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Great discusion with David Pogue. Leo nailed that there is the difficulty with balancing access with the self censorship of questions. - JR Holmes
Yep, a fluffy interview, or no interview at all. I say fluffy :D - Mark
Old journalist grad here. I want to have a bit more depth on the interview, but it is a difficult balance to strike. - JR Holmes
David Pogue neatly noted that the reason for the sensitivity regarding Apple is because of the near-religious war between fans of Apple and Microsoft. Other companies (Google, Yahoo, etc.) don't provoke that fervor. - JR Holmes
Now, presuming that John Dvorak was listening to this, how will he respond to David's defense. I hope that he will admit the attack and note that it became perhaps over stated as it escalated. - JR Holmes
LOL - nanochrome
John prepares to insult the French again. - JR Holmes
John posts many informational and newsworthy tweets - earl wallace from twhirl
Edwards AF Base? - shelter watch
Nasa is @ Edwards AF Base. - shelter watch
Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA? for Geek Atlas - shelter watch
Great opinion from Patrick Beja that Paris IS France. Just like New Yorkers think that the city IS the best of America. The rest of the country disagrees... - JR Holmes
Leo: Don't forget to give John Dvorak his Logitech 9000 camera!! - Emery Walker
For the US, shouldn't the Library of Congress be making the digital version available? Or, for new copyright items, make it a condition of registration of the copyright. The work would remain "locked away" until the copyright expires. - JR Holmes
servis is down on twit tv now and on the aol provider stick cam is working fantastic hi from georgia - daveccorey
And here comes the discussion of the "long tail". Well worth remembering for items that aren't expensive to store. - JR Holmes
I thought that Norway has the best health care system. - shelter watch
Petoria has the best healthcare - Mark
Edwards AF Base blocks Youtube. - shelter watch
The annoying part of Canadian ISPs is that in 2004-2005, they went to court, against the CRIA ((RIAA north)) to defend file-sharers. Now that there's a saturation (~90%) of highspeed access... well now it's time to say poor me because "our network can't take it" -- even though CEO of Shaw said: "We have a very big pipe that is great for things like peer-to-peer and Bit Torrent. People love our network because it is so fast for those things." - Phopo Jijo
ATT in United States had a class action lawsuit about not letting customers not allowing them get DSL without having a telephone line in your house, the people won the suit so they now offer DSL without having a telephone line but it more money, think that wrong. - Emery Walker
Leo - Censorship should be of course "self regulated". - Paul Meyers
a 2 hour TWiT - this is too long - Joao Beltrao
Yeah David Pogu is great guy. That interview is great - RamirezG
The Woodford Reserve reference is great! I live within 15 minute of both the Woodford Reserve distillery and Bourbon County and I listen to TWIT.tv shows daily. - Alex Cutadean
Great Episode, as usual. With respect to Google's alleged purchase of Brightcove, is there a possibility it may be influenced by the technology in Brightcove's streaming Media Player? To save a video media file delivered via a Brightcove hosted repository, in the same manner as you would from YouTube borders on "not possible". Certainly doesn't seem possible with my usual arsenal of Firefox add-ons. I have not researched Google's/YouTube's position on "saving" viewed content to the local machine. Is it viable to suggest that YouTube are looking for a solution whereby they can Reduce the ability to save viewed content? If you can download a video clip, you can distribute to friends etc via Email, Facebook etc thus removing eyeballs from the YouTube site and the subsequent effect of reduced click revenue. Feasable? - Damien Wessling
I'd say better than usual episode. The best episodes are always the international ones! Thanks! Simon, London - Simon Taylor
Glad David Pogue got the chance to rebut. As Leo noted when it was done to him by Michael Arrington, attacking a tech reviewer's credibility that way can be very damaging. A couple of quick notes: Pogue actually does reveal a list of what gadgets he uses on his blog each year, and as of 2008, does not use an iPhone (http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2008...). He was very favorable toward the Palm Pre, and there is no device Apple would rather see panned than that. Finally, I'm not sure what makes Pogue different from (another of my favorites, so no disrespect intended) Andy Ihnatko, Sun-Times tech columnist, author of an iPhone book, and a panelist featured every week on MBW? - Stephen Jendraszak
Fair enough. I mostly just think it's really odd that Leo let the panelists last week tear into David that way (and joined in), when he (rightly) slammed Mike Arrington for questioning his own credibility, and had no problem just now with actually plugging Andy's book on MBW! Now, I have no problem with Andy being a columnist and writing a book, but if Leo has a problem with David, shouldn't he apply the same standard to Andy? I guess part of it is I just think that things get out of hand whenever Calicanis is on the show, so that may have had something to do with it. - Stephen Jendraszak
I found the entire conversation about Assistive Technology devices (speech), Proloquo2go, and other speech generating devices way too short!!!! I'm a special education teacher and for years we have fought to get devices for students to communicate but are hampered by Medicaid laws refusing to let them get cheaper devices. The $8000 are great for some students, but they are stigmatizing and limited in ability. Why shouldn't we allow students to communicate using a ipod Touch and Proloquo2go software, it's really frustrating!! just my 2 cents. - Patrick Black
I enjoyed your inteview w/ Pogue. The problem with his reviews is that they sound like they could come straight from Apple's marketing department. Pogue counters that he has given bad reviews to a few Apple products. Here are some specific examples of how his bias manifests itself. Snow Leopard: The product breaks many applications that professionals use on their Mac, yet Pogue recommends the upgrade as a 'no brainer'. That just makes no sense at all. - John Bruder
Another example is his review of the Blackberry Storm. In it, David mentions that it's a world phone, but then goes on to criticize the outrageous prices Verizon charges for roaming. Well, I checked and AT&T charges are about the same, but he never mentions the high price of international roaming in his glowing iPhone review. These are just a few subtle ways that make David's review of Apple's products sound great, and their competitors, less so. - John Bruder
OK, does Dvorak know that Lawrence, KS is home to a major university and not some little hick town? - taos
hi from a lasy suny day in ga - daveccorey