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Uche Ogbuji

Uche Ogbuji

Nigerian-American writer, computer engineer and entrepreneur (Zepheira). Husband, father of 3 boys and a girl. Hip-hopper, snowboarder, soccer player.
Thanks again to Morgan Community College, #Colorado for hosting me for a couple of days of #poetry.
#Denver #Poetry Rodeo also has: films, open mics, workshops, etc. Arrive before 12:15 for free admission. #Colorado
I'll perform @ #Denver #Poetry Rodeo this Sat around 14:30-15h, Mercury Café. Will have a fun flourish for the finale
After a fun performance last night, gearing up to lead a #poetry workshop today #colorado
RT @Tara_Underwood: I just built a website using #viewshare. I guess I am learning in this class! #libraryscienceschool #success
RT @brinxmat: So, Zepheira's BIBFRAME editor is here
RT @OhioLibraryCncl: Last day to register Tech Serv Retreat. Don't miss Eric Miller, co-founder/President of Zepheira, as keynote speaker.
RT @TheAtlantic: What 21st-century libraries can learn from this 19th-century institution
The two poems referenced in the interview are in Middle Gray #3, (pages 66-7).
In which I'm interviewed by Middle Gray Magazine's editor. Re traveling, alienation, time management & #poetry.
I've confirmed I'll be performing at the 2014 #Colorado #Book Award Finalist Reading. #poetry #denver #event
I liked a @YouTube video Valerie June - Wanna Be On Your Mind
I liked a @YouTube video Valerie June - Wanna Be On Your Mind
I liked a @YouTube video udu the Igbo water drum.
I liked a @YouTube video udu the Igbo water drum.
Shock. Stunned. Floored. Overghasted. Flabberwhelmed. Just learned my book is a #Colorado Book Award Finalist #poetry
♺ @Dougherty7NEWS I know our little S of #Boulder nook is growing & all, but daaayum! McCaslin/US36 plans: #Colorado
Wrote a response poem to one of my 11 y.o.'s, so this will count as my first intergenerational #NaPoWriMo. #poetry
Was arguing w/ my wife: is calico properly a material or a pattern? Seems in Brit english it's more often the former & in US the latter.
So of course what do I play next? "You could find the Abstract listening to #hiphop / My pops used to say, it reminded him of Bebop." #jazz
Catching "Forbidden Fruit" on shuffle led to "Electric Relaxation" then Ronnie Foster's "Mystic Brew" then H. Hancock's same. #hiphop #jazz
"Fixity (Or Hathor’s Hairpin)," new poem in Eternal Haunted Summer #poetry #spring
Spring issue of Eternal Haunted Summer is live, including my poem "Fixity (Or Hathor’s Hairpin)." #poetry
The spending differentials between Wenger & his rivals are jaw-dropping. #arsenal #afc #coyg
OK @praisewhiskey has me grand mal laughing on the reg, but I about needed the Heimlich after ads for Black Hospital & Black Irish Hospital.
Of course we have to avoid a downer tomorrow as Wenger celebrates the milestone trying to take down the Death Star #Arsenal #afc #COYG
OK, fair warning my non-gooner friends, prepare for a barrage of Arsene Wenger at 1000 match tweets from me. #Arsenal #afc #COYG
Ah! It's #WorldPoetryDay. C'mon, memorize a poem, just a short one. Maybe "After Long Silence" by Yeats? #poetry
My short poem "Crack!" in Western #Colorado newspaper The Watch (scroll down). A bit of dawn cosmology #poetry
My short poem "Crack" in Western #Colorado newspaper The Watch. A bit of dawn cosmology. #poetry #poettalk
David Mason's intro at flood benefit reading, @lighthousewrites. #poetry #Denver #Colorado
Will be a birthday reading for me & what better present re Innisfree #Poetry Bookshop, #Boulder reading Nov 2, 19h - Uche Ogbuji
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