Leo Laporte
Live now: This Week in Google with Jeff Jarvis, Gina Trapani, and Mary Hodder. http://live.twit.tv. Discuss here....
I wonder if the panel has anything to say about Rob Diana's piece today "Google makes a bid to control the internet" (Go language, SPDY) http://regulargeek.com/2009... - Richard Walker
When everyone can have an opinion in the one place, clashes are bound to happen - Johnny
This Week in Trolls! - Richard Walker
Sometimes walled gardens like Facebook aren't a bad thing - Johnny
You can become infamous by making a product, you can become legendary for making an institution. - Johnny
How does this balance with Jason Calacanis' Free And Open Web? - Johnny
Rupert Murdoch, mustache twirler! lol - Richard Walker
Um.. not Australian, it's just greed. - Johnny
The real iPhone killer will come from Android/Droid + YouTube + GoogleVoice + possible streaming music service(?) + Gmail + Google Docs - Johnny
Two hands on the wheel - Johnny
Consoles? - Johnny
I just wish I didn't have to watch the same commercial over and over on Hulu. Same advertiser=fine. Just give some variety. - Joel R
Note: i'm not endorsing Newscorp noindexing... i'm just saying it is a gangster and interesting move. - Jason Calacanis
Dumb terminal OS - Johnny
Looking for Gina's URL: Rider vs Firetruck - Cee
Jason, understood. - Johnny
Safari's 'Private Browsing'... :P - Johnny
There goes sadtrombone.com - Joel R
so are we going to use this for twit too? - Chris Heath
I guess so. - Joel R
I'm quite sure there is no such thing as a compiled scripting language. - Michal Tatarynowicz
I think that in the long run there's only one difference between native apps and websites -- bandwidth. - Michal Tatarynowicz
Congrats to Mr. Calacanis - good prediction here and on a recent TWiST, RE: Murdoch GOOG de-index and Bing exclusive deal - Richard Walker