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I've been thinking about how libraries can become better at serving researchers and expert users, especially through their front pages. A recent news item from the University of Tennessee library prompted me to make the connection between expert users and library home pages. The University of Tennessee library just announced the launch of their... -
Using Science To Throw A Killer Party | Co.Design | business + design
Alice Goffman’s On the Run: She is wrong about black urban life.
Black Life, Annotated – The New Inquiry
Alice Goffman’s ‘On the Run’ Studies Policing in a Poor Urban Neighborhood -
For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights -
Michael Brown And The Conservative Inconsistency
RT @billmon1: ""If everyone just stopped with the racism thing, it'd all just go away." Jeez, why didn't we think of that SOONER?
RT @jathansadowski: "'Technology' is another name for the dominant myth of our time. This myth gives shape to our imagination."
RT @academicdave: Easier to imagine the end of the internet than the end of capitalism . . .
RT @jayrosen_nyu: Here's the clip of my appearance on @CNNReliable today. Topic was David Gregory and the failure of the Sunday shows.
RT @nytimes: In 1900, 95% of Southerners were born in the South. That isn't true today
RT @GuernicaMag: "This is not Gezi Park or Tahrir Square. This is America, though you wouldn’t know it." @inthesedeserts
TeachThought - Learn better.
Facebook, OkCupid user experiments: Ethics aside, they show us the limitations of big data.
RT @jayrosen_nyu: That term — "the media" — has no referent. That's why people use it when they really mean "an op ed I saw" or "a talking head I hate watch."
Martial Law Enforcement | The American Conservative http://www.theamericanconserva...
RT @aschrock: George Will Confirms Nixon's Vietnam Treason -
What Happens to #Ferguson Affects Ferguson: — The Message — Medium
RT @lorcanD: Now available > The Network Reshapes the Library: Lorcan Dempsey on Libraries, Services and Networks
The study of adjective order and GSSSACPM.
Alberta Baroque Ensemble :: Home
Pluralsight – Hardcore Developer and IT Training
How Does the Media – and Public – Learn Environmental Science? Help Us Find Out | Wilson Center
RT @timbray: Dan Geer's Black Hat talk is remarkable, should be required reading for anyone who, well let's just say everyone:
Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network : Nature News & Comment
The Odum Institute: Introduction to R
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