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RT @TomJohannesBang: Siste og avsluttende episode av artikkelserien Kundedrevet Virksomhetsstyring er ute: Gi tilbakemelding her...
RT @fredriv: Lyst til å lære mer om #Docker? Kom på frokostseminar hos @iterate_no torsdag 20.11 :) Meld deg på:
RT @metosin: Wondering how to introduce #Clojure to your organization? @slipset shows one way of doing it in his #ClojuTre talk:
RT @brainpicker: "When a person needs validation for their self worth, they’ll go to extreme measures to get it.” On meanness
RT @karenmcgrane: I thought this said “Share a Coke Zero with your boss” which honestly sounds like a better idea.
RT @TheAtlantic: "20 years in to the ad-supported web, we can see that our current model is bad, broken, and corrosive."
RT @TheAtlantic: An ode to email: The gentle, dependable workhorse that everyone relies on and nobody owns
Admittedly, the buses have been quite comfy lately.
Last day taking the bus into Oslo. For now. #nsb #østfoldbanen #giganticbuildingproject
I'm at Ski stasjon in Ski, Akershus
Also, I chopped off part of the tip of my little finger which bleeds and hurts like hell. #notmyday
And so it begins: after the first week in day care, the little guy is down with a cold. #sigh
This. “@GuardianUS: 'Instead of leaning in, I leaned out': why women still need feminism via @tessvigeland
RT @brainpicker: How to learn—Lewis Carroll’s 4 rules for digesting information and mastering the art of reading
"Why PBS Uses Data to Drive Continuous Design" via @readability
Familienausflug. (@ Son Gjestehavn in Son, Akershus)
This. For no particular reason. Obviously...
This. For no particular reason. Obviously...
RT @Steve_Yegge: I don't think pointy-hairs fully understand how much Stack Overflow has revolutionized programming. It's the biggest accelerator since IDEs.
Photo: First pair of shoes.
The Reluctantly Quantified Parent by @kissane
Snibel snabel snubel glad.
Oh look, @mbuggem! “@RDT_PS4: PS4 with Raspberry Pi LED Ambilight Setup, running in Real Time (Tutorials Included)”
Yay! RT @smashingmag: Font Awesome Symbols for Sketch.
This is how Snapchat explains itself to grown-ups // Sounds useful to us wondering parents :P
There, I made it. Who would have thought. (@ Ski stasjon in Ski, Akershus)
I'm at CFEngine AS - @cfengine_news in Oslo, Norway
This is fun: John Venn's 180th Birthday #GoogleDoodles
RT @TheAtlantic: Capitalism, as taught by Kim Kardashian
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