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Megan loves summer

Megan loves summer

Dabbler in many things. Wanderer and thinker. Librarian lady in Australia (via US and Canada).
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Excellent presentation on UX: (Hilary Little)
The Great Language Game: listen to a clip, guess the language. I will never sleep again.
Does anyone use the Zotero Scholar Citations plug in for Firefox? Handy?
I installed it. Useful? um... sort of. I don't do a lot of citation tracing or analysis except with students, and then it's mostly demoing. - Rebecca Hedreen
If anyone is interested in moving to sunny Perth, Western Australia, we're looking for a Research Impact Coordinator:
Oh, and I can provide immigration tips - Megan loves summer
I always thought it would be good to get some overseas experience. though I don't think I qualify for this particular one. - aaron from BuddyFeed
Cool thing I found: language of the day RSS feed on Ethnologue
Just have to get this off my chest: Eur-Lex advanced search is among the most hellish things I've ever seen, in all its java glory:
On avoiding being hit by a car in Perth:
I like this idea: "While praxis involves theoretical thinking, its primary focus is on a person’s constant reflection on work as an important aspect of work" Observing kangaroos (from a while back)
Travel particulars now booked. Bound for Singapore in August for IFLA!
Loving the virtual bookshelf: http://bookshelf.library.curti... @CurtinLibrary Japanese fried rice with hijiki and cabbage. YUMMMMY
Australia's Biggest Morning Tea: May 23! Raising money for the Cancer Council Awesome idea. #biggestmorningtea
Yup, Perth is close to Japan. Like New York!
*Sigh* It was one of those Mondays where I forgot my pants at home.
(Biked to work...then realized that I missed some key elements in my change-of-clothes packing) - Megan loves summer
Just explain that it's your interpretation of business casual. - lris
topless: legal. bottomless: not so much - DJF from Android
Hmmm, I'm not sure how legal 'topless' would be when I'm teaching my Equity Law workshops...even in Australia - Megan loves summer
Eep! That has happened to me, no fun! Had to buy a dress at the hospital gift shop one day! - Rachel Walden
Linguistics fun: Blizzard Challenge 2013. Help linguists collect data on synthesized speech!
I very much agree with Simon Canick that "a lack of criticism is not validation" (i.e., of a library's services)
Lesson learned today: one must be hardcore in calling out law students who refuse to respond during workshops. Sheesh, even the awkward silence technique didn't even work.
Heh. There were fewer 'staches in my audience...maybe different pedagogical techniques are appropriate for the clean-shaven. - Megan loves summer
I've found myself on a couple of committees looking at electronic resources stuff (and I'm a bit lost). Question: what usage stats products are all y'all using? I've heard of Ustat, JUSP, and EBSCO's Usage Consolidation. Are there others?
There's also Serials Solutions 360 whatever product, which is what we selected. - DJF
We're not using any product--we download everything ourselves, and plug the data in to spreadsheets that we've developed over time. ETA: Not that I wouldn't like to not do them manually; it's a money issue. - Kirsten
Scholarly Stats is another paid product, and I think the open-source ERMS CORAL has a use statistics component, as well. It depends on how much you want to do yourself, using whichever system to aggregate them, and how much you want someone else to do for you. - Holly's favorite Anna
most e-resources librarians i know don't use a product at all, but instead gather COUNTER statistics and compile manually. - Marie
The PubGet people had something, but I don't know anything about it. We have Serials Solutions, and compile manually for everything else. - Rebecca Hedreen
^^^ PubGet has Paper Stats. Haven't used it. - Marie
Cool. All of this helps. Thank you muchly! - Megan loves summer
I can't believe I wrote this today: "So to answer your question, there's no particular way to look for rescinded disallowances. You can simply find out if there was a rescission by looking up the legislative instrument and reading the general comments."
This comic has probably already made the rounds, but I like it. Libraries as Info-binging:
I'm MOOCing. International Criminal Law!
2 admin law workshops done, 7 to go. Mmmm, delegated legislation.
Does anyone have a recommendation for an online program for a master's in education, esp. English as a Second Lang? (For a friend, not me!)
Megan I have been using an iPhone app to help identify and record Aust bird sightings. This one us based on an authoritative book and includes the calls to help - suelibrarian from iPhone
Cool!!! - Megan loves summer
Memorial, Remembrance, ANZAC Days are fine, but commemorating one side in conflict doesn't help. What about all other dead, civilians?
Today's 'huh?' moment: I googled (NOT scholar) the title of an article and noticed one of the hits directed to ebsco. Thinking this was odd, I clicked and went to an ebsco record. There was a giant arrow saying "read this article courtesy of your local library." And my local library is apparently Manly Library (a joke waiting to happen).
I just did this from home, and I don't see any ebsco links at all. I wonder if I would if I tried from campus? - ellbeecee
Oops, I cut off the rest of the message. The link did indeed open the full text, sans authentication. I thought I had never heard of Manly Library, but google again helped me to learn that this is the famous library with the Lance Armstrong / fiction section shenanigan. It's in the country where I live, but not the same state. I guess I'm totally out of the loop in realizing that local libraries could link themselves into ebsco in this way...but how did it authenticate me with a random library? Magic! - Megan loves summer
This is very similar to what JSTOR is doing to try to connect users back to their home institutions in order to make authentication easier. You have to register your library with EBSCO for it to appear. Manly may be the closest library to you to register? - Jen
I've actually seen this before also for ebsco - aaron
Nope, I tried making it sign out of Manly and then searched for my area and found many that are much closer (like blocks away). But it prompted for authentication when I chose them. Odd. - Megan loves summer
I've had this happen at work (through Google), for things that I then couldn't find in our actual subscribed EBSCO databases. And it also said the "local library" part, which was weird. - Meg VMeg
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