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So, is anyone else considering taking this ALA ASL class?
Whoa, didn't know this was a thing. I'd definitely request it and try it out if I had a full-time job/could afford it... - Lily
Are you going this alone, or are other colleagues of yours being encouraged to take it? - Lily
I was thinking about it but I'm not sure I can afford it right now. Also, I'm taking other online courses right now (soon). - Betsy
I thought about it. Then I remembered that I get to take a rest once library school is over. But I definitely think it's a neat thing to be doing. - Marianne
No, just me on my own volition. It would be more fun if someone else took it with me, though... - maʀtha
Hang on, it's in June! I'll have to think about it. - Betsy
Joe - Systems Analyst
I want to thank jambina and many others in the LSW for giving me the inspiration and encouragement to initiate the startup of the Scholarly Communication Section of the Academic Division of SLA. We now have a basic webpage and twitter account. and
Jeez my pic is huge on the libguide. Think I will edit that to make it less huge. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Keeping my promise and joining SLA. *g* Looking for service opportunities, so lemme know whatcha got. - RepoRat
I am also tempted to rejoin SLA after many years. - John Dupuis
Dorothea, be sure to also join the data caucus that just started. - kendrak from Android
i didn't intend to let it lapse - despite my distaste for some of the hq stuff - but it came up for renewal when there was a freeze and haven't gotten around to it since. i miss the DC list - was very useful - Christina Pikas
thanks, Kendra, will do! - RepoRat
Thanks for the plug on the Data Caucus, Kendra!!! Repo,I am a co-convener and we would LOVE to have you :) - LibrarianOnTheLoose
We will sooooo plug data caucus stuff/resources/content as well. - Joe - Systems Analyst
linky to the data caucus? - RepoRat
Here is info on their first meeting. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Responding to the ACRL draft Information Literacy Framework - DEADLINE EXTENDED (via
Edited: "The deadline for comments has been extended to 5pm Central on Monday, ***April 21,*** 2014." (feel free to use what you need from ours if you agree) - lris
Half an hour left. - lris
too late, all done? - awd
I say go for it even though it's past 5pm. - lris
They extended the deadline to ... I think the 21st? - Lisa Hinchliffe
I can't find any information on that. Link please? - lris
Digs through deleted emails .... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Thanks! (I wish their website said this) - lris
Fwd: Librarian @reddit_AMA! Ask your questions here: (via
Awwwww. A line from the comments section of a campus survey: "Iris Jastram is a gem. She is the most helpful, most upbeat, and most knowledgeable library liaison I could imagine, and I'm really glad I get to work with her!"
I wish I knew who said it. :) - lris
Barbara Fister IN THE SAME ROOM WITH ME ALL DAY. You are jealous.
Lately I've found myself pointing to Repo's comments here on ff with the notation '^^^' to signify that I agree with what she's said. Let's move forward with just assuming that I'm going to agree with what she's said and we'll save ourselves a bit of time. Okay? Okay.
lol you should probably worry about that. agreeing with me ONLY LEADS TO SORROW. - RepoRat
:) RR and I strongly disagree on some things (cordially, I think), so I won't take this approach. - Christina Pikas
wise Christina is wise - RepoRat
Okay, so I'll be sure to note then when I DO NOT agree with RR, just to keep us all honest. - Marie
(for the record, Christina is the bomb-diggity and always has been.) - RepoRat
RR, you know I <3 you, too :) - Christina Pikas
GROUP HUG! - RepoRat
{{{ LSW }}} - Deborah Fitchett
^^^^^^ :) - Jen
+100 - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Get a room. ....oh. this is a room. - Holly's favorite Anna
*spontaneous LSW happy dance* - Galadriel C. from Android
Catherine Pellegrino
because Johns Hopkins University Press so conveniently placed these two articles next to each other for screenshotability:
What? That's totally a word. - Catherine Pellegrino
I was wondering if you guys were going to be in the same issue, and here you are back-to-back! - Steele Lawman
BFFs! - lris
this is how world domination starts... - jambina
well I for one welcome our new information-literacy overladies - RepoRat
^^ - Marie
That is one special issue of portal! - barbara fister
I will be pointing my colleagues to this issue while bragging that I know you both. - kaijsa
Wow, that's a VERY special issue! I know authors on 5 articles in that issue! Apparently, I know very exciting, very smart people! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Pothole Peeps Street (and Library) -
I have to share what some of my coworkers created! - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
I didn't end up being involved at all. They did a great job - maʀtha
Here's a version of the talk I gave yesterday "Locations of Literacy: Information Literacy" (plenary panel at MnWE 2014) - (via
I love this. Thank you. - Megan loves summer
Fantastic piece! - Lisa Hinchliffe
So, so, so good! I'm sorry the conference was an organizational nightmare (literally for you). Thank you for sharing your talk. - barbara fister
Thank you! And thank you, Barbara, for recommending me to them. It was such an honor. - lris
My engineering chops are rusty, but I'm handling the college while we're searching for a STEM liaison. Today, I impressed an EE undergrad by wrangling Knovel to get a comparison of fuel cells that was exactly what he wanted and he said he was going to show his professor what I taught him. This kind of made my day.
Sorry for bragging, but I've been a humanities librarian for 8 years now. - kaijsa
awesome, way to go! - Marie
Thanks for validating my self-centeredness. I work the desk so little now that it's nice to know I haven't completely lost my reference interview and searching chops. - kaijsa
yayyyyy! - Meg VMeg
LibPunk Radio #40: The awful truth about library conference planning -
Happy Birthday to Lisa!
Happy Birthday Lisa! Hope San Diego will treat you to a wonderful day! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Thanks. But, if you can believe it - I've actually been to Richmond, VA and St. Louis since San Diego. All were great! Now HOME for multiple days in a row!!! - Lisa Hinchliffe
I didn't know your birthday was coming up!! Happy Birthday! Next time we're in the same town, I want to buy you a birthday drink! - Hedgehog
I'll take you up on that! :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
Shelf Check: "Why do you love your library?" is NOT Community Engagement: Better Questions to Ask During National Library Week -
Shelf Check: "Why do you love your library?" is NOT Community Engagement: Better Questions to Ask During National Library Week
"A few weeks ago, I blogged and tweeted about a participatory display--"Why Did You Come to the Library Today?"--that yielded a great response at my library. What I failed to include in the post was WHY I think it was successful, and as National Library Week 2014 approaches and I begin to see libraries gearing up for "Why do you love your library?" campaigns, it seems like a good time to follow up." - Betsy
"Why do you love the library?", "Tell us why you love your library!", and "Why are you proud of your library?", wherever I've seen them, don't often generate diverse responses or engage diverse patrons. They're mainly answered by the same sorts of loyal library fans that like your library's every Facebook post, and like each other, too." […] - Betsy
"They're also abstract, compared to the concreteness of "Why did you come to the library today?" The latter can be answered easily even by folks who don't necessarily love the library but came here anyway because they needed our services (which might be, sorry folks, quite a few public library patrons)." […] - Betsy
"So, a suggestion: when asking engagement questions during National Library Week (or any time), make the focus concrete, not abstract, and focus on the patrons, not the library—because that’s where the true stories lie. "Why did you come to the library today?" is an in-building question for physical displays. “What have you learned at your library?” works both in-building and online.... more... - Betsy
We've done "Snapshot Day" a couple of times and the comment form provided by our state library association has both "why did you come to the library today?" as a checklist and "why is the library important to you?" - Rebecca Hedreen
Catherine Pellegrino
Because someone had to do it: Webinar Bingo.
Just told a PhD candidate on chat to defend awesomely next week. They loved that phrase. :)
There's a TEDx conference in my city next may ! And I'm part of the core team ! #tedxaix
Every good unconference requires an Antagonist.
Agreed. I was at a session on gaming at a Great Lakes ThatCamp and the session moderator designated a person as a Boss who acted as devil's advocate so we wouldn't spent our entire time agreeing with each other. And then, as it was a gaming session, we had to defeat the Boss before we could get to the next topic - copystar
Wow, that's a far more constructive antagonist position than I've experienced. - lris
This is excellent - awd
THANKS Copystar, I am totally ripping that idea off for a session later this year! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I think being a designated Devil's Advocate in a discussion section would be interesting...but also tough: the role should come with automatic free drinks after the session. (Of course, I also think that being a moderator on a panel where you're required to enforce time limits should come with free drinks, but that's based on actual experience. Except for the free drinks part.) - Walt Crawford
The session was hosted by "Two-Fisted Historian" Rob MacDougall. I appreciated the design because unless the audience is diverse or the given question is exceptional, an unconference room can quickly devolve into people agreeing with each other. He was also part of a very interesting initiative that tried to turn the energy of an unconference... into a book. And it worked: - copystar
LSW: Jen
My 15yo was going to turn in citations with EBSCO as source instead of actual journal titles. Happy to report that after a short reference consultation, she is now aware and quite happy with the cite function in EBSCOhost. I see Zotero in her future....
laura x
"The process is the same in every case: culling through a collection of books, pulling particular titles, and eventually grouping the books into clusters so that the titles can be read in sequence, from top to bottom. The final results are shown either as photographs of the book clusters or as the actual stacks themselves, shown on the shelves of the library they were drawn from. Taken as a whole, the clusters from each sorting aim to examine that particular library's focus, idiosyncrasies, and inconsistencies — a cross-section of that library's holdings." - laura x from Bookmarklet
YOU PEOPLE! Thank you so much for the awesome Congratulations Cod and gift certificates, hand delivered by Jen! Duncan wanted to be in the picture.
Photo on 3-19-14 at 8.08 PM.jpg
woot and yay! - Sir Shuping is just sir
I know Sarah will be excited, perhaps even more excited than Duncan, when she gets home :) - maʀtha
She is indeed excited! - maʀtha
:-) - Galadriel C. from Android
:) - ellbeecee
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
WE ARE LIVE, LADIES AND GERMS! (still some database issues,but NOT MY PROBLEM!)
congratulations! - RepoRat
yay yay yay yay - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Finding some broken links but no biggie. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Looks great! I just requested an item and everything. - GretelSK
We are getting reports of some links not working in Firefox--particularly on the Services page. Anyone able to replicate? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Congratulations! - Galadriel C.
haven't found any bad links yet - maʀtha
Cached, maybe? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Awesome! - Jen
Barbara just stepped up on the stage. LSW represent! #erl14
if you want to watch from home: - ~Courtney F
Galadriel C.
LSW Meet-Up @ ER&L: Marie, Jaclyn, Galadriel, Joelle, Jen, and Anna
*waves* - maʀtha
That's a damn good group of librarians there, folks. - Kirsten
freaking jealous! - Sir Shuping is just sir
As of this very hour, as far as coursework is concerned, I am an MLIS! To all of the wonderful people here on FriendFeed/LSW, I could not possibly have asked for a more encouraging and informative community to support me. You've been here every step of the way, and I'm honored to be counted among you.
Victory playlist blasting! - Lily
And of course, extreme props to Iris for introducing me here and inspiring me to get this darned degree in the first place :) - Lily
woooooooottttt! what are you going to do to celebrate? should we send you beer? - Sir Shuping is just sir
*HUG* - lris
Congrats! - Kirsten
Congratumacations! - Catherine Pellegrino
First I'm going to continue dancing wildly around my apartment, as that's about all my brain is willing to summon right now! Beer and food happiness to come this weekend... - Lily
Congratulations! - RepoRat
Congrats on the degree, me bucko! Quick, join your professional associations at student rates while you still can! - awd
^ that! If you have any interest in exploring some of the ones you haven't joined, it will never be this cheap again! Congrats ! - ellbeecee
Your toaster is in the mail - maʀtha
Congratulations!!! - Soup in a TARDIS
Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!! - laura x
Congrats! - Jen
Three cheers!! - Derrick
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Congrats! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Go Lily!!! - laura x from iPhone
Woo hoo! Congratulations! - Galadriel C. from Android
Kermit Flail. YAY. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Regular Amanda
When you finish a difficult-but-good reference interview: "WHEW, I have no idea how we got here, nor did I expect that detour in the middle, but I'm sure glad we're on common ground now."
Since "Discovery happens elsewhere", as Lorcan Dempsey so famously said, how do we make it easy for users who have discovered the perfect thing get it (or even find out if they CAN get it), even when getting it requires going through library authentication mechanisms that are on the opposite side of the internet from where they are.
of course, if this was easy, they wouldn't pay me so much *cough* - DJF
OPEN ACCESS, that's how. - RepoRat
Bookmarklet thing-y seems most likely to be helpful but getting it marketed and pushed out is of course challenge. We are not a shining example of getting this tool out to users... E.g., - Lisa Hinchliffe
RepoRat, yes, that is the answer moving forward. But that doesn't solve the problem for our licensed backfiles not for our ebook collections. - DJF from Android
Lisa, yes, we have an ezproxy bookmarklet that is also badly promoted. But that doesn't help when we have access from a provider other than the one that our user discovered. - DJF from Android
yeah, I know. best answer I got is "umlaut." - RepoRat
that ezproxy bookmarklet looks pretty sweet. we just moved to ezproxy this year and i didn't know about the bookmarklet. - Marie
i <3 libx ... but that's just me. - Christina Pikas
Bookmarklets are great except of course when you use multiple computers. - laura x
I think what we need to be thinking about is how we can work with our vendors so that when users randomly wind up their sites, they can log in directly somehow. JSTOR, for example, has thought of this, but I'm willing to bet money that if you did usability tests with students, they'd fail to figure out how to use JSTOR's system to see if their institution has access. But I think what... more... - Stephen Francoeur
I should have prefaced my comment by agreeing that users find a lot content by searching elsewhere online, often when they are not on our IP range and things can't magically appear to them in the way they do on campus. We can't start thinking about this problem soley as one of user education, marketing bookmarklets, etc. We have to think bigger. - Stephen Francoeur
Stephen, that's the dream of Shibboleth. Unfortunately, Shib is a huge complicated protocol that seems to require a lot of fiddling to configure correctly, if my local experience is anything to go by. - DJF
Yeah, that its complicated and requires a lot of fiddling is a shibboleth about Shibboleth from what I hear, too. I wonder if I should look into it more and decide if I should start advocating for it here at CUNY or just Baruch College where work. - Stephen Francoeur
Yes, limits to Bookmarklet. But, we should really at least promote what we have set up! Not a criticism of anyone but myself here. :) Putting this higher on my to-do list ... - Lisa Hinchliffe
I've been thinking about this because we've recently had a flurry of questions to MPOW's technical support email (which I oversee) about getting access to things where the person is including the link to the thing they want, so they obviously found it via Google (Scholar). - DJF from Android
Well Lisa, as you know promoting the proxy bookmarklet is one thing my place does right. But it's out of necessity, since we have to route all access via ezproxy even within campus and until recently we were not registered on Google Scholar library links. "Discovery happens elsewhere" is pretty old but I don't know about you guys, but my stats are showing, % of direct/referrer access to... more... - aaron
Another thing we have and don't promote enough is our locally developed "Journal and Articles Locator" - ... which also features a copy/paste my citation option - I'm not sure if we could add a function that would take a URL and try to parse the relevant data - I'll check with our developers... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Lisa, yes you guys have awesome stuff. Quite surprised you not promoting them. Still I wonder, perhaps our sessions end up focused on just "tools and tricks" rather than focusing on the real goals of IL. There is limited time after all, so something have to give. - aaron
Lots of ways to promote besides taking time in sessions. We suffer from being large - hard to have anything stand out, be consistent, etc. We're making good progress toward addressing this come fall tho so I have hope! - Lisa Hinchliffe
upthread, "But that [proxy bookmarklet] doesn't help when we have access from a provider other than the one that our user discovered" -- and this is why LibX is so great, right? linking from DOI, ISBN, etc., to your link resolver, which *always works and never fails* oh well... - JffKrlsn
I love libx. Except libx doesn't work in IE sigh.. That's why some librarians here dont want to promote it unlike the bookmarklet. And your remark on the link resolver is sarcasm of course. - aaron
I really like RR's solution. Simple and clean and no need to be affiliated with a dues-paying institution. - barbara fister
i like our new tag line.
WOW - maʀtha
super delightful. - MontglaneChess
Much Drama. Much much - awd
amaze - Andy
such wonderful - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I taught a 3 hour class tonight, and it went really well. Despite their wariness and disengagement when they walked in, every single one of the 22 high school students left with multiple articles they'd found on their own, and wanted to read for their research papers, and I use "wanted" deliberately.
Guess I wasn't nearly as far away from being able to do that as I thought I was .... - Marianne
Yay! I'm not surprised you could do that, but I'm glad you proved it to yourself. - Steele Lawman
One hoop left to jump through (I think) and I will be trialing a lab component for PoliSCi research methods in the fall!
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