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PaperLater is a new service, brought to you by Newspaper Club, to help take stuff you don’t want to read on screen and print it as a newspaper. It’s quick and easy and only £4.99. - Trevor F. Smith
NPAPI plugin to expose fun VR devices to Javascript. - Trevor F. Smith
A Guide to the New Continuous Agile Clearly written for people who haven't seen agile or large teams. - Trevor F. Smith
The best way to start a subscription service. - Trevor F. Smith
Billing Platform for Subscription Businesses. - Trevor F. Smith
LinkedIn Growth Engine: The Never Ending Viral Loop -
The Double Viral Loop. New users invite more new users and also engage old users (who go on to invite new users themselves). - Trevor F. Smith
MailChimp Pattern Library -
Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator - Trevor F. Smith
Real-Time Web Analytics Software - Trevor F. Smith
Starbucks to Provide Free College Education to Thousands of Workers -
Starbucks will provide a free online college education to thousands of its workers, without requiring that they remain with the company, through an unusual arrangement with Arizona State University. Love in motion. - Trevor F. Smith
Blink was founded by Karen Clark Cole and Kelly Franznick in July of 2000, right in the middle of the dot-com bubble burst. Kelly and Karen were the user research team, the interaction design team and the all-star usability team. A few months after we started, the company doubled in size, bringing on board John Dirks in the fall of 2000 and Heidi Adkisson in early 2001. - Trevor F. Smith
A Grunt plugin to run Google PageSpeed Insights as part of continuous integration - Trevor F. Smith
HTTPie is a command line HTTP client, a user-friendly cURL replacement. - Trevor F. Smith
Sketch Tutorial 01: A Colorful Switch -
George Michael Brower -
Designer & developer, born 1988, currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Since graduating from UCLA's Design Media Arts department in 2010, I've worked as a creative technologist at Google's Creative Lab. At other times, I've made and contributed to some outrageously popular websites, conquered the world of chiptune as one half of George & Jonathan and angered the legal arm of the Pokémon Company. For outdated work, please visit my adorable undergraduate portfolio. - Trevor F. Smith
Play in the clouds -
Glacéau smartwater. A not entirely annoying ad using WebGL and three.js - Trevor F. Smith
Open Source Workflow Automation for Ops - Trevor F. Smith
RT @davrous: Chrome is great but it’s not a standard. Coding only for Chrome makes you a Google dev not a web dev. Web devs write code for all browsers
Plan is a Python package for writing and deploying cron jobs. - Trevor F. Smith
Dearest Oculus Rift, regardless of your new partners, please don't Virtual Boy us.
I just donated to @mozilla because I #lovetheweb. Donate today to help them build the Web we need.
Will the Eich saga put The Fear into CEOs or will they write it off as lefty problems? I'm just glad I can fund Mozilla again.
RT @yawnbox: Funding ends May 18: A new #openhardware computing platform #debian #linux
If this was a blog, this would be a "I'll be better about posting" post. Then, nothing for weeks.
A coworking and events space for people working at the intersection between technology and social good. - Trevor F. Smith
A Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths -
Nurse Reveals the Top 5 Regrets from the Deathbed -
1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. 2. I wish I didn’t work so hard. 3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings. 4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 5. I wish that I had let myself be happier. - Trevor F. Smith
50 People On ‘The Most Intellectual Joke I Know’ -
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