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Rick Turoczy

Rick Turoczy

More than mildly obsessed with the startup scene in Portland, Oregon, and the entire Silicon Forest
Seeking internship opportunities (via Portland Startups @switchboardHQ) #pdx #startups
RT @DigUnDiv: #FOCUS100 will be here before you know it! Check out these ways to subsidize the registration price!
OH: (cont’d) “You know what? I think @MileyCyrus is under appreciated."
OH: “And then people write all this crap. People read that? I mean really? … So, my favorite movie star is @kevinbacon."
Feeling defeated? Need an ego boost? Follow these simple steps: 1) Hit a bar around 4PM on a Saturday; 2) Eavesdrop; 3) Realize you’re fine.
Kinda surprised no one has done a remake of the Stones "19th Nervous Breakdown" updated for startup life
Holy Saturday, Batman
RT @naval: Good Friday 11pm: Cool kids are at coachella with friends, good kids are at home with family, and the nerds are hiding from both on Twitter.
It’s a beautiful weekend to be working on your @piepdx application
And the potential for wearable device startups in Portland just got a heck of a lot more interesting
Portland Startups @switchboardHQ: Looking for investors willing to answer a few research questions
RT @rrhoover: 4/30 is the last day to apply to the PIE accelerator: As a NW native, gotta show love for PDX startups. cc @turoczy
For those of us not "awesome" at startup marketing
RT @pdxmitch: Congrats to the @pitchlandia crew for hitting their fundraising goal on @crowd_supply. Next up- company applications!
Happy Maundy Thursday! I’m not religious. I just like saying “Maundy Thursday."
Planning to do a dramatic reading of @DanielleMorrill's tweet stream from tonight to welcome new companies to @piepdx, this year
RT @DanielleMorrill: Start a business. Fuck "startups"
RT @marazepeda: Choice bt Hooters or Seventeen mug. Reason #57 to ❤️ @piepdx: woe is the incubator that takes itself too seriously
I think @robertdowneyjr might have some insight here RT @newsyc20: How Can Yahoo Be Worth Less Than Zero?
RT @piepdx: Include. Innovate. Invest – A Look at #I3PDX with the @pdxdevelopment (guest post by @StartupCityPDX)
RT @tayhatmaker: @turoczy know any local folks/orgs who'd be into in our queer tech happy hr tonight? send em over! @lesbiantech
Submitted without comment
I just liked "Webstock '14: Andy Baio - The Indiepocalypse" on Vimeo:
If we hit 200 users on the Portland Startups @switchboardHQ by this weekend… we’ll hit 200 hundred users
Thanks so much to @JeffKLO for allowing me to bore his @ColumbiaChi blogging students with my incessant babbling about blogs, today
First time I’ve successfully completed something all day. And by that, I mean the washer just completed its cycle.
Wait. You’d like to serve as a technical cofounder? Unicorn alert. Let the feeding frenzy begin.
Got some extra desk space? I know someone who wants to talk to you #pdx #startups
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