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Live now: This Week in Google with Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here..
I am recovering from Halloween (Sunday morning)... Please talk quieter :P - Johnny
While you all are waiting to go on the air. A question for Jeff: What's really the common theme for your mediawonks-list on Twitter? - Gabriel
They also weren't doing a browser, an OS and a phone OS - Johnny
Discussing about Motorola Droid and other Andrioid related stuff today? - Gideon Guillen
google sites are acting up for me at the moment :s - Chriz
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The pitfall of fast media propagation, is not being able to properly verify the information propagated and its consequent risk of the spread of potentially inaccurate information... - Ciro Villa
google.com/music - Don Bonaddio
Doesn't work in Canada (Google Music) - tytycoon
Tease: Coming up on This Week in Google, Eric Schmidt predicts the web's next five years, a Google maps mystery, and Gina makes a big announcement. - Leo Laporte
what was the big announcement? - Mark
the published audio is only 30 minutes :( where's the rest? - Tom
Inspiring Show! I every much enjoyed your show last week, TWIG: 14. From 54:45 to 57:45 your conversation reached into the higher levels of Maslow's Hierarchy. Public discussions like one (and much more in bits and pieces throughout) are both special and important. I believe that changes in our society have made inspired work much more accessible. When people do what they love and love what they do, the great good is served. When others to see this possibility, they come closer to being liberate from the social trap that says "you have to follow the rules" and "money is the master". I call it glowing, that is being such a positive presence to the people around you that they can not help but be optimistic. TWIG 14 was full of this, from Gina's book, to Jeff's "do what you do best and link to the rest!!"(Put me down for the shirt), to the impromptu interview of Leo and his freelance mindset, "knowing what I am good at and what I like to do!". As a teacher this is what I wish for my students! Keep doing what you do and try to keep it clean from time to time so I can run the show in classrooms at least till Gina finishes writing "SoftScrub", an application that "beeps" out adult content (this could plug into Google Stenographer, the upcoming 20% time spinoff of Google Voice). ps: Farmville addictions are quant to me, I played MMORPGS from EQ to WOW over 5 years. Sony should have copyrighted their addiction strategy. Never again! - timapatterson
GOOD SHOW every things a ok in georgia - daveccorey