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Und jetzt geht's gleich mal ab zum AT&T-Laden, neues Handy besorgen. So'n Scheiß mit dem bisherigen. Na ja.
Ach! Das ist schlecht, nein? Aber ist nicht "meine Handy" ein bisschen Warm? (Please excuse my poor has been many Jahren) - Slippanoia
IDK what you are trying to say, as much as I appreciate the effort. Handy is the German word for cell phone. Tell me where the warm comes in? - Uli
New phone for me. LG G3. Plus a tablet for the Beloved so we have yet another toy. That tablet was $0.99. Status Quo music in the car. <3
I guess no more fancy bike phone holder for me. I sweat and dripped on the phone, prolly ruined it. FUCK. #fuckityfuck
:( Hope it's ok. - Anne Bouey
Awwwwww. Hope it turns out to be all right. - Erika
If it still works, a ziploc bag might prevent future dampening :-) - Slippanoia
Naw. We'll be going shopping later today. Phone had new display already and something happened during the flight to Europe in that was it this time. At&T store, here we come. - Uli
Slippy: Ziploc bag would also mean no phone holder. It'll go back into the saddle bag. Oh well. - Uli
How would a ziploc bag stop you using a phone holder? The phone is still the same shape and size, just protected by an extra layer of plastic. - Slippanoia
The design of the phone holder makes it relatively easy to jump out. Have had to use some extra straps to keep it in the holder for the bad spots in the road. I imagine that that layer of plastic would make it even more slippery and easier to fall. It's this one: - Uli
Put the bag over the whole apparatus and zip it closed as much as you can up to where it attaches? - Anne Bouey
Hm. Good idea. Worth a try. - Uli
:-) - Slippanoia
Short ride today, 32 miles for about 1400 kcal. But the next person who says that OK is flat I will take out. Personally. #losingit
just finished a Runtastic bike trip in null with #Runtastic PRO Android app:
just finished a Runtastic bike trip in null with #Runtastic PRO Android app:
I-44 in Oklahoma City is closed for the next several hours due to an accident. A semi overturned and spilled its load. Which was live lobsters. After the incident last year where a truck lost hundreds of gallons of maple syrup, I wonder what will be next.
Butter? - MoTO: Team Marina
Dairy gets made around here, B. Given the trend, I'm guessing it'll be something from further away. Pineapples or some such. - Kirsten
The bacon truck. - Joe
Pancake batter? - April Russo
RT @anitaseyfert: Gutes Benehmen liegt im Verbergen dessen, wie viel wir von uns selbst und wie wenig wir von anderen halten. (Mark Twain)
RT @wwwramothde: Wenn man ganz genau hinsieht, kann man in den Augen mancher Menschen "Error 404 (not found)" lesen...
‘God’ of Facebook crowdfunds Westboro billboards -
There really is a God. :) - Uli from Bookmarklet
Nothing To See Here, Just An Eagle Playing In A Sprinkler -
Nothing To See Here, Just An Eagle Playing In A Sprinkler
Did you see the elephants dancing to Bach, Uli? - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Um no, not yet. - Uli
Wow. - Uli
Ain't it cool? I think Starmama originally shared it :-) - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
It wants to make me cry happy tears. - Uli
RT @anitaseyfert: Wenn einer lacht - lach' mit ! Wenn einer singt - sing' mit ! Wenn einer arbeitet - lass' ihn !
RT @anitaseyfert: Wenn einer lacht - lach' mit ! Wenn einer singt - sing' mit ! Wenn einer  arbeitet - lass' ihn !
RT @anitaseyfert: Liebes Leben, wenn ich sage "Kann mein Tag noch schlechter werden ?" dann ist das eine rhetorische Frage und keine Herausforderung !
Great Horned Owl sounding like a rusty bucket, a Blue Heron and a Praying Mantis. Cool. #walkinginthelight
50 laps breaststroke, 10 laps back stroke. Total 60 laps or 3000m of swimming. Light workout today. #lazyday
That tail light I paid a lot of money for, @RideSerfas, is going right back to the store. You say 7 hrs, I get 2.5. Nope. Work on that plz.
#SaturdayFF I got my camera in 2007. They say it needs a professional cleaning every year to every 18 months. So finally took it last weekend to get it cleaned (having never had the extra $100 that that would cost) when I had started to hear grinding noises when changing lenses after our beach trip to Michigan. Picked it up yesterday to hear how...
it was not that bad at all, firmware up to date, not very dirty and overall in very good shape. They'd quoted me $99.99 and I paid $20. My inner child and I *danced* out of the shop. - Uli
IDK if this even qualifies for the hashtag as this is my first. - Uli
I'd say the SaturdayFF qualifications are quite liberal :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
While it is still *only* 78 degrees, we'll take the Heathen Bonus and go grocery shopping. #sundaymorninginoklahoma #okwx
Good morning! Plan for today: Bike ride of somewhere around 40 miles, and being done before the heat really kicks in. Meeting a good friend for part of the ride, then meeting her again to go bike shopping in the afternoon. Kiki said she'd start painting the bathroom blue.
Cramps, however, are making painting less and less likely as the morning progresses. I'm going to be doing good to get the applesauce made. - Kirsten from Android
Of course, after 43 miles for me and about 18 total for our friend, with temps approaching 100 and the sun beating down, I came home "medium rare" (I ride sans shirt to maximize Vit 3 production and tan) and nobody wanted to set foot outside anymore. Last I heard from our friend was that she was ready for a nap. :) - Uli
RT @the_yuniversity: COLOGNE = perfume. COLOGNE = Köln. 🇩🇪 COLON = : COLON = part of the large intestine. While in *Köln*, Jo bought *cologne* for her dad. 👴
just finished a Runtastic bike trip of 43.14 mi in 3h 42m with #Runtastic PRO Android app:
just finished a Runtastic bike trip of 43.14 mi in 3h 42m with #Runtastic PRO Android app:
RT @buettscher: „Ihr seid ein glückliches Paar. Was ist Euer Geheimnis?" „Wir hören was der Partner nicht ausspricht."
Ein superschönes Wochenende, Ihr Lieben. #Imouttahere
Tea Party Blaming Obama For Bringing Back 1960's Racism. Seriously (AUDIO) | Proud To Be A Filthy Liberal Scum -
Oy. Oy. Oy. *headdesk* - Uli from Bookmarklet
Wow..just wow came to mind. - Erika
Coherent it is not. - Eivind
Much Star Wars we watch not. - Erika
Sooo... 1.5 hours of lunch time. Pizza. Coke. No beer. I'll take it. :)
what toppings? - Halil
Stuffed. - Erika
Um. What they call supreme and also cheese. - Uli
Also, walked a whole 4 miles. - Uli
Huh. We both did.
you and me.JPG
No doubt. - Eivind
You and I! You and I! - Joe
Who are You? - Julian
If only I knew. - Uli from Android
Who's on first? - Steve C Team Marina
THIRD BASE! - MoTO: Team Marina
IDK. - Joe
RT @apri481: Lampen die man mit KLATSCHEN ein - und ausschalten kann,sind nur solange toll,bis man in dieser gewissen STELLUNG SEX hat.
Unremarkable morning, ornithologically. Just the Great Horned Owl. #walkinginthelight
Better than the Mediocre Horned Owl. - Joe
But I'd have preferred the little hor..... never mind. Another bird, even. - Uli
RT @kopfscheu: "Liebe deinen Nächsten!" "NEXT!"
If you say you detest a particular behavior in others, and then I see you engage in exactly that same behavior, you become less credible.
Well.....I think it is like looking in a mirror and not liking what you see. I believe many people who do that are not even aware that they do it. - Erika
There's probably something to it, yes. - Uli
Ich glaube, jemand sollte mal in den Serverraum gehen und dem Zeugs da mal einen netten Tritt verpassen. Das nennt man Reboot.
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