Leo Laporte
Live now: This Week In Google 17 with Jeff Jarvis and Googler Matt Cutts on Chrome OS. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here....
hey good show from georgia - daveccorey
I'm enjoying the show. :) - Matt Cutts
Matt: As am I. - Jason Hansen
less than free hah? - Google is scary - Mikhail Garber
Apple has done an open platform. It is AT&T that require it locked. In the UK O2 will unlock any phone - Richard Clyne
what about Google purchase of gizmo5? - Eran Krakovsky
GOOD SHOWhi from ga rainy day in georgia - daveccorey
Eran, the purchase of gizmo doesn't really have any solid news behind it.... it's all speculation though i suspect that dvoark will want to talk about it on twit today since he wrote a pcmag column about it - Chris Heath
What happens to the pc market when someone sells a sub $300 chrome os that yout just plug the box in to a tv. - Michael Mooney from Android
Yeah, your TV is your web browser, but what about the resolution? - Nathan Snyder
Anyone seen this? http://bit.ly/6BmZxV - "The Googlephone: Google gears up for attack on mobile-phone market" - Ave
Droid is now available in the UK - called Milestone http://bit.ly/5s7ysm. - Ave
yes this news was covered - the milestone was talked about on twig and twit two weeks ago (i think) when wil harris was on twit. - that first one about the google phone is a developing story that is constantly being covered on this show - Chris Heath
and that times online story doesn't source many of it's claims (like when it will be available. they just cite experts saying that they think it will be available early next year) the data plan only voip phone by google aka the googlephone is currently not a product that google admits to working on. google is going for a very iphone like pr plan with leaks but not too many to hype the product while saying nothing officially until they announce it. if they follow the apple plans to a T we probably won't see the googlephone next year - the iphone was rumored for years! -- however they probably won't and we'll probably see a googlephone next year (i wouldn't think early next year though... but i could be wrong, i'm no expert that's for sure) - Chris Heath
I can't believe how well Bitgravity is working! - MarK
What Google Will Buy http://bit.ly/3mSfyK - Squealing Rat
the future of Google and Audio http://bit.ly/7eHEaO - Squealing Rat
I think having the options open by default is a great idea. Non technofiles could definitely benefit from that. I though so since I first saw Bing. - MarK