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5 Comics Not to Miss This Week - You may be surprised by the picks via @TheNerdOnline #mlpfim
My Picks for "5 Comics Not to Miss This Week" - via @TheNerdOnline
Or, china has gotten the jobs because you sent them there, Mitt #youtubepolitics
#youtubepolitics Romney has changed his mind on bringing troops home since the 1st debate
RT @ChrisPirillo: I'll vote for the candidate who bans Comic Sans MS. #debate #youtubepolitics
Moral of the story...the GOP will repeat any three word chant you propose #youtubepolitics
My Green Lantern Arisia wallpaper of the day! Featured on!
Joss Whedon Comes Back to TV with S.H.I.E.L.D. - via @TheNerdOnline
My new logo for "Before Watchmen"
More Dr. Who content than you can shake a Sonic Screwdriver at! - via @TheNerdOnline
RT @andrewducker: I am amused to discover that "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan" is an anagram of "My Ultimate Ayn Rand Porn".
#ff @Japadua because he is the living definition of "projecting"
Incidently, @team_barrowman only has two modes, well-dressed and not dressed.
Don't have time for long comic reviews? One Tweet Reviews are back!
RT @mattgoldey: @GailSimone A grown adult that has trouble completing the simplest tasks like breaking the Batman, Rowan Atkinson is... Mr. Bane #ImSorry
Google ad on @timminchin video. Money well spent?
10 Songs Every Nerd Needs on Their Mp3 Player
RT @daveweigel: Why not just can Tosh and give the "funny web video" show to Aisha Tyler?
Yesterday, MLP. What Awesomeness will IDW Bring Today at SDCC?
Pure, ignorant insanity. Astonishing X-Men #51 vs The Florida Family Association
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – New Stage, Characters and Release Date
LOVED The Spectactular Spider-Ham Book!
RT @Tom_AIAC: Instructions for finding me at the San Diego Comic Con: 1) Walk to main entrance, 2) Exit convention center, 3) Walk to Connecticut.
RT @GothyBeans: Want some custom GothyBeans style art? Join in the Friends of Akitas online Auction - The only way you'll ever...
RT @Jo_Caulfield: One day you'll hear Won't Get Fooled Again, run into the front room and it'll be The Who and not CSI Miami. You will be SO pissed off.
No, seriously, I thought the thing would scream at me for crossing it's line of sight.
New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Figurine Looks Almost EXACTLY Like Christian Bale
Do I have any CSS peeps on that can give me some quick tech support?
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