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Keith - @tsudo

Keith - @tsudo

A geek that loves Christ and tries to live like it. I'm a Sr. IT Consultant, Network Engineer, Digital Sherpa, blessed Husband, & proud Daddy.
Making some drastic changes to improve my digital media consumption. Halfway there…
The more we consume…the more noise we let in, the harder it is to find signal. // Must read on media consumption
“To be completely cured of newspapers, spend a year reading the previous week’s newspapers.” Nassim Taleb (via @farnamstreet)
Dear @instagram: Kill ads; limit ppl to only 5 photos per day, then charge $2 per photo for each additional. #Overcharge #Overshare :)
You cannot wash the dirty feet of a world you refuse to touch.
I really like that the next 3 houses on my street fly Old Glory all summer. #MyTown #MyCountry
Being a better online reader. It isn’t the medium, rather our focus must evolve. (via @akvalley)
#BIBLIOTHECA has raised 1.2M on @kickstarter I'm a backer and you have 1 day left to pledge.
My son got an ear infection Tue, I got an awful virus and fought fever since midday Wed, daughter came down with strep last night. #fun
RT @bb: Pre-marital counseling should probably include which note keeping and list sharing service you’re going to use.
Urgency vs Priority, "The moment we enter reaction mode, we’ve surrendered our day to the whims of others"
How to flawlessly predict anything on the internet.
Start Every Morning with 10 Minutes Of “Mise-En-Place” // What do you do in the first 20min to start well?
RT @bfeld: If you aren't watching Halt and Catch Fire you should be. Best nerd TV in a long time. Makes HBO Silicon Valley look trite.
RT @CBSSunday: Almanac: On July 20, 1965, rock music really got rolling with release of @BobDylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"
Repent therefore, and turn back… that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,
We are not saved to crawl in shame of what we were but to leap in who Christ has made us new via mercy. See Acts 3:8
Oh, my God, He will not delay My refuge and strength always I will not fear, His promise is true My God will come through always, always
RT @shayneadamski: Excited to be able to share @fema photos on @instagram now -- Woohoo!
The Batte Flags of Antietam, a lovely and heartbreaking remembrance of this mighty battle.
Did a full re-org of our ticketing system to better serve our clients. Thrilled it’s done but I’m getting too old to work this late.
I could not be more thrilled for my ladybug to be enjoying Karate. #ladybuglife @ Arkansas ATA Martial…
RT @Smart911: Congrats to our next #SecondsSaveLives winner: @tsudo! Thanks for telling us why you would sign up for Smart911
Some days the act of scheduling my day is merely an exercise in optimism.
RT @KATV_Weather: STUNNING shot of lightning over downtown Little Rock last night from @brianemfinger Computer wallpaper worthy. #ARWX
There's plenty of time to build Google Cardboard VR kits but calendar sync is just too much trouble. </Rant>
I understand you get what you pay for but show me a calendar system better than Google... and they want to play walled garden games.
And @Google just announced its stopping its Calendar Sync program. No method for gmail or free gApps user to sync with Outlook as of Aug 1
Is anyone using a digital business card app/website that they actually like or find useful? (for sharing not collecting/storing)
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