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Megan loves summer

Megan loves summer

Dabbler in many things. Wanderer and thinker. Librarian lady in Australia (via US and Canada).
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Left pub night early at #accessYUL, but I finally got to chat with Marianne!
What is the role of librarians in facilitating serendipity? Discovery happens when people's minds are prepared to find. #accessyul
Serendipity isnt random! #accessyul
@Analog_Wave You're totally a luddite! (With your paper + smart phone + netbook)
RT @tararobertson: For those who aren't lucky enough to be in Montreal for #accessyul you can follow along here:
RT @McGillLib: Telling Stories: Nursery Rhymes, Fables and Fairy Tales from the Sheila R. Bourke Collection
Very impressed by U of Guelph's Open Access Week schedule:
RT @LWB_Online: Awesome infographic from @BeyondAccess: How Libraries Power Development
If you happen to be in New Brunswick in October...check out bailiwick, a one-day conference on open access:
This is an awesome assignment: ugrad students evaluate their library's collection for a particular topic and recommend items for purchase. Forces them to find out what's there! Duerr, L., & Eastberg, J. (2012). Beyond the annotated bibliography. College & Research Libraries News, 73(8), 478-480.
I've done this, it's a great way to get to know your own collection too (I did it with a class on lit by women of color) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I really like the outcomes! I wish the article went deeper--in which direction did those conclusions flow? How were those implications communicated? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
This explains many things. Countries ranked by vacation days earned vs. taken.
Drat those journalists: "Why most (science) news is false"
Am I the only one who finds the approach used in this study disturbing? Bonnet, J. L., & McAlexander, B. (2012). Structural Diversity in Academic Libraries: A Study of Librarian Approachability. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(5), 277-286. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2012.06.002
It's artificial, but artificiality is the only way to keep confounding variables to a minimum. - RepoRat
Maybe I didn't read it thoroughly enough, but the design doesn't seem to measure "librarians' approachability" as much as participants' tendencies in judging people based on appearance - Megan loves summer
Here's an excerpt: "During the Fall of 2011, respondents at a large, Midwestern university system participated in an online survey aimed at better understanding approachability in a library context. Raters were asked to rate the approachability of images of hypothetical librarians that were systematically varied with respect to gender, age, and race. After completing the image-rating component of the survey, raters answered questions regarding their own demographic and personality characteristics." - Megan loves summer
Based on that excerpt, you're right: It's not a study of librarian approachability, it's a study of participant racism/sexism/ageism. (But that's only based on your excerpt.) - Walt Crawford
RT @hocarm: Happy International Literacy Day Everyone! Read to someone special & watch @LWB_Online new #IntlLitDay video!
RT @hocarm: Happy International Literacy Day Everyone! Read to someone special & watch @LWB_Online new #IntlLitDay video!
Librarians Without Borders Celebrates International Literacy Day, September 8. Look for yours truly in this great (short) video about our work in Guatemala:
Trying to find Colbert's original "truthiness" clip...but failing because Comedy Central is blocked in Canada. Can I humbly request help? Also open to alternative suggestions for videos to accompany discussion on critical evaluation... [I'm using Eli Pariser's filter bubbles for another class and want to minimize overlap]
Feeling kind of queasy about Google's take on "information" vs "knowledge" in Knowledge Graph. This ACRLog post explains it most articulately: Pondering how best I can work in discussions about Google in this semester's workshops...
I think my brain classified that stuff over there as advertising and told me to ignore it. - barbara fister
A good friend has a piece in this great collection of short stories. Highly recommended! The Masters Review: 2012:
"Selected from hundreds of submissions by New York Times–bestselling author Lauren Groff, the 10 stories in this anthology represent the talented new voices in fiction and creative nonfiction. This is a collection that showcases America’s next bestselling authors—the who’s who of emerging talent—exclusively through previously unpublished work. The authors showcased here are all students currently enrolled in graduate-level creative-writing programs across the country." - Megan loves summer
Apologies if this is ridiculously dumb. Do non-fiction audio books include the reference list? Does the narrator read out the footnotes? (A student just asked...never occurred to me before...can't check myself because OverDrive is giving me nasty error messages) is not super-helpful, but... - RepoRat
In my experience, no. Footnotes and references were skipped in the ones I've listened to - Christina Pikas from iPhone
And this is a problem for me as I do like to read them - Christina Pikas from iPhone
How do they handle Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? Half the book is footnotes. - Betsy
Looks like footnotes are included for Jonathan Strange: The OverDrive book (from Tantor) that I finally got to test didn't have footnotes or references, though. I guess the lesson is that you don't have to cite sources if you read your work out loud? - Megan loves summer
the notes on Strange & Norrell are fictional and part of the story, bibliographic references aren't generally necessary for the understanding of the text. - DJF
Fantastic question, not dumb at all. - Meg VMeg
Betsy, they did include the Strange footnotes. Reader (very good, btw, despite being 24hrs+) did them in slightly different intonation, so you knew. Very fluid, never felt forced. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Note: I am audiobook junkie, and very fussy about readers. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
I'm out of comments at this point. (Shooting in WI)
I'm a Saturday librarian for the first time in many moons. Watching the Olympics over students' shoulders in the computer area.
Anyone want to go to the lovely city of Halifax in September? Check out #Influence12: Symposium & Workshop on Measuring Influence on Social Media:
Just a "is MPOW totally off?" check: how often do you find journal holdings that are wrong in your link resolver or recs in your catalog for ebooks that you can't actually access? As a reference/instruction librarian in a big uni, I find that lately I've been encountering this at least 4 times a week. Is that a lot, or not much?
We don't have ebooks, to speak of, but I've almost (ALMOST) given up reporting problems with journal holdings in our link resolver because, Sisyphus. (That doesn't help you quantify it, though. I'd say, at least several times a month. And we're a SLAC with 1600 FTEs and not much in the way of journals, so extrapolate out from there.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Gale is terrible right now. - maʀtha
Oh, yeah, and that's not even counting Gale. I don't even bother clicking on link resolver links to Gale. - Catherine Pellegrino
I would say 3-4 times a month for our stuff (we are big too), though it depends on how much reference I'm doing. - Meg VMeg
That's the thing--it's July and I'm not doing much reference! (We don't even have records for some of our Gale document collections, so that's off my radar...) - Megan loves summer
I don't know how often our reference librarians are finding errors, but they report it to me a handful of times per month. It's definitely frustrating, because the vast majority of the time it isn't something I can do anything about--usually, a case where something has been removed from an aggregator and the link resolver's KB hasn't been updated yet, or the FT should be there but the vendor is behind in adding it for some reason. - Kirsten
I send a note to electronic resources at least once a month with something screwy. Often it's something simple, usually though it seems like a subscription change. - Hedgehog
I send several emails to our link resolver vendor each month about problems in their KB. I think it's important that we let them know about the problems. I encourage my colleagues to let me know about such problems, at least I can edit the KB locally and enable users to get to document delivery options. - Jen
I'm just weary of having to explain to students that yes, our catalogue says we have it, but we were just teasing you... - Megan loves summer
I don't think I find holdings problems quite that often, but then I'm not on the desk much these days. Most of the time our e-resources folks can fix them pretty quickly, but ebooks have been a much bigger pain than ejournals. - kaijsa
MPOW just started an effort to track these problems a little more closely, precisely because we felt like "DUDE is everything broken ALL the time?" We have a very prominent link to a reporting form that both staff and public use, and we get anywhere from 5-10 problem reports a week. Our ILL staff spent a day submitting every link resolver problem they encounter, and sent almost 10... more... - Regular Amanda
Sounds like a (headache-inducing) research study to find out the prevalence of these problems... It just hurts my little librarian soul to not actually know what we can access - Megan loves summer
IOTA ( has been working on this. Trainor/Price and Wakimoto/Walker/Dabbour have written articles on it. I try hard to stay optimistic on it - it's better than going back to hand-searching citations, right? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Oh, hey, my university is there on IOTA. Will have to investigate further to figure out what the reports mean - Megan loves summer
Besides IOTA which focuses on meta-data/source issues , there is KBART focusing on accuracy of the knowledge base. This issue has being on my radar in the past few months due to Summon. And we were worrying about how stable Summon (and accompanying knowledgebase, openurl resolver - both brand new) should be in terms of broken links before we launch. So did a bit of literature review of... more... - aaron
@lisaslo Thanks! We were inspired by your occupy guide!!
This is the most juvenile thing I've ever posted on a social network, but I can't help it... Little typo in this Denver Post article:
7-7-2012 3-58-37 PM.png
Home sweet home. - Steele Lawman
From the retraction watch blog: "A first? Papers retracted for citation manipulation"
(I missed this story about a "citation cartel" the first time around) - Megan loves summer
A cartel! - Meg VMeg
we need more cartels. actually, i wanna start one, but only with people i can call meg. - jambina
I am so naive, I thought Cartel was like Travelodge. - Zamms
no affinity points. - jambina
either that, or a meg cabal (jambinas are also invited) - Megan loves summer
I'm in! - Meg VMeg
Citation cartel! Cue Miami Vice music. - YvonneM
A-effing-men. Less/no a/c would help with so many problems (climate change, obesity, electricity shortages...)
Absolutely terrifying images of fires in western states: (From's Big Picture)
Help needed! McGill's student committee of Librarians Without Borders is trying to win this grant for a project to build a library in Haiti. All you have to do is LIKE the page, and then vote for our project. Thanks for your support! (Apologies that it's necessary to add an app...)
linky? - jambina
Shameless bump. You're votes for this project are much appreciated! - Megan loves summer
Not on facebook, alas, and liking them here isn't going to help. But I do love the idea. - barbara fister
Genuine, real-life likes are also appreciated. - Megan loves summer
check! - MontglaneChess
P.S. Better World Books set up on the contest on FB--not Librarians Without Borders - Megan loves summer
P.S.S. You can vote once every 24 hours (hint, hint) - Megan loves summer
At the risk of being exiled as a spammer, here is another plea to vote in support of this great project. You can vote once per day until June 25. THANK YOU! - Megan loves summer
Voting reminder! :-) - Megan loves summer
Still need votes! We've fallen way behind *sad panda* - Megan loves summer
Liked! - LB: Ratchet Bear
Thanks! - Megan loves summer
Last day to vote!!!!!! - Megan loves summer
Sorry, I want to vote, but I hate things that make me give third party apps access to my Facebook info. - Holly's favorite Anna
I know, I hate them, too. Alas, it's how Better World Books set up the grant competition. - Megan loves summer
it's a simple way to ensure that nobody votes more often than they should. - DJF
Thanks again to those who voted. We're hoping we might end up with a runner-up grant... Remember to move the voting app from your Facebook profile! - Megan loves summer
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