That paper w/ that unfortunate remark abt the "crappy Gabor paper" left in? Its #altmetrics is through the roof! LOL!
RT @marc_rr: So what stops Google Scholar from having an API is that most publishers are closed access, and impose restrictions.
RT @klsywd: Jobi hasn't read the cat domestication paper yet, too busy basking in the sun #lazyfatcats
RT @TweetImmune: On-the-Spot Bacterial Infection Tests Reduce Unnecessary #Antibiotic Prescriptions #microbes #pathogens
#UCDavis Advance - Latina scientists recognized as CAMPOS scholars - public event 11/13
@lisapinkerton posthaste see post posted by cousin Sam Post @samueljpost spoofing post posted by Post @washingtonpost
@lisapinkerton plus post haste check out the post by my cousin Sam Post @samueljpost spoofing the post by the Post
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