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Robert Scoble
Why Twitter is not for conversations. I will give you five reasons here:
1. If you get into something with one other person all your other followers will start complaining. - Robert Scoble
2. You can't "thread" and "capture" a conversation, like I can here. - Robert Scoble
3. Most people on Twitter that are joining lately are not people who participate. Compare @ev's followers to mine. - Robert Scoble
4. Twitter's expected usage is "what are you doing?" Not "what would you like to chat with your friends?" Whenever I try to break that usage I get tons of hate DMs and tons of unfollows. - Robert Scoble
5. You can't bundle up a conversation and save it for later, like you can with this one. (You can even permalink to this conversation and link to it from a Tweet, but you can't do that in Twitter itself). - Robert Scoble
Jonathan: Twitter is great for attracting attention to something, or just sending out a general update. For actually going into any detail at all about something, however, it's sorely lacking, and not just because of the 140 character limit. - Chris Charabaruk
Jonathan: Twitter is great for going back and forth about twice. If you want to get really involved it really really sucks. It pisses off all your other followers. DM's would be fun, but you can only DM people who follow you. Makes that worthless to use for a lot of people. - Robert Scoble
Re. to 4: Interestingly, I really enjoy those conversations that form on Twitter, I start click the "In reply to..." all the time and I end up seeing the twitter pages of new, interesting people. - Javier Altman
Finally, if you get to 1,000 followers or more (like many of my friends), you'll miss a lot of stuff and so the conversation might be disjointed. - Robert Scoble
@robert: there are other services ;) - Enrico
First one, impossible to keep track of conversations, 2 user engagement is low 3. Information value is negligible. - Richard A.
Javier: Twitter is an AWESOME discovery tool. Yes. But it is a CRAPPY conversation tool. - Robert Scoble
Robert. which is why I use twitter as I do. - Richard A.
That is true, as purely conversational in anything that is more than 1 or 2 messages in "depth" or "length" or whatever you wanna call it, it's quite terrible. Also, I find that if you follow too many people, then every single "conversation" is impossible to follow. I'm following 200 people, and that's hard to manage and follow some times. - Javier Altman
Agreed. Twitter is a great platform for spreading knowledge, not for idle back & forth chit chat. - David Lanning
Javier: Twitter is an AWESOME listening tool (especially if you have TweetDeck) because you can listen to lots of people on specific topics (thanks to search). It's also an AWESOME promotional tool (look how Mashable is using Twitter) but it's a horrid conversation tool. - Robert Scoble
David. Spreading knowledge? A hyperlink with no real description? No value to me. I want to know why someone is linking to something. - Richard A.
David: I wouldn't go that far. Out of 10,000 Tweets 9,996 are pretty stupid. Should I give you some examples? - Robert Scoble
I find I get a lot smarter by using Google Reader and following some people who put some thought into blogging. Friendfeed and twitter are NOT places I typically find deep thoughts unless it's from someone like Tim O'Reilly, Jay Rosen, or Dave Winer and they both are always linking out to interesting stuff. - Robert Scoble
Robert. I really like how twitter used to be "awesome" as a conversational tool in the past. Now though people have far less time for the site. - Richard A.
I definitely agree on that, Robert. Too bad Twitter has become so centralized and developed a "star system" so quickly... a ton of people with interesting things to say are simply lost in the cloud left in the wake of @kevinrose or @levarburton, you know? The big guys get listened to and usually have little of interest to say -- the smaller guys with actual content worth your time are never heard of. - Javier Altman
Javier, the little guys are the community builders, their engagement provides the dynamics the timeline needs to keep people engaged. - Richard A.
Threaded conversations are needed on Twitter. Becomes increasingly painful to understand what people are referring to sometimes - Paul Papadimitriou
Ryo: Twitter is way older and is further along the growth curve. Friendfeed also requires more work and more engagement. Look at all the icons on the people who are following me here (or that I'm following). Now compare those icons to the ones of the users in @ev's account. Not even close to the same kinds of users. I'd rather have one friendfeed user than 100 twitterers. Watch over the next year and you'll see what I'm seeing. - Robert Scoble
@paul: "Threaded conversations are needed" ... sure :) - Enrico
Javier: Sometimes what those big folk say is something people do want to hear, though. Levar Burton had a big tweetup in Toronto at the beginning of the week, with only an hour's notice on Twitter. Friend of mine got to meet him, blogged about it, and had his server crash under the load when Burton linked to the post in Twitter. But yeah, things of note from the celebs are usually pretty rare. (The post that caused the crash: ) - Chris Charabaruk
Conversation certainly is easier here both to follow and understand. Less chance of being unfollowed for saying something out of context or annoying new users. - Pete Gilbert
Chris: and Levar is one of the real celebrities who actually engages a community. I met him at CES. Really great guy. - Robert Scoble
If Twitter wants to be a great conversation tool, they should figure some way to spin out conversations from the tweet streams of the conversationalists (and I don't mean DMs). That they don't seem to be bothering with that is another strike against the service, at least in my books. - Chris Charabaruk
@Richard: I don't see how much community can be built when your word isn't reaching anyone -- that's how I feel twitter is working lately, what you say gets missed in the cloud. - Javier Altman
I think that we havn't to blame any service that offer a rest api, if there is some kind of lake in some feature then innovate, the main element to get in mind is to avoid redenduncy. - abdellah
@Chris: Maybe LeVar wasn't the best example, of course Geordi LaForge would have something interesting to say :D - Javier Altman
Javier I have written quite a few blog posts about twitter and community building because of how frustrated I am by how passive the site has become. All those I used to follow are now following thousands. They no longer focus on friends anymore. I agree with you. - Richard A.
@Chris: I think that if the web interface for Twitter somehow added the "in reply to's.." that are chained together onto a collapsible tab below a particular, original tweet on the timeline, the problem would be solved. - Javier Altman
@Richard: Exactly, that's why I actually went back the other day and started un-following people. I want to focus my attention, and hopefully that will trickle down to others in my stream. - Javier Altman
Brilliant and I was angry with you, silly me :). Twitter is more or less like a group IM. Mirco-blogging not so much. - Chirag Chamoli
Javier, Because I did the same thing I had 11 pages of conversation in twelve hours. I was quite happy with that result. :-), made twitter feel vibrant once more. I like feeling that people want to engage for more than one message at a time. - Richard A.
Martin Schecter says I'm wrong: -- but this is something he can not do on Twitter (join together lots of little pieces into one whole). Give it up, Twitter sucks for conversations and building knowledge on a topic. Quick, go to Twitter search and find all Tweets on this conversation. You can't. Don't even try. - Robert Scoble
Just Out Of Home: Friendfeed is totally different than Twitter. You haven't really used them if you believe that. - Robert Scoble
what about app that offer to create twitter users group?!! - abdellah
I actually see a use case for both. As a pure broadcasting channel Twitter is great, many people don´t even care about @replies. All they care about is that many people hear what they have to say. A conversation can and will never happen nicely on Twitter, not only because of the technical limitations but in my opinion also because of the different user structure. Twitter will stay popular but will also get polluted more and more. FF might be able to grow with a different user base towards something bigger. - Bastian
I personally find Friendfeed quite daunting. I like the simplicity of Twitter, it's "shoot and forget"-ness, so to speak. Friendfeed is more involved, which helps for conversations, but because everything is linked together in a feed, it can get unmanageable quite quickly. That said, Twitter is obviously imperfect as well. - Javier Altman
Bastian: exactly. Twitter is a "pure broadcasting channel." It's stunningly awesome for that. - Robert Scoble
Bastian, if you want subscribers get an RSS feed, easier to sort by source. - Richard A.
"Friendfeed is totally different than Twitter" - then I'd love to know why both continue to be thrown into battle against each other. Can't they just co-exist? - Shawn Farner
Javier: right. But that's why your engagement here will increase over time and on Twitter yours will decrease over time. By the way, Facebook is seeing a ton more engagement (per user) than Twitter is. Why is that? - Robert Scoble
Friendefeed is a web forum based around RSS aggregation. We use feedly to find the articles, say why we're think they're interesting and people decide whether to pay attention according to that. Twitter makes that much harder to do. - Richard A.
simply because they take it seriousely, remember friend real life one are watching - abdellah
Adding threading, groups, rich DM, would turn twitter into an IRC-meme product, useless. twitter is more a broadcasting product and needs to focus on search, trends, more than interaction - Jean-Charles VERDIE from Nambu
seriously the most ridiculous is their trend :) have you take time to see twitter trend? - abdellah
Robert: I think Facebook is a different creature altogether -- The engagement could stem from IM-ing, or maybe from the silly apps and quizzes you take in it. I personally don't like Facebook, I rarely go in there, and only update the status by having my Twitter linked to it. And I have to disagree, my engagement is still on Twitter more than Friendfeed, and I haven't seen any particular increase or decrease there. Sure, topics like this keep me refreshing the page, but that happens on Forums too :) - Javier Altman
Robert: Facebook is like Friendfeed. we share our personal images with friends (when not web celebs) share blog posts, comments about small things. It's a more intimate community. There is a lot of common ground. - Richard A.
Javier: you really need to sit down with me sometime and I'll show you why facebook is so much more engaging. It has nothing to do with what you're talking about. YOUR engagement might be high. I'm talking about the aggregate. - Robert Scoble
Robert: might be hard to do from Argentina to California, but I'm game :D But seriously, can you expound on the aggregate? - Javier Altman
i want more of my face to face friends here too, but they aren't so tech or early adopters. if they are here, not to participate - just stream. educating the general public on value here will make this stand out more. - Courtney Engle
Courtney: they will come. Twitter had the same feel to it two years ago. - Robert Scoble
Courtney. They're on Facebook though right? Just use the status messages as a form of twitter. It's just as versatile as twitter itself. - Richard A.
Robert Llewellyn is another one who's really into it as well he talks back to the twitterers (okay, he was teasing me about knowing about red dwarf 9, but you know) and he's big into blip. and to a point, yes, even bloody ashton and demi :P - Terry O'Fee
I don't get how you could make Twitter be threaded and still have it be Twitter, which is this rolling stream. You can have little micro convos on Twitter but it's easier to get into a fight precisely because most people on Twitter are on broadcast mode, dispensing with a pearl of wisdom they imagine their hundreds or thousands of fans merely want to docilely listen to, and they hate backtalk. Whoever gets the good backtalk app working will win. - Prokofy Neva
This is probably a noob question, but Plurk offers convo threading, grouping in the form of cliques so why aren't people talking about it as a viable option to the address the concerns listed above? - Tech Teacher
the interface :) - abdellah
Robert - I believe FB is more popular (not better, mind) because it's social networking at its simplest. it's wonderful for older parents who don't get twitter or friendfeed to sign up and add as much or as little as they want. perfect for the people who just want a small, family connection online.. - Terry O'Fee
personnaly I will not use it for just one reason the damn interface. - abdellah
@Kimberly: probably because Plurk didn't ever get critical mass of users. Without the userbase, you can have the best app, and never get anywhere. - Javier Altman
Kimberly: the UI of Plurk feels like a coloring book to me. I never took to it. The people who joined it at first also were not the kind of people who I wanted to have conversations with. Plus, friendfeed was way way way better at all this stuff than Plurk was and friendfeed was started by three superstars from Google. Plurk? I don't even know the people who started it. - Robert Scoble
terry, FB is more particular due to it rigid rule, compared to twitter or FF the process on mutual fellowing is a walk in fire. - abdellah
Funny that back when I started using Twitter in 2006, it was bad etiquette to have too many @'s in your stream. Now that seems to be inversed. - Sam Harrelson
plurk needs to get rid of that stupid karma crap as well. people on there "plurk" and reply so theyre top of their karma, not because they feel like it - Terry O'Fee
you deserve a kiss for the karma mention, I hate it - abdellah
Just Out Of Home: you are right. I'm sorry. - Robert Scoble
abdellah - mwah! - Terry O'Fee
Robert: I do remember early Twitter. It was still mostly status update. Too much of that now seems like they don't have much to contribute and aren't connecting. If Twitter users just do status updates it seems like they are self absorbed or lack contribution of some sort. They're still learning over there. Wait till their eyes open here. - Courtney Engle
I'm sorry, but how the hell would you be able to cope with the stream of information on Friendfeed (considering all that gets aggregated) if it had Twitter's mass? You'd be able to "follow" 20 people and that's it, otherwise you'd never be able to be involved with anybody. - Javier Altman
terry , mwah too (what about kiss feature here in FF) :) - abdellah
Richard: I turned the Twitter sync off as I want my FB wall to not be overwhelmed in my tweets. I keep it for friends to post there, reply, and engage. The sync would make it a mass broadcast firehose drowning those yet to know Twitter or FF, but I do have digg, greader, flickr, etc all synced back to my wall. - Courtney Engle
OT a little, do you ever see in the future a greater integration with gps services on phones with social networks?? imagine being able to see twitters from people in your area. able to contact or @ them?? imagine the advertisers, theyd have a field day! a computer twittering deals close by to where you are... - Terry O'Fee
Javier: you are absolutely wrong. I'm following 14,000 and 28,000 are following me here on friendfeed and it's FAR easier to deal with large numbers here than over on twitter. - Robert Scoble
@Terry isn't that called Loopt? - Javier Altman
terry, oh yes and it sound pretty good perspective, but there will be always a spammer here or elswere to make thing collapse, the main problem with twitter is that twitter bases how fragile and how risky to build on fragile foundation. - abdellah
Robert: Hmm, I see. It could very well be the way I interact with these type of service then. If Twitter only has 140 character lines as the only input and I already have a hard time keeping up with the people I follow, I can't imagine how chaotic it'd be to do that here, plus all the other aggregated info (digg, youtube, likes, dislikes, commenting, etc...) - Javier Altman
Courtney, I don't sync twitter with facebook. I tweet far too much. What I mean is that it's short messages people can comment on without having to join a new service :-) - Richard A.
Javier: because you aren't seeing the advantages of having lists, rooms, and the metadata that lets you hide lame stuff (you can hide all tweets that don't have a like, for instance). - Robert Scoble
Terry, Google latitude has been running non stop on my phone for three weeks by now, works fine. used it to meet one friend a few times already. - Richard A.
Javier: you should watch this video: - Robert Scoble
Robert and Javier. I hide all tweets that haven't been responded to. Works well for me. - Richard A.
i dont just mean advertising though, it would be awesome for twitter meetups for example. where is @(insertname), you could have them on a list to see where they are, see just tweets from people in the area as well, i mean out here in the sticks it would be useless, but in the cities it would be interesting. sure, we have brightkite now, but im thinking in a more twitter esque direction - Terry O'Fee
Richard: don't add more than 150 people to Latitude until version 2 comes out. I can't use it on my phone anymore cause I added 250. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
Terry. There's a service that's being developed in Switzerland that would represent that type of information, but still early days... have to see how it evolves. - Richard A.
Javier, have you explored the "Hide" feature and its "Hide entries like this" options? - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
latitude updates an area, mainly brightkite does the same. imagine posting an entry and the phone instantly updates where that post (or reply) has come from. there will still be privacy settings of course but it would put the social really into social media.. - Terry O'Fee
Robert: Yeah, then again that probably happens because the people I'm interested in the most, that would drive me to actually sit down and organize all this information into rooms, etc. isn't here on FF, but they are on Twitter and FB. I definitely see the superiority of FF in terms of app, I guess I'm just a bit apprehensive to its complexity? - Javier Altman
Robert: I'm not going to, but I have invited my direct family to follow and the occasional friend. Working fine for me. :-). I'm loving the service. - Richard A.
Javier: you aren't the only one. Friendfeed is too complex and they know it. Hopefully they'll have an answer to that soon, - Robert Scoble
@Richard: Dude, if a lot of people do what you do of hiding un-commented stuff, you'd miss, essentially, all of my content on FF. :D - Javier Altman
terry, now after the enthusiast plz make some dark side to the whole project, I mean how could this new service be bad or hurting or make people in danger,!! - abdellah
@Bruce: Not really, I probably should. But I just am not on FF enough to really explore it. I only pop in here when Robert posts this kind of thing that drives me here. - Javier Altman
Robert: Tweetdeck FF video was great. need to clean up my lists of people, conduct searches & filters. Sorting through the pile now could take a while. I just put most into homefeed. - Courtney Engle
محض اطلاع دوستان خارجگینی!!!!! گرووووووووووووووومپ - Moghamer
Javier, but I follow people on twitter with twhirl, so i don't need the same tweets in two places. I don't want to answer without the answer being read. - Richard A.
I'm in the same boat as Javier; the people I'm most interested in are on Twitter and FB, not FF. FF IS much better for having conversations yes, but they are often mostly about tech, food, memes and cats, so the point for some of us is moot. FF still needs a lot of work - you can't hide based on keywords; I may not want to see someone's posts on cats but I might want to see their other stuff, so filtering is very crude. - Sally Church
Javier, you're probably over-thinking it. Try to dumb yourself down a little. Say, "This is something I don't care to see", click Hide, and follow the prompts. I think FriendFeed might actually be easier for late adopters because early adopters have all these preconceived notions about how UIs are to be structured. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
The big downside to FF over Twitter is that it requires a lot more work to make it work well and ends up with over-hiding, filtering or user scripts etc. If it's too much work it gets dispiriting. If you like tech, cats or memes then you will be in hog heaven here. - Sally Church
@Richard: That is perfectly understandable -- btw, say hi to Maggie for me :D - Javier Altman
Twitter is now the "classifieds" section of the social media newspaper. It's a good place to announce something. And you can start a lot of conversations with very little investment. But it is nearly impossible to carry on a dialog though the classifieds. And while you can write (or link to) a long-winded missive on Twitter, it just isn't suited for that. But sometimes, you just need to get a message out very cheaply. And Twitter does that job admirably. - Lorin Olsen
@Robert... Twitter : Megaphone = FF : Coffe ;-) - Luca Perugini
lorin, does this mean that twitter is a buzz machine injector?!! - abdellah
Javier, maggieconv? Will do. - Richard A.
@Robert ... Twitter as a Megaphone and FF as a Coffee ;-) - Luca Perugini
It's like a shouting on a market square. - Dimitar Vesselinov
I was showing my non-tech wife Twitter this week and right away she picked up on the difficulty of following conversations. - Paul Rodriguez
There's a reason they call Twitter "microblogging". It's like blogging. It's hard to have an extended multi-way conversation with trackbacks. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Twitter is see current threads and Friendfeed is to talk about them - Kim Landwehr
People who think twitter is about microblogging are the ones I don't follow. - Richard A.
richard, so twitter is about what?!! - abdellah
@Richard: Ok, then that brings me to a question: what is the proper use for Twitter then? I share interesting news stories from Google Reader, comment on life, use it as a cathartic tool on on occasion, comment on other people's tweets... Is that all that Twitter is, or am I missing something? - Javier Altman
@abdellah I used to think of it as a multiplatform chat too. - Richard A.
richard, yes it can but we haven't to do because we can. this is what bring all the pb people travesty the use of the service if they do using the api it would be intelligent and a source of innovation, but they do using the original service what make thing go out of hand. - abdellah
Twitter has suffered from having so man new users that don't know what works and doesn't. As a result the early adopters have really decreased how often they use it. - Richard A.
Twitter is the conversational equivalent of playing phonetag but it is definitely more lightweight than FF. - Stephan Miller from Friend Deck
stephan, the word playing resume the whole really :) - abdellah
These are valid points. Never thought Twitter is an extended conversation tool. Maybe with new features like targeted tweets to different groups it can become one. It's still early days for them when you listen to Evan Williams. - Joe Buhler
it doesn't have to be "all conversation" or "no conversation". Twitter can be for "some kinds of conversations" or "somewhat for conversation". Or you can endlessly argue that "no it isn't for conversation" and "yes it is for conversation". It's in between. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. - Stephanie Booth from twhirl
Evan Williams is the last person in the world I'll listen to when it comes to twitter. I'd rather speak to actual users of the service. - Richard A.
I am new to Friend Feed, but not Twitter. Thanks for the lesson in FF! - Rachel Levy
I think the big issues are #2 and #5. While search.twitter allows you to view a conversation between two people, it's far from efficient. When twitter fixes this problem, it will be a much better conversation platform. - David Spinks
Both have their uses - and Twitter can definitely use an upgrade. I can see more journalists type people (like yourself) get more benefits from FriendFeed. - Chris Gieger
Robert, that commonmistakesblog entry is weird. If you need to be told how to have conversations "correctly", then there is something wrong with the service. - Andy Bakun
Twitter as a broadcasting channel only makes sense if you either 1) have a lot of followers, or 2) have followers who retweet all your tweets. This is actually no different than having a blog. - Andy Bakun
Proof is in the pudding. Would *this* conversation happen on Twitter? No. Twitter was built as a status update service. It does that nicely. Conversations is a square peg being fit into a round hole. - AJ Kohn
I think Friendfeed should add this list functionality into its posts. It is annooyin when people start commenting before the list is done. - Sweyn Venderbush from twhirl
Again I think Scoble is trying to make Twitter what he wants instead of what it is. No problem with that I guess. Twitter is great for general broadcasts and as someone else said a few quick back and forths. Those are still conversations. Just short ones. What Robert wants are discussions. Which Twitter is not for...Twitter is great for the mobile crowd who like to do as they go. There are other forums for those who like to sit at their desk and have long community discussions. - Sidney
@Andy I think too many people who are currently into Social Media (the tech crowd) try to look at Twitter as what they can get out of it on a business level. I think it is much easier to say, "Hey I'm hitting lunch at this place who's joining me?" and it goes to all my friends instead of having to SMS everyone. This is functionality the non-techs are using it for. It's useful. Saves time and isn't meant for long drawn out discussions. - Sidney
Something else struck me about that commonmistakesblog post... it suggests you put context in all your tweets in order to not piss of your followers who don't know what the hell you're talking about. By the time you put in context (repeating what was said already so people can jump in the middle), and @replies, the 140 character limit becomes even further limited. - Andy Bakun
Andy: +100. - Robert Scoble
honestly I like plurk better than twitter.I don't check friendfeed and reply to stuff that often. - Logan Lindquist
Logan: that's cool. I just never got into Plurk. The UI there is too inefficient for me and too goofy. - Robert Scoble
yea I agree the UI could be more mainstream, but the features and community are much better - Logan Lindquist
Logan: I'll give it another try. Everytime I've gone there I didn't like the community. It shows that if you don't see people you recognize you'll not like the service. - Robert Scoble
wow, im surprised that there are still people who try to enforce rules to tools like twitter,how incredibly naive. twitter is a tool, people use tools the way they want and need to, despite what you, or i tell them, its this that forms the basis of human and techno-evolution...if twitter is being used by people for conversations then it obviously meets that need at some level. its this evolution of technology that drives (or should drive) successful product and service developments, - john
Kind of makes you wonder what made Twitter take off in the first place?, Plurk, Pownce, Jaiku......Is Twitter really that much better? Is it the name? Viral "marketing"? I tend to lean toward the name. I fear that FriendFeed will never catch on simply because of the name. It's not "glitzy". Neither are, plurk, pownce, or jaiku. I'd much rather support because it's open source. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
@slayerboy: twitter's power is a global namespace which allows for interesting social dynamics: you want to know what your friends are doing, you want to share cool experiences with them, you want to follow people you admire. Twitter sux at conversations but they are *very* good at those other use cases and they are dead simple. That and they were able to attract some of the most vocal bloggers and social media advocates (Robert included)! - Edwin Khodabakchian
robert: well of course if the people you follow don't use it then its not much use. its funny how everyone hates twitter and they keep using it. its like the myspace of mico-blogging. - Logan Lindquist
Absolutely agree with #5 Robert - "5. You can't bundle up a conversation and save it for later, like you can with this one. (You can even permalink to this conversation and link to it from a Tweet, but you can't do that in Twitter itself)" I find myself getting more and more frustrated with NOT being able to follow a conversation on Twitter... and esp. a conversation between 2 others... more... - Deanna Belle Govoni
That gives me some inspiration, Deanna. I'd like to see a feature on friendfeed that lets you "lock" an entry to just being commented by a few people, but still be public. You could do interviews and debates this way. It would be asynchronous because new activity floats it to the top where you can see it again. The most recent stuff is the stuff that shows by default (with the previous... more... - Andy Bakun
I guess you could do the same thing with a restricted access room, but they don't have the same exposure, and there's less chance of it cropping up randomly. - Andy Bakun
@Andy Bakun - Yep, the less clicks the better and the less CLUTTER the better - have you seen this post yet?: - too much noise is frustrating, who has time to sift through it all? Your idea is interesting,do you mean that you'd want to be able to "flag" comments from specific... more... - Deanna Belle Govoni
That's a damn good idea, Deanna, the non-focused comments being collapsible. This would help keep things on topic, keep the focus on the target participants, but not restrict other people from participating. It's threads like this one, with 156 comments, that show the power of the FF medium and presentation and UX. Some minor tweaks and there are additional possibilities. - Andy Bakun
Lorin, good comparison the classifieds and trying to have a conversation through them. Even better would be a comparison to the "missed connections" section of the classifieds. - Andy Bakun
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Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is international and UK Higher Education (HE) plays a very active part in it. The UK is seen as world class, and often world leading, in networking, content and digital libraries, access management, and many areas of e-learning. Until recently the UK was world class in providing e-infrastructure for research and in e-science. We lag behind in generating and making available high quality modern learning and teaching resources. It is essential that the UK does not lose its lead, and continues to play a full and leading role internationally in the ICT world. - john
Information Architects -
iA is a strategic design agency in Tokyo, Japan. We analyze business goals and user needs, and develop interfaces that match. - john
Where is Your Username registered - - Check your username availability across the leading social networks, micro blogs and web 2.0 apps from one simple location. - john
@ Kansas State University - john
Twitter in Education -
twitter in education video, @mwesch used social media tools to turn what could have been a boring university lecture class into an experience that harnessed the power of students knowledge, connections and imagination. - john
Online Project Management Software Free and Tools: Project Management, Team Collaboration, Effective Communication, Time Tracking - COMINDWORK -
Online project management,free project management software,project management software, team collaboration and communication, web-based project management tool. Ideal for tasks and tickets management, bug tracking, effective team collaboration. Web based project management tool with features like project management, collaboration, extranets, wikis, tasks - john
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s a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to make sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link other data sets on the Web to Wik - john
Your guide for developing usable and useful Web sites - john
SearchMonkey is Yahoo! Search's open developer platform. All the info you need -- including an overview, documentation, tutorials -- is right here. - john
Orli Yakuel
Multicolour Search Lab [MUST TRY] -
Multicolour Search Lab [MUST TRY]
Wow. Just wow! - Orli Yakuel from Bookmarklet
Very cool. Now if it could only do the same for Flickr and Google Images. - Lindsay
that seriously rocks - john from Alert Thingy
Trends: Special challenges of managing school websites -
Special challenges of managing school websites - john
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