Tudor Bosman
PRO TIP: tmux > screen
It's actually possible to have a terminal multiplexer > screen? - Bruce Lewis
Yes. - Tudor Bosman
But tmux >> screen? Worth switching over? Is it in Yum? - Jim Norris
It's not in yum, but it compiles from source in less than a minute. I switched over, probably not worth it if you have a very convoluted .screenrc. - Tudor Bosman
What's the advantage? Screen is ok but kind of creeky. - Jim Norris
Better designed (client/server, the server keeps your session), window splits (horizontal or vertical), UTF-8 (if you care), and apparently "Change the current window by searching for text in the target." which seems rather useful but I haven't tried it. - Tudor Bosman
Screen I guess isn't technically client/server, but how is it different in practice? I guess screen only does horizontal splits. Screen sure seems to support UTF-8 when I've used it. I don't know what that last thing means. I just want something that can update the window name with my current directory AND the currently running process. - Jim Norris
Ok, now THAT is how a configure script is supposed to run. - Jim Norris