Leo Laporte
Live now: it's Hawaiian shirt day on MacBreak Weekly, http://live.twit.tv - discuss here...
God morning Leo and guests! - earl wallace
Its all about the wooden buttons! - Bush Williams
Why can't it be that everyday? - Mike Shields
morning - ralphsaunders
So it's hawaiian shirt/no pants day? - Jerry Schuman
Como esta usted Leonardo! - earl wallace
What are the odds of getting Merlin back on the show? - Jeff Scott
All: The popout video function (in Firefox) from live.twit.tv hasn't worked for me the past couple weeks. Anyone else having this issue from Firefox? - Mike Bracco
Could Alex appologize for ruining HotSpot shield for Hulu.com for the rest of us… :P - Thobias Vemmenby
Why not just use an open source flash based server like Red5? - Jerry Schuman
I had no idea Scott played Guitar. Any video of that online? Would love to see it. - Filippo Dinolfo
LEO: You run a PC for the same reason you watch Jerry Springer..LOL - Mike Bracco
cue the Jimmy Buffett - Jerry Schuman
"Wasting away again in Macbreak-a-ville..." - Filippo Dinolfo
I feel left out i dont have a colourful shirt on today - AV
This week in clothes ! LOL ! - Leonardo R Nogueira
Waiting for the mac news to start.... - Dom Barnes
Isn't iTunes served by Akamai? - Mike Bracco
Maybe they're prepping for a book store? - Filippo Dinolfo
Andy must be directly tapped into what I'm doing, now I'll go back to casually listening - Dave T
They could open iTunes to additional countries. - Leonardo R Nogueira
If Verizon gets an iPhone then AT&T would be forced to offer actual 3G service. - Filippo Dinolfo
Psystar is going out of business http://www.engadget.com/2009... - Johan Nilsson
AAPl currently up +7.86 on upgrades - Jerry Schuman
I am getting weary of paying 3g rates for Edge performance with AT&T - earl wallace
I don't think I've heard any disappointment with O2 as iPhone carrier in the UK. I'm certainly happy with them. - Dom Barnes
Would a CDMA phone work outside the US? I don't think it would work in Europe. So no travel for Verizon iPhones! - Thobias Vemmenby
If Verizon gets the iPhone, I won't be able to pay the $200.00 per iPhone to get out of my AT&T contract fast enough - Bush Williams
ilounge just put up an article on the 5gen ipod nano with a camera so i doubt the nano iphone - AV
I just saw yesterday an iPhone clone, nano size. $100... Why couldn't Apple do something similar and kill all the clones ? - Leonardo R Nogueira
Aw crap I'm missing it - Bwana ☠
Verizon wont build a tower for the 20 square miles where we dont have their coverage. AT&T put up a tower within 3 months after we requested(we=citizen petitions to both carriers) - earl wallace
LOL at iPhone auto correct - Bwana ☠
The iPod Nano took longer to be introduced after the iPod Classic. An iphone nano, yes, but not yet. - Robin Ramael
Visual VoiceMail is a deal breaker for me. It is soooo handy. - Ed Hunter
The BIGGEST FEATURE of new iPhone is not the iPhone itself - it's the fact that you will be able to use it as an interface for other devices. In my opinion. - Mike Bracco
I love my BB Bold but would get an Iphone if my carrier brings 3g here - earl wallace
If you want to talk hobos, you need John Hodgman on the show. - Ken Sheppardson
Alex--Is that Brian Miles across from you off camera? - Billy Adams
"Hobo Matters", John Hodgman -- http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Ken Sheppardson
FRIENDFEED PEOPLE: Check out http://www.feedstats.info/ really cool analytics for your FriendFeed account. - Mike Bracco
Thanks Mike. very cool - earl wallace
yes it is billy - Leo Laporte
Comment on FF adding live INLINE video playing in the FriendFeed FeedBack Room - http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - Mike Bracco
I don't know who Brian Miles is. - John C Wesley Barker
John Wesley - he's the CEO TargetX - http://targetx.com - Billy Adams
Thanks Billy - John C Wesley Barker
Weirdest game design I've seen in a long time - Bwana ☠
Plants vs Zombies lol - Bwana ☠
youtube iphone painting and you will get lots of examples - Matthew
the music video for plants vs. zombies is pretty good http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Matthew
The iPhone is just a different form factor computer. I find this story not that exciting. - Mike Bracco
Leo, if you want to rip DVDs for your home theater mac, give Multiplex a try. It's from right here in Philly! http://multiplexapp.com/ - Colin Weir
Fairamount? - Anton
Fairmount - Jerry Schuman
Super Thanks. That's going on the mini. - Anton
Kosher No More - Dave T
tell him it's coconut buttons not wooden on tommy bahama shirts :p - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I will have a temp probe (and other sensors) that twitter at WWDC - Robb Albright