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Adam Turetzky

Adam Turetzky

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, Technology Addict, Internaut. Interested in all things Macintosh and internet culture related.
RT @WeAreTheHits: "Music is my religion." - Jimi Hendrix
♫🎧 Lay it like it plays, play it like it lays All your Easter eggs are hatchin' 🎵♪
RT @IamJesusHChrist: So what you're telling me is that a "giant bunny" brings chocolate eggs to kids because you believe I rose from the dead? How high are you?
♫🎧 Dream machine, So damn cool she can turn on the night 🎵♪
☆¨*:•. 🌞😎✌️🎸☮ .•:*¨☆
RT @subpop: Happy #RecordStoreDay2014! No better day to convert ALL of your assets into vinyl records.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Steve Conte NYC (10), Iron Maiden (7) & Alice in Chains (5)
RT @TPM: Mayor faces impeachment after speaking fondly of alleged Jewish center shooter
Tried UberX tonight. That was weird. Some dude in a Camry drove me home for $13 charged to my PayPal. Feels like it’s marginalizing cabbies
Wait, what? Lampooning a public official = a year in jail? “Twitter parody account holder sought in police raid”
RT @ggreenwald: Snowden should storm the Kremlin, take their surveillance docs & demand to be sent to the US: just like his brave patriotic critics would do
Producer/Mix Engineer Ken Andrews - Pensado's Place #134 -
Producer/Mix Engineer Ken Andrews - Pensado's Place #134
RT @amyguth: Prez of the US of America's 'Peaches' is in a yogurt ad. I'm sure the yogurt company considered the song's probably about ladyparts.
RT @RockCellarMag: 13 years ago today we lost Joey Ramone, so here's a vintage #Ramones gig from 1977 as a remembrance.
RT @RockCellarMag: 13 years ago today we lost Joey Ramone, so here's a vintage #Ramones gig from 1977 as a remembrance.
The last 48 hours on Twitter have been quite memetastic revolving around air travel ✈️
RT @979TheLoop: Billboard: sources say rumors of AC/DC retirement not true.
RT @jonobacon: It looks like no more AC/DC - - I am really, really bummed out by this. :-( #ACDC
RT @ACLU: #Snowden: Pulitzer win for #NSA coverage is "vindication for everyone who believes public has a role in government"
RT @cher: .@GagasFMonster96 kids my Emojid Ass💋✨👻💝😍👏👏🙏💖🏆💔😂🔪💪😳💝😱👻💖🌹🙏💝😳👏😂💖💖💝😳😍✨🌹💖😂🔪🌟🙏👏😂🏆💖🌹✨🙏💔💔✨🌟😎🔪😳💝👏👏😎💰💔💖💋😥💖🌟🌟👻😱😂💰💔👏💝😎✨💋💋🌟😎😱🔪🌟😥🔪
RT @samir: At least your Sunday isn't going like this.
RT @brucekulick: I'm a huge fan of this man. Micky Dolenz of the Monkees and me @hollywoodshow1 @TheMickyDolenz1
RT @kissane: Drugging kids out of daydreaming? I’d like to muster a more eloquent response but srsly fuck ALLL of this.
Ha! Found tart cherry concentrate at Whole Foods this morning. Cool!
RT @segphault: Bloomberg story is thinly sourced. Sadly, government’s horrible treatment of whistleblowers means we can’t expect non-anonymous disclosure.
RT @ggreenwald: Once again, the greatest threat to internet security is the NSA
RT @EddieTrunk: It has been done! @KISSOnline is now in the HOF!
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