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Jonathan Eisen

Jonathan Eisen

Evolutionary biologist, microbiology genomics researcher, cyclist, professor, and open access advocate at U. C. Davis
.@PeroMHC @emjosephs OK - repeatome is by far and away the worst omics word I have seen in months #badomics
.@jambina @JenHoward I think #fuckyeahJonathanEisen should be my new Twitter handle
RT @gastromom: @phylogenomics @lynnegoldstein @jenhoward each one of us have the power to change our worlds
.@lynnegoldstein @JenHoward me too
RT @lynnegoldstein: Hope more will do same. MT @JenHoward: Why @phylogenomics turned down offer to give endowed lecture: #WomeninSTEM
RT @PeroMHC: you know its a bad-ome when you have to define it in the 1st sentence of the abstract! @emjosephs @phylogenomics
.@mpbennett @DrHalfPintBuddy yes, the organizer really responded as well as I could ever have imagined
RT @DrHalfPintBuddy: THIS. This this this. Jonathan Eisen turned down a prestigious endowed lectureship because their gender ratio...
@alrightPET @edyong209 EXACTLY - gender equality is critical for everyone
.@alrightPET @edyong209 EXACTLY
RT @alrightPET: YES. Gender equality is not a "women's issue". RT @edyong209: .@phylogenomics walking the walk. Kudos, Jonathan.
RT @Amarie0125: Jonathan Eisen @phylogenomics politely turns down keynote invite, brings attention to skewed gender ratio:
RT @racheljdutton: Going away microbe art from @LupoLabs. So excited for you to start your own lab at Tufts this fall. Go #cheese!
Listeria tests prompt fruit recall
.@joshdneufeld @Edudemic @Mammals_Suck don't forget about @ryneches Twitter citation tool
RT @joshdneufeld: @phylogenomics @edudemic @Mammals_Suck We struggled with citing Twitter. See acknowledgments to see how we settled.
RT @Neowolf2: @phylogenomics @ZombieAntGuy @grist I wonder if it can detect meth labs from solvent/reagent vapors.
.@ZombieAntGuy @grist ok - but I really want to know if the Google Car can detect cows from their methane; & not all cows are average ...
@ZombieAntGuy @grist nothing in there about methane is there?
Very useful: How To Cite Social Media Using MLA and APA via @edudemic h/t @Mammals_Suck
RT @DrJCThrash: Nice Primer on “Conducting a Microbiome Study” via @phylogenomics
Google using street view cars to map methane leaks in cities; via @grist wonder if it could be used for cows
Reading: One size does not fit all. Exciting times for Open Access as PeerJ announces second round of funding via @mysciencework
RT @davidacoil: Congrats to @helloruthlee on her first paper! Genome Announcement for R. magnifica @phylogenomics @Guillaumejospin
.@davidacoil @helloruthlee @Guillaumejospin you are a little late, but that is OK
Reading: Meeting report: Human microbiome science: vision for the future July 2013
From microBEnet: Must read paper of the week: Tools to improve built environment data collection for indoor micr...
From microBEnet: Nice Primer on “Conducting a Microbiome Study”
Reading: Genome sequencing reveals clonal expansion of multiresistant Staph. haemolyticus in European hospitals
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