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Jonathan Eisen

Jonathan Eisen

Evolutionary biologist, microbiology genomics researcher, cyclist, professor, and open access advocate at U. C. Davis
RT @LadyBits: At @refinery29, @helfitzgerald on the WSJ's tech conference line-up of white dudes, and why it's not ok:
RT @b0yle: Find out how @SpaceX is blazing a new trail for rocket technology:
RT @WiredUK: Here's what hard drugs look like under a microscope
Reading: Who You Callin’ Middle Class? A Plea to the Development Community | Center For Global Development
RT @nancymbirdsall: Plea to development community: Re middle class, please stop exaggerating.
RT @cvans: Shortly after a press release on my upcoming feminist biology postdoc, Twitter reminded me why it's so necessary:
RT @OtherSociology: I wrote this for @STEMWomen "#Science needs women": Nobel winning women on diversity.
Hey @ryneches @jennomics @davidacoil @TheWendyRed - what is the story w/ the launch?
RT @goldenmole: Haha, this by @phylogenomics made my morning that bit better
Going to be discussing Helicobcter pylori work of @barjammar in Intro Bio course (BIS2C) at #UCDavis tomorrow ...
RT @Laurie_Garrett: Attn #microbiiome fans: Microbes to outer space, then back to be sequenced: The nerd in me is loving this.
RT @jennomics: Had fun chatting up @SmithsonianSMS scientists today. Also found a new (to me) species of seagrass! #seagrassmicrobes
RT @PaulREhrlich: Unis must end financial ties to climate denying fossil-fuel giants – now IMPORTANT FROM TOP HISTORIAN via @guardian
From microBEnet: Citizen Irony
Ooh look @23andme is looking for a Statistical Geneticist
RT @avflox: @phylogenomics, but then what else is new? So, charge! FOR SCIENCE! cc: @Annaleen
@avflox @Annaleen hard to avoid crap like that in many cases
@Dr_Mel_Thomson @deborahbrian @Mammals_Suck need a place to post "inapprorpiate reviews"
RT @MariannePeso: @phylogenomics @Mammals_Suck Send the second draft of the letter. Include puppy photo. Done.
RT @photonharvester: @phylogenomics @Annaleen When was the last time you found a penis that grew spines and remained erect for 75 hours? Wait is this rhetorical?
@MariannePeso @Mammals_Suck well, would have to be on blog since have no idea who reviewer was (already expressed thought to program head)
@AMYCHAMP good seeing you - now working on material for intro bio class for tomorrow ...
@KMeltzSteinberg sounds good - I started as E. Asian Studies major and switched to bio after course by Stephen Jay Gould
Good stuff from @Annaleen Your Penis Is Getting in the Way of My Science h/t @avflox
RT @DennisEckmeier: @phylogenomics good, because I couldn't say things like this. I have only 24 citations on google scholar ;) @Mammals_Suck @Sardonic_Fly
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