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Jonathan Eisen

Jonathan Eisen

Evolutionary biologist, microbiology genomics researcher, cyclist, professor, and open access advocate at U. C. Davis
RT @CoralSci: @microseek @phylogenomics So AAAS biz model: use scientists to make content, then as a desperate pool of ad targets. Classy.
RT @microseek: @CoralSci @phylogenomics that certainly explains the increase in the amount of spam in my inbox after receiving a "free" AAAS membership
RT @jasonHoyt: 1-hr & 3 lawyer consultations later you finally get to download that ‘free’ AAAS paper from 1999
RT @McDawg: @phylogenomics Here's the comment in full that I submitted.
‘Dismal’ start for Access to Research initiative via @timeshighered h/t @ryneches
@bucksci @mattjhodgkinson @bookscout not a can of worms - this is a critical point - we need broad, consistent, LEGAL access to literature
.@mattjhodgkinson @bucksci @bookscout well #1) I want to expand legal access to papers #2) I think for this paper Copyright was signed over
RT @PhytoBiomes: @SahaSurya the Phytobiomes session was recorded and access to it will be at the @plantdisease website:
.@IanGibson11 yes, generally agree but I am trying to make sure the legal venues for paper access are expanded
@bucksci @bookscout @mattjhodgkinson yes, sure, though I note that is almost certainly illegally posted
From microBEnet: Nice series of papers on microbial ecology and space travel
RT @bookscout: "In the end, I deeply regret having ever published in Science." from @phylogenomics blog
.@McKiwi43man that was by Jonathan Eisen indeed, but a different Jonathan Eisen
Updated my post on #AAAS blocking access to "free" papers w/ Storify of some responses
RT @ongenetics: AAAS elections are in December. I just put a "free articles must be freely available" reminder on my calendar. @phylogenomics @AAAS_News
RT @geodosu: Illusion of 'free' access to journal content: The Tree of Life: AAAS - Blocking Access to the Scientific Literatur...
RT @dgmacarthur: If AAAS really believes in advancing science rather than publisher profits it needs to fix this:
RT @SherifMorris: Science depends on access to information: here is how AAAS is not helping -
RT @RobertHWoodman: #AAAS has a wrong-headed policy. Read "The Tree of Life: AAAS - Blocking Access to the Scientific Literature"
@p_gl hVe fun with that - #AAAS doesn't grok "free"
RT @p_gl: Just got this 'As a service to the community, AAAS/ Science has made this article free with registration.' Is it really? cc @phylogenomics
RT @wudanyan: Oof: When scientists can't access their own work freely, there's an issue. The goal of research = share knowledge.
RT @peterdedmonds: .@phylogenomics explains why he deeply regrets having ever published in @sciencemagazine: #openaccess
@EnigmAdam @mattrussell_PhD pondered that but decided it was better to not ignore non #OA work but to focus time on #OA papers
RT @sumnerd: A tiny counterbalance to the trolls: I really appreciate you @DNLee5 for many many reasons!
.@mattrussell_PhD well I don't have easy access to that journal - and generally focus my time on papers others can access too
RT @seunfakze: Says it all ~ Hedy Epstein, 90-year-old Holocaust survivor, arrested in #Ferguson, wore shirt that read “STAY HUMAN”
RT @BeggiLeaks: @jenniglass @phylogenomics It so happens we tested this today: microelectrode shows less O2 in N2 bubbled DI than ascorbate-dosed soln.
@CackleofRad I can't even think about it long enough to evaluate the danger level
“You can’t do a job well unless you love it.” says the "Professional Poo Diver" #GrossWarning
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