Leo Laporte
Live now: This Week In Google, with Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here...
Believe latest 'Carpool with Robert Llewellyn' had Bowie's son in it. - Hawklu
every things fine here cant hear the gurl of course - daveccorey
Google Groups is Dead might be interesting to cover :) http://bit.ly/Q6XmK - Digitalxero
I like to watch the pre-game show and then turn it off and listen to the podcast when it comes out. Haha! I'm probably in the minority there, huh? - Michael Kaiser
I'm pretty interested in a netbook running Android. I saw a video of an Asus Eee PC on the snapdragon chipset running Android & I was impressed. - Jason Hansen
Cell phones that are locked require 3 yr contract in Canada plus additional fees. - Greg
Well, hashtags make sense when using things like lost or #Lost... :) - Holger Eilhard
hash tags started from IRC ... all rooms in IRC start with # - z3cka
hashtag sidebar here gr8t call thanx guys ...as usual - Pam Gwenzi
Tease: Gina lust over the Droid, Jeff joins Google's Data Liberation Front, and we'll show you how to find all your Google accounts in just one place. - Leo Laporte
Droid sucks. A lot of people are drinking kool-aid over it. - deleted
Driod's lookin pretty cool right now - Jacob
Have you thought of covering other cloud services? amazon, Microsoft for example? - USC Trojan
GOOD SHOWLEO every things ok way down in georgia yeh i love mw 2itss its got 2be a movie some day - daveccorey
where's the new twig ep. ? last week's episode is listed here @ http://twit.tv/twig (November 8th, 2009) - Sudheera R. Fernando
Sudheera, the schedule had to be changed due to travel plans for the hosts and they taped yesterday before twit. - the audio podcast should be released some time today (soon i think) - keep an eye on leo's friendfeed or the twitter.com/twit feed for the announcement of the release - Chris Heath
Droid is way cool. I had to take the first one back because it kept rebooting. When I signed on to the new one it restored my background and apps. Way cool. Love the Droid. - Kevin Clark