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Uche Ogbuji

Uche Ogbuji

Nigerian-American writer, computer engineer and entrepreneur (Zepheira). Husband, father of 3 boys and a girl. Hip-hopper, snowboarder, soccer player.
When you wake up early, just gotta dance & are resigned to the enmity of your fellow hotel guests.
OK last #Interstellar tweet for the night (boy does that movie get your mind going at 100 km/s). TARS ran away with that movie. TARS pwns!
Main problem with #Interstellar is that dude who was best at expressing the science was also black so he had to die ;) #HollywoodRules
I didn't miss, however, that a key #Interstellar scene owes much ironical debt to to "2010, Odyssey 2" & Bowman's visit to his mother.
Best part of #Interstellar: went with my boys aged 14 & 9, and had an engaging discussion of general relativity etc. all the way home.
*Loved* #Interstellar. Best physics porn in ages, even though rather smudged up by the understandable need to tell a story at human scale.
Infuriating poem. I make to look down on it, but haven't yet escaped it in 3 decades. Michael Echeruo’s "Sophia"
Oh & writerly types, while in Systems Preferences→Keyboard click "Show…viewers in menu bar" & add "US Extended" to Input Sources. #Yosemite
#Yosemite's spell checker is noxious. Turn it off in Systems Preferences→Keyboard. Uncheck where it says "Correct…"
Poets in #Nigeria, wider in #Africa, or beyond, if you write accessibly about food, here's a contest for you: #poetry
New Literary Bohemian issue is out, including my poem "#Igbo Directions in Amsterdam" #poetry #poettalk #travel
RT @BoulderMagazine: Loving these 300 days of sunshine! 🌞🌞🌞
In #Yosemite I've had to set an alias because of changed grep behaviour. Added the following to ~/.profile: "alias grep='grep -d skip'"
"Leading the way | #Colorado climbs to the forefront of innovation" by @ilovemyanythink
Bet I live to see a time when all of Thatcher's fucking chickens return to roost.
Can't just microwave up a craving for independence. It must be utter. It'll come for Scotland when a leader's truly ready to swing a machete
And that idiot Salmond in time will be proven no more a friend to Scottish interests than Parizeau was to Quebec's.
Scotland should rather've pushed for further structural devolution. This botched referendum sadly dooms them to trusting in Tories (uh oh!)
RT @FIFAWWC: REPORT: Nigeria beat New Zealand 4-1 courtesy of braces from Asisat Oshoala & Uchechi Sunday -
T-shirt: "another day passed without my using algebra". I genuinely can't fathom how one perceives the modern world without algebra. #math
I liked a @YouTube video from @steamyinthecity Adele - Rolling in the Deep Mashup w/ Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
RT @enimsakont: New blog post: Keeping an eye on LibHub
RT @kboughida: @3windmills bibframe talk. Shameless self promotion we gwu have been part of it since its inception #c4ldc cc @datapod
On Viewshare MT @Go4Schools: Visualization of more than 800 digitized US newspaper titles by @upennlib librarians:
I always say: hearing depressing news about #Nigeria? It's probably not Calabar you're hearing about. Love that city!
Cousin's chorus popped in my head: "No mercy for the wicked who try to hurt me. Touch my family I'm fighting dirty"
I liked a @YouTube video from @globalfaction AKD & DEEPSTAR FT. AG - NO MERCY (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Back from a phenomenal time spent with some delightful Colorado poets near Gunnison. With some difficulty I culled the adjective count to 2.
Read: "of you", poem by Wendy Videlock. #Poetry
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