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Rick Turoczy
AirMail Launches - Mobile Messaging for iPhone Gets Interesting | Urban Airship Blog -
New inbox for push notifications allows folks to use rich media. Very cool! - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Thank you to our sponsors -
We’d like to take a few moments to thank our sponsors who have generously contributed to the 30 Hour Day 2 effort. Without their assistance, we could never pull this off. Our current sponsors include: GadgetTrak Hockley Photography Icebreaker Intel Network Redux Social Photo Talk Stephouse Networks Webtrends The time for 30 Hour Day 2 is drawing near. (It’s really only a few days [...] - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Isn’t there always another way to do things?  Can’t we always stop and ponder our options when stumped and see if we can find a better solution?  Usually, the answer is yes. And finding another way was the task we were faced with if we wanted to continue to produce 30 Hour Day in two weeks.  [...] - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Our Eyes May Have Been Bigger Than Our Pockets -
When we started planning 30 Hour Day 2, one of our first concerns was the venue. We wanted to make the next production bigger, better, and more Portland-y than the first. And so when we happened upon Pioneer Courthouse Square as our choice—and it was available—we were sure we had found [...] - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Co-working Spaces: Building a Startup Community -
Exploring Portland, Oregon's coworking and startup scene - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
What are the most popular iPhone app icon colors? With Icon Rainbow, now you know & Silicon Florist -
Very cool 50 hour side project that gives you a beautiful visualization of the iPhone apps in the app store. - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Most popular colors in the iPhone App Store - Icon Rainbow -
What are the most popular iPhone app icon colors? Here's your answer - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
An army of likable objects: The new Facebook marketing strategy | Official Webtrends Company Blog -
How does the new like button change the world of marketing? - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
How would you spend 100k on Twitter? at Marketing Iteration by Jascha Kaykas-Wolff -
If you had $100K to spend on using Twitter for marketing, how would you do it? - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
#23 make a fabulous mojito & A Hundred Things to do -
Great mojito recipe! - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Comment on: Announcing Marshall Kirkpatrick as Co-Editor, ReadWriteWeb -
Richard, Very smart move. :) Marshall, You've done an exceptional job here. I can't wait to see what you do next. Congratulations to the entire RWW team! - Rick Turoczy from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Rick Turoczy
Volunteers Wanted: Dead or Alive -
You could probably ignore that last part of the title.  I really do prefer living volunteers,  I’m just  feeling a little dramatic as we try to flesh out the 30 Hour Day 2 team with some skilled, motivated and caring individuals.  We haven’t asked for volunteers yet because we just weren’t ready [...] - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
iPad Eve with James Keller | Strange Love Live -
Friday night, iPad Eve for all those who were keeping track, we were joined on the show by James Keller of Small Society to talk about iPad and all things iPad related. - Rick Turoczy
Louis Gray
Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy -
Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy
This is a good reminder. We're in a great time. BTW, I miss Conan. Re: - Louis Gray
Never gets old. - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
A little sad to delete this spam comment. "gud blog, reaaaalllly, this is the nicest blog, i have ever seen on the internet."
i leave those up. - Marshall Kirkpatrick from IM
Rick Turoczy
Going to Ignite? Bring It. -
Today is a big day here in Portland.  Not only is it a Wednesday which puts us squarely in the middle of the week, but it’s also time for Ignite Portland 8!  If you’re asking what it Ignite is there are already posts out there to tell you.  Haven’t been to one before?  Here’s a [...] - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
End of the road: Platial draws its social mapping pursuits to a close -
Sad to see Platial closing its doors. It was one of the first Web 2.0 startups in Portland. And one of the first proponents for the use of social mapping that seems so prevalent today. - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Thinking of starting a pool on how many posts @louisgray will crank out during #sxsw this year. Prepared to be ashamed no matter what :)
Who said I was going? And for how many days? I don't even have flights yet. - Louis Gray
Well, you could still kick all of our asses. Either way. :) - Rick Turoczy
It'll be amazing. Just like my horse. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Rick Turoczy
From Portland’s Livingroom to Yours -
It was about 12 hours after the first 30 Hour Day ended that a bunch of us met back up at PIE, the venue we called home for our inaugural event, to pack up the equipment and tear down what remained of our set.  Tired and with family in tow we moved furniture, pulled up [...] - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
It's a "Show" with Cort and Fatboy! | Strange Love Live -
Podcasters interviewing podcasters. Or Internet show people. Or whatever. How meta. And awesome. :) - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Wow. It went from positively dark and ominous to sunny blue skies and little fluffy clouds. Oh Portland. I love your manic weather. :)
Still dark and gray in Beaverton :( - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Stay low and keep your head down. The blue sky will find you! And maybe the fluffy clouds too. ;) - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
The Man Who Looked Into Facebooks Soul -
From the page: Now picture our perspective leaving our own experiences, zooming out and up until we can see how all the different groups are interacting on a worldwide social network. That bird's-eye view could be both beautiful and horrible if the resolution was clear enough. That's what a Ramen-eating, ex-Apple engineer named Pete Warden is about to release to the public this week. - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
When we were done interviewing Mayor Adams for 30 Hour Day he decided to get in on the fun.  Here’s a more light hearted look at our time with him.  Enjoy! - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
A Talk With Mayor Sam Adams -
A few hours before the last 30 Hour Day began we had the honor of sitting down to chat with Mayor Sam Adams.  This is part one of our talk with him, look for part 2 later in the week.  Enjoy! - Rick Turoczy
Bill Jackson
Jul 2, 2010: 30 hour day 2 at TBD -
It will be here sooner than you think :) - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Traveling and the NorCal Margarita | Paleo Plan -
Need a simple margarita that's so good it's almost healthy? Check out this recipe. - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Which DSLR Camera Should a Beginner Buy? — Social Photo Talk -
Great guidance for folks who are looking to get into DSLRs for the first time - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Unrut Yourself! -
Get out of your rut and find some new restaurants you're sure to like - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Rose City Rollers Season Opener &|&Blaze Streaming Media -
Footage of the season opener from Portland's Rose City Rollers roller derby - Rick Turoczy
Rick Turoczy
Never Mind the Valley: Heres Portland - ReadWriteStart -
Great write up on the Portland startup scene. - Rick Turoczy
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