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Scientists Embrace Openness - Science Careers; quotes by me, @cboettig @jcbradley @skoch3 @LabSpaces et al. -
thanks Jonathan - I didn't know it was out yet - Jean-Claude Bradley
the power of google alert searches for "Jonathan Eisen" --- although I keep getting info about another jonathan eisen - Jonathan Eisen
i have a bunch of automated google alerts; i have them set to email me at different frequencies; all of them are filtered to a folder I only look at once in a while so they are not intrusive; they are useful for picking some new posts about various things in addition to ego surfing - Jonathan Eisen
I have one too - it just hasn't kicked in yet for this article - Jean-Claude Bradley
Yeah, it is quite well laid out - Jonathan Eisen
You know, SC first contacted me about this and I pointed them to JCB and Steve :P - Brian Krueger - LabSpaces
Nice one, Brian. - Mr. Gunn
I can confirm that Brian was the guy that got us going on this one. Thanks to all. - Jim Austin - Jim Austin
thanks Brian! - Jean-Claude Bradley
Thanks, Brian! Looks like a very good article. So cool to be in the same article as you all! - Steve Koch
Thanks Brian! - Anthony Salvagno
Thanks for the positive comments, folks, and thanks to all of you who helped. I'm going to be hanging out on FriendFeed tomorrow to discuss the story, science openness, and anything else you want to talk about. In particular, Steve suggested that we discuss some parallels between science and journalism -- scooping in particular. (A teaser: A recent experience with getting scooped made me wonder whether journalism could be done more openly!) I look forward to a fascinating conversation! - Chelsea Wald
Nice article Chelsea. - Andrew Lang