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RT @markremo: Go grease trucks
RT @markremo: Go Sicily
RT @baratunde: please god let chris christie open by flipping off the room & yelling "hey youse guys!" please i'll never ask for anything again #gop2012
"Amazon does not say much about A.W.S. However, it is estimated to bring in about $1 billion to Amazon."
Just saw a Kin in the wild!!! [pic] —
RT @MrSoliman: "I think every bullet should cost $5,000."
RT @StephBags: As always @Reddit on their game for up to minute info: RT @cschweitz .@reddit thread on Empire State Building shooting
I don't like all these shootings.
RT @alexisohanian: Help make it happen for our Internet 2012 Bus Tour on @indiegogo
my view from earlier tonight
RT @brainpicker: "When we look back 30 years from today, what we'll see is the transition from hierarchies to networks." @benhammersley
RT @heif: “I’d rather spend $700,000 to live in a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan than a mansion anywhere else”
RT @karaswisher: How much do I like this mock site? MUCH! Is this you, @dickc?:
Looks like Medium is trying to re-balance the power of "what’s new" vs "what’s good."
I see we're landing on Mars tonight. I just landed in Newark 30 min ago and am still not at a gate. #progress
On the plus side, I had an awesome trip with @uber.
I just bought a plant.
An awesome piece of mainstream press for my company @KitCheck about us and Univ. of Maryland Medical Center
The first piece of mainstream press for my company @KitCheck about us and Univ. of Maryland Medical Center
Check out this documentary about a nearly-illiterate convict who transforms into an award-winning poet.
Just got new ATM card from @Simplify. Beautiful packaging & design. If their attention to detail is any indication, then goodbye @ChaseNews
Have you been to #brisketlab? @danieldelaney makes the best brisket I've ever had!!
Thanks @briandshelton! It really feels like we're on the right track :-). Hope you're well too!
RT @BenjLerer: how the hell did people get stuff before the Internet?
When did stop working?
RT @hopenumber9: Only three days left to preregister for HOPE at the discounted price!
Summer in the city. (at Heatpocalypse 2012) [pic] —
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