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Susan Beebe
Susan Beebe
*UPDATE* from @Twitter: "Due to defense measures some Twitter clients are unable to communicate with our API, and many users are unable to tweet via SMS."
twitter status API.jpg
Time to hit the bomb shelters :-) - Todd Hoff
Including, apparently, their own web one from some browsers. - John
twitter search has also been a bit spotty. - Joshua Schnell
search is way off, super behind too - Susan Beebe
FWIW: I'm seeing most posts go straigh through to search. I'm viewing search on search.twitter, FF search, Tweetdeck, and PeopleBrowsr ( I'm seeing more lag than usual, but less than 10 minutes in most cases. The odd tweet may take several hours though. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Twitterberry seems to be disabled, SocialScope is intermittent at best...guess I need to give UberTwitter another go. - Jared Smith
TWITTER ONE-LINERs!! - I am unwilling… [via @scottsimpson] « Twilarity -
Susan Beebe
Is there any connection between Twitter being down & Facebook being super buggy this morning? What do you think? Discuss:
twitter dead bird.jpg
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The connection is that both situations are annoying. - Chrissie M
My guess is FriendFeed developers hacked both in attempt to drive traffic ;) - Vadim Lavrusik
I agree with Vadim. - phil baumann
FriendFeed has been having issues for me this morning too. - Daniel Sims
Twitter has been down for 2 hours already now, and Facebook has gone too shortly ago! - Flavio
Wishing your pets could talk is fun… [via @sween] « Twilarity -
Would you like to try those on? [via @SeoulBrother] « Twilarity -
A land near schools, restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets. A great residential locality. You can either purchase the land or you can purchase the land with a super luxury house designed to your budget and needs by a prominent architect Visit the site for more information:
Mats Halldin
From the day I was born, I have prepared for adventures. After being made ward of the courts as a teenager, I worked my way through school doing anything from shoveling horse poop and breeding parrots to researching cancer and HIV/AIDS, ultimately earning my PhD in Zoology. While attending university, I studied whale poop (smelly!) and learned how hormones help birds cope with extreme environments, like the Arctic. - Mats Halldin from Bookmarklet
Mats Halldin
Mats Halldin
Twitter Might Start Adding Comments & Location-Based Information to Each Tweet (News 2me) -
Twitter Might Start Adding Comments & Location-Based Information to Each Tweet (News 2me)
"At the 140 Twitter Conference yesterday, Alex Payne, Twitter's API lead told Robert Scoble that Twitter might soon add location-based information to every tweet. Currently, users can set a location on their profile, but individual tweets are not geo-coded in any way. If Twitter did indeed add a geo-references to every tweet, then that would open up the door to a wealth of new possibilities for developers. Suddenly, for example, it would be possible to develop an application that could pull in every tweet ever made from a certain restaurant or bar." - Mats Halldin from Bookmarklet
@Johan thanks for the link, but "Reveal your location" ← not a lot of people will do this I'm afraid. Twitter is about to make it mandatory. - Mats Halldin
Mike Doeff
SNL spoofs NASA's 'first tweet from space' -
"Astronaut Mike Massimino, who is aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, became the first person to Twitter from space when he sent the message, "Launch was awesome!" So in 40 years we went from …"one giant leap for mankind," to "Launch was awesome!" I assume if we ever encounter intelligent life in the cosmos, this is how we'll be notified. 'Alienz, you guys!'" - Mike Doeff from Bookmarklet
Vincent Wright
TwitterBash: Where Awesomeness Comes in 140 Characters -
"Glass staircase in Apple Store: poor design for dress weather, you creep." - Vincent Wright from Bookmarklet
Aram Zucker-Scharff
Buisness Week - The Trouble With Twitter - "Don't be surprised to see advertising on Twitter soon. But will it be enough?" -
ZOD : feed your blog to twitter - post RSS to twitter automatically -
mike donovin
i have a a blog for all to take advantage of...please check it out! -
Paul Whitaker
Reason for twitter downtime -
Reason for twitter downtime
Hehe... This looks like something that may've actuallybeen on the site back in the day. Can anyone confirm? - Paul Whitaker from Bookmarklet
That's the reason of all Twitter's problems:) - Igor Poltavskiy
I think I have seen that on the Twitter site before. - Jake (aka Jawee)
smart kitty - tohuko
Paul Whitaker
ZOD - 11987 people sent 443313 messages to Twitter! -
This is awesome for me. my service doesn't have shortmail. so I have to use email. or a third party app. but this is much quicker. - ZOD from Bookmarklet
Vincent Wright
TweetPotato Private Beta -
"What's a Tweet Potato? Well... it's a game of chukin a virtual hot po-tater around with your friends (via yer tweets on Twitter) and seein who gets their mitts burned. Last one left at the end of the game wins. There's all sorts of prizes and fun stuff to win but the funnest part is just commin up with spiffy new ways to chuk taters at your pals." - Vincent Wright from Bookmarklet
Vincent Wright
"Sometimes (like just now) I have to check myself and not get too silly on my work account, and save the antics for my personal one. I forget that I’m representing more than myself on there, and that it is entirely possible (although highly unlikely ;) that my wit and charm would be a turn-off to potential clients; *sigh." - Vincent Wright from Bookmarklet
Cea mai tare poza facuta pe plaja -
Vincent Wright
Twitterpated - My Linking Power Forum -
"Twitterpated is a discussion and networking group for My Linking Power Forum members who want to enhance their following on" - Vincent Wright from Bookmarklet
Susan Beebe
Fail WHALE - FAILparty - July 29th @ 8pm PST San Francisco -
Fail WHALE -  FAILparty - July 29th @ 8pm PST San Francisco
"Please join us for the first ever FAILparty! Let's remember and celebrate our FAILures and show our appreciation and support for others experiencing FAIL - including of course, the adorable Fail Whale! *** FAILparty art & schwag designed by Fail Whale creator Yiying Lu *** *** Music by John Adams (@netik) *** *** FAIL visuals and FAILbooth *** *** Fail Whale Ale on tap! *** Your FAILparty has (finally) arrived." - Susan Beebe
Igor Poltavskiy
Paul Whitaker
Paul Whitaker
warren sukernek
My latest blog post was about twitter humor -
Twitter isn't so bad some last days?!:) - Igor Poltavskiy
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