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Megan loves summer

Megan loves summer

Dabbler in many things. Wanderer and thinker. Librarian lady in Australia (via US and Canada).
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@VodafoneAU_Help Thanks. Would be great if Canada is added in the future...
@VodafoneAU_Help It looks like $5 roaming is not available for Canada. Are there any other options for roaming access when traveling there?
RT @bonnieswoger: John Oliver as an Instruction Librarian? His take on Native Advertising. #infolit #libraries
@fakeirish Want to go? Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse will become a 'tropical resort' this August via @japantimes
It helps me get through my more tedious work by naming the files "schmoopie".
Very glad to attend talk by Justice Michael Kirby today Best part? Descript of his enlightenment to vegetarianism See
Long article but worthwhile; don't miss last paragraph "Asylum seekers and the dignity of work" via @ConversationEDU
RT @fakeirish: Sleeping pods at ECU lib. I think the lib. space is getting better. @ECU_Library
Always love a good cinq à sept with librarians. We were a bit noisy in the law firm library...hope the lawyers in their offices didn't mind!
RT @japantimes: Adding "yakumi" to summertime dishes is a long-held tradition
After 1.5yrs in Perth, still shocked that turning cars think they have right of way over pedestrians walking straight on a green light. Argh
'Safest' countries to live: 1. Japan 2. Taiwan 3. Hong Kong
Today's new experience will be sound healing:
Semester 2 approaches. Flying by the seat of my pants. (Not sure of the origin of that phrase but it sounds uncomfortable)
Parked my bike on St Georges Terrace twice today, and it wasn't stolen. Yay. I prob don't need to be so paranoid, but I can't help it...
Excellent ideas for librarians. 'How your local library can help you resist the surveillance state' via @wagingnv
@lawley_y @libchlo We had considered interpretative dance for the preso, but the cow hat would be much awesomer! Next time!
Getting ready to go ice skating, outdoors! #Ozwinter #sortof
RT @pumpedlibrarian: #critlib is back on July 15th with @mauraweb moderating topic of assessment--until then, plz share any #alaac14 insights you got with grp!
I'm imagining there's no countries. It isn't hard to do.
I recommend taking a look at @CopyrightLibn 's critique of the copyright flowchart making the rounds:
RT @HughRundle: Missed #aliawa14 on Saturday? I wrote some notes for you:
Australia is following America’s bad example (w/ deregulation of uni fees) @insidehighered
RT @lawley_y: Is your new library a bigger vacuum cleaner? #aliawa14 @edwardshaddow
ECU student presents pilot of online space for teens. Good job Rebecca #aliawa14
Done with the gym, now en route to present at ALIA West symposium. Fun times!
Insomnia demolishes self-control! Only managed to stop doing playbuzz quizzes when got Michael Jackson as "which 20th century icon were you"
Higher education plans breach international rights covenant via @ConversationEDU
RT @aarontay: [blogged] 8 surprising things I learnt about Google Scholar http://musingsaboutlibrariansh...
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