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Adam Turetzky

Adam Turetzky

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, Technology Addict, Internaut. Interested in all things Macintosh and internet culture related.
RT @seanbonner: This guy single handedly confirmed almost every asshole cop stereotype in a single shot, which is impressive.
RT @Crommunist: This #WaPo op-ed has got to be the most clueless and least valuable piece of writing I've recently encountered:
RT @davidsirota: In WashPost, LA cop literally declares cops have right to shoot u if u threaten to sue them
The more I listen Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Hypnotic Eye, the better it gets! Great album!
Gotta be a good day for a writer when you can use the phrase “commie rabble” in a photo caption.
RT @panthea: Happy 75th Birthday, Mr. Baker.
LOL, never mind that last tweet! I was 15. I suck at math!
Wow, I went to a lot of concerts when I was young. Just looked up that I saw Black Sabbath in ’83. I was 13! 🍭\👶/
“unnecessary military equipment” dude, all military equipment is unnecessary! We downsizing yet? Peacetime? Closing bases, etc? c’mon ☮
RT @LennyKravitz: Miami bedroom rehearsal. 105 degrees. Air conditioner broke. Ghetto like I likes it!
RT @gruber: Flipping through cable news: CNN: Ferguson MSNBC: Ferguson Fox News: Mike Huckabee defending NASCAR driver who killed opponent on track.
RT @HalDockins: Time for this mayhem to end. Arrest Darren Wilson immediately and try him for the killing of #MikeBrown. #Ferguson
RT @Quiara: If you aren't angry and even somewhat scared, you're not paying attention. #Ferguson is a festival of constitutional violations & war crimes
RT @drmistercody: To those unfollowing me, I sincerely apologize for tweeting about police tear gassing children without warning, in America. #Ferguson
RT @GlennF: We live in a country with a constitution. Our fellow citizens are being betrayed. Obama has the power to change this right now.
RT @GlennF: Remember that Kennedy used Natl Guard multiple times; federalized Alabama Natl Guard b/c of Wallace’s behavior.
RT @GlennF: President Obama can declare a federal state of emergency in St. Louis County, activate Nat’l Guard, relieve police of command.
RT @TorEkelandPC: .@ACLU & @NAACP declare @GovJayNixon 's curfew unconstitutional. #Ferguson
RT @marcoarment: @BarackObama, do something, for once in your presidency.
RT @wilw: Keep the eyes of the world on Ferguson. RT @FOX2now: Happening now in #Ferguson
RT @michelledean: This is a failure of every level of government. Every level.
Sunday morning 45 years ago, 17th August 1969
RT @RikerGoogling: can betazoids sense erections
RT @SLGreenberg: Eight minutes to curfew in #Ferguson. Media told if we step out if liquor store "staging" lot, we'll be arrested. As of 12, that is.
RT @ryanjreilly: That was one of the most incredible moments I've ever experienced in my career as a journalist.
RT @ryanjreilly: Protestor is named Jason Ross. Here he is without his mask.
RT @ryanjreilly: "I salute you sir." - protestor being won over by Johnson
RT @ryanjreilly: Amazing moment now between Ron Johnson and a masked protestor." #Ferguson
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