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Keith - @tsudo

Keith - @tsudo

A geek that loves Christ and tries to live like it. I'm a Sr. IT Consultant, Network Engineer, Digital Sherpa, blessed Husband, & proud Daddy.
On this night the Lord’s Supper was instituted, revealing how Passover had been pointing to Jesus. (via @gpackiam)
Easter Version of ‘Hallelujah’ Will Give You Chills Amen. (via @UnoOne)
Easter Version of ‘Hallelujah’ Will Give You Chills Amen. (via @UnoOne)
Remembering that God came near and laid down His life for us. #MaundyThursday (at @CBCNLR)
White board cleaning detail. Very important job at an IT company open house event. @ Mainstream…
Anyone have a Pandora station or Spotify playlist befitting a beautiful spring day and cheerful attitude to share with me?
Have a I mentioned lately that I love working here? (@ Mainstream Technologies)
The difference between a good and great product (or service) is the last 10%. by @bokardo
What are the core beliefs behind successful people? Powerful affirmations from @dharmesh
Glad to see Cloudflare raising awareness about how your browser treats revoked certs #Heartbleed
RT @dcancel: Work hard, never stop learning, create remarkable things, help others and always stop to enjoy the moment. It's really that simple.
RT @dcancel: Goals are temporary. Values are forever. Take a values driven not a goal focused approach to life. #playingforkeeps
RT @dharmesh: Your odds of success are proportional to the number of people that want you to succeed.
Working downtown late during the spring does have its bright spots. #mexturesapp
Loving this photo app that paints your photos. beautiful. Painted in #Waterlogue
Heartbleed blah blah blah – What does it mean for me? -
RT @greg_thornbury: Palm Sunday was lamb selection day a week before Passover on the Jewish calendar. Riding in Jerusalem, Jesus was saying, "pick me."
It's been a great day away from my screens. Our garden is little and I have no clue what I'm doing but…
RT @grittygrease: Congratulations to Fedor Indutny (@indutny) and Illkka Mattila for solving the CloudFlare Heatbleed Challenge.
I just sent in my contribution to support public radio & get @RobyBrock’s $10 match. You can too at till 6pm
Cisco just updated AnyConnect VPN iOS app to resolve their #Heartbleed vulnerability. Update from App Store ASAP
I make every attempt to live in a drama free zone. If I have an issue with something you'll know, If I messed let me know. #Simple
RT @bryanjones: I love that if you leave @jw alone in the wild, things like this happen: Very excited about @lastguide.
RT @Moore: It's like the rebirth of @Gowalla! The new @lastguide splash page has me excited about what @soopa and @jw are up to
RT @Wh1t3Rabbit: SSegurança: Heartbleed SSL Bug re-cap | Best "Heartbleed" recap. Period. via @suffert
RT @fmanjoo: Internet security today is in the Upton Sinclair meatpacking era. That's my take on Heartbleed. @nytimes.
Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Go enable these security settings today #Heartbleed #OpenSSL
How to fix iPhone Battery Drain issues incredibly useful and educational post by ex-Genius via @kherrington
RT @mathewi: In case you need to catch up, I've collected what you need to know about the "Heartbleed" website vulnerability:
I tend to overlook “coincidences“ but being here due to a friend is no accident. Funny how God sneaks up on you. Thx @akvalley
RT @YouVersion: Bible App 5 is here! Discuss and discover the Bible with your closest friends. #BibleApp5
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