Leo Laporte
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This Siva guy is RIDICULOUSLY smart. - Mark
I don't mean if he is right or wrong, he is just super intelligent. - Mark
SOOO much smarter than Gina and Jeff. - Mark
The US won't do anything about China because we are dependent on China to buy our debt. Maybe the govt enlisted Google to do it for us. - Francine Hardaway
Tease: Why did Google really call out China and Gina teaches Jeff to love the Nexus One. - Leo Laporte
I agree with Google pulling out of China because of freedome of speech. But if they pull out because of human rights are they going to pull out of the USA? USA wont sign up to Human Rights because they wont give up the death penalty. Go Google. Shut down Google.(com) - Angus Walker
Jeff might return his Nexus One? What?? He wrote "What would Google do?" and now he can't do the Google? - Garmon Estes
Regarding the point that if Google objected to the evil of censorship, they should not have started in China in the first place: If they had stayed out, it would have been mere paperwork for China. Now that they are there, China has to push them out, including perhaps impounding their buildings and equipment. More of a loss for Google, but also a big public relations loss for China, including that the Chinese will have had Google search and see it go away. You have to sit at the table and ante-up a few times before you can go all-in and have it mean something. And if China does not push them out, then Google is demonstrably better than Bing and Yahoo!. - solak.v