Leo Laporte
Just wrapped: This Week In Google 18n with Jeff Jarvis, Gina Trapani, and Mashable's Pete Cashmore. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here...
Where can we download the video? Still only odtv 4 days after the live show? Only roku? any direct download links coming up on twit.tv? - Charbax
Tease: Did Google responds to controversial results, what wave needs to win, and why Leo thinks it's ok for Google to own the world. - Leo Laporte
http://mediafly.com/Browse... you should be able to download from there but it looks like they've only got the audio versions right now. they will eventually get the video versions (over the next week?) so you could subscribe there... or as leo said subscribe/download from the twit.tv website when the video goes live there (which will be soon also) - Chris Heath
Super cool, how long does it take before the video is up on mediafly? Anyway that a version could be released within minutes after the live show? - Charbax
doubt it charbax, they do some post editing to cut in the intros and the cold opens etc - Chris Heath
It'd be cool also if mediafly could somehow let people stream on-demand not only in real-time but as a DVR, so people can watch it from the start if they tune in a half hour late - Charbax
yeah that would be cool... they will have the live stream at least... that leo has said is in the works - Chris Heath
Wish I had a better method to get TWiT videos on my TivoHD! Leo, you worked something out with Roku - talk to TiVo, please! - David Gallo
It was a great show Leo. Cashmore is a keeper. - Thom Kennon
hello there.... - Pam Gwenzi
Darn it. I missed it. But, but, but there will be a podcast... yippee - Captain Kangaroo
does TWIG have an public wave that everyone can assosiate with? is so, how do i add it to my wave account? - Adi Spivak
The ROKU deal is awesome. Between TWIT and MediaFly I've got most of my podcasts coming in on my tv now. - Jim Meeker
A few universities are working together on an alternative to google books: http://www.hathitrust.org/about - jccalhoun
looks like you can download it here if you missed it. http://www.twit.tv/twig18 - kevin williams
I really don't understand what do people asking "should Google own the scans?" mean -- they want Google's data to be nationalized, or do they advocate preventing Google from acquiring the data in the first place? It's the same with people who are bitching that Google's book scans are too low quality. Google probably calculated the cost and profit of the whole exercise and are doing it in such way as to make the project possible at all. If you think the world needs better quality scans, go ahead and do it. - Michal Tatarynowicz
hey colean good show grom a dreary rainy day in georgia - daveccorey
Adi, there isn't an official wave, there are waves though... search for twig with:public there are a bunch of waves available to surf on with the twig tag (and the with:public attribute) - Chris Heath
Jim, the deal was with MediaFly, and they have a deal with Roku. Making the deal with MediaFly is good for TWiT since MediaFly then goes and makes the deals with roku, and makes the apps for the blackberry, android, etc, and makes deals with xbox and ps3 etc... and leo only needs to deal with the mediafly people... anyways, just and fyi - Chris Heath
Michal, i'm of the opinion that this endeavor should be undertaken by the library of congress or some other organization (with companies like google helping out) ... google asserting copyright on derivative (the scan) of a public domain work is just laughable and doesn't make any sense at all - Chris Heath
Just finished listening to TWIG. IMHO: Leo please give us more objectivity. This is like a bible class - no questioning of whether God exists but just a mild debate of the literal nature of the message. Example: you gave Apple a harder time for snow leopard update than you did Chrome and all of the obvious issues it creates. No debate about the failing just mild justification for how these might not be such an issue in the future. Next point: why not have someone on who represents publishers in the great news debate? Create a debate with both sides covered not an organised love-in. God bless Dvorak because he provides balance on TWIT - sorely lacking in TWIG. - Colin Bruce
Balance isn't always what's needed, IMHO you get farther sometimes by pushing in one direction and not being pulled in the opposite - TWiG is more technical and doesn't really seek to opine on the news (like TWiT) but explain it - Chris Heath