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Jonathan Eisen

Jonathan Eisen

Evolutionary biologist, microbiology genomics researcher, cyclist, professor, and open access advocate at U. C. Davis
RT @RBCCRC: @bernatolle @phylogenomics CAN outlawed use in toothpaste already. Another on topic paper from @mbiojournal =
Learning about how adding portals in cages in cat shelters can massively reduce stress & health problems #ucdavis
I refuse - I will do my own adjustments
RT @Dr_Mel_Thomson: This is a fabulous video explaining the birth of Microbiology as a science, highly recommend. Cc @markowenmartin
RT @ChrisalOz: Jonathan Eisen: Meet your microbes | Talk Video
RT @linsalrob: @tjsharpton @phylogenomics @WhiteHouse An article discussing the EU US$5 million investment in phage anitbiotics
RT @Sardonic_Fly: @phylogenomics @WhiteHouse Wow, way to take a stand on nothing, really calling out nobody there and throwing round some big lack of ideas.
RT @CyanoNey: @bckirkup @phylogenomics @linsalrob @WhiteHouse I would expect more than just not empty promises
RT @linsalrob: @phylogenomics @WhiteHouse why didn't anyone think about phages?
RT @linsalrob: @phylogenomics @WhiteHouse nope... No phages, no phage therapy, no alternatives
RT @CyanoNey: @linsalrob @phylogenomics @WhiteHouse it is all about new antibiotics!! More of the same! What a missed opportunity to think outside the box
@linsalrob @WhiteHouse are they not mentioned ??
RT @scicurious: We are being serenaded by a choir of gut microbes. Now THAT is overselling the microbiome #IgNobel @phylogenomics
From microBEnet: Report and Storify from Lake Arrowhead: Day 3
.@HopeJahren @nytimes Hope - very important, painful and powerful. Thanks for writing it.
RT @seagertp: MT "@dstokols: Special issue of PNAS on The Science of Science Communication 9/14 via @theNASciences" @Boydbranch
RT @HopeJahren: My Op-Ed piece in today's @nytimes: "Science Has a Sexual Assault Problem"
@rogierK oh god - I am going to be ill
RT @rogierK: @phylogenomics Thought you might enjoy reading about the 'Dynome'. No joke.Sadly not even about dinosaurs. #badomics
Really really important: PCAST Releases New Report on Combating Antibiotic Resistance | The White House: @whitehouse
No ice buckets; but great cause: @vscooper is racing Ironman Lake Tahoe to raise $$ for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?
RT @katatrepsis: Publishers make (some) Ebola papers free to access: tacit admission that publishing model is actually killing people?
RT @E_and_Integrity: The Tree of Life: AAAS - Blocking Access to the Scientific Literatur...
From microBEnet: Wanted – building scientists input on Jane Brody in the nytimes on “Sick” Houses and Mold
RT @CoralSci: @microseek @phylogenomics So AAAS biz model: use scientists to make content, then as a desperate pool of ad targets. Classy.
RT @microseek: @CoralSci @phylogenomics that certainly explains the increase in the amount of spam in my inbox after receiving a "free" AAAS membership
RT @jasonHoyt: 1-hr & 3 lawyer consultations later you finally get to download that ‘free’ AAAS paper from 1999
RT @McDawg: @phylogenomics Here's the comment in full that I submitted.
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