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Andy Bakun
32 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr -
32 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr
32 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr
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Oh man, I made to #4 before my coworkers wondered if I had slipped some kind of mental gear I was giggling so much. (Or at least trying not to.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
OMG can't stop laughing - Steve C Team Marina
This one I like more.
Am Dechsendorfer Weiher
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @buzzfeedoz: 33 Signs That Coffee Owns You via @emofly
RT @buzzfeedoz: 33 Signs That Coffee Owns You via @emofly
Thank you, Melly. You truly understand me. :) - Uli
Here is some comedy for your Friday -
Here is some comedy for your Friday
اوه هویجه رو کاش بفهمن بندازن دور:دی من نگرانم:دی - گیص فرفرونҨҩ
گوردن رمزی :)))) .... الان فوشو بکشه به یارو - oZee
:))))))))) - pepella from iPhone
هویجه از همه باحال تر بود :)) - Mahdi
شانس آورد گوردن چاقو رو پرت نکرد :) - Mahdi
این تیکه اش خیلی جالب بود: خیلی رندانه دو تا گوجه و فلفل خرد کن رو به جای آلت طرف جا زده - دودوزه
دقیقا یک سانسور ریز کردند که هیچ ستونی هم به لرزه در نیاد :)) - Mahdi
سانسور ریز :))) - الک‌ دخت from Android
خب ریز بود واقعا :)) - Mahdi
عالی بود - Sima
سیما جان سانسور رو دیدی :دی - Mahdi
:))) - Ramona
:)) - Mahdi
خوب مهدی جان الکی که موها سفید نشده :دی - Sima
:)) - abtin
ای وای یادم نبود که موها سفید شده سیما جان :دی - Mahdi
:))) - Sima
:))))))))))))))))) - Zim☼❆☼Zim
Stephen Mack
34 Panoramic Photos Gone Terrifyingly Wrong [Distractify] -
34 Panoramic Photos Gone Terrifyingly Wrong [Distractify]
34 Panoramic Photos Gone Terrifyingly Wrong [Distractify]
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Ack! Terrifying is right. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Looks more like "fuckery you can do with a panoramic algorithm," but I actually laughed out loud :) - Eivind
Eivind, yeah, some of these seem intentionally manipulated. Others, I'm sure the photographer was dumbfounded by what was stitched together. - Stephen Mack
OH MY. Some people are afraid of clowns... - Josh Haley
HOLY HELL these are AWESOME! - Josh Haley
Michael W. May
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Melly - #TeamMarina
Watching The Wizard of Oz and doing her "homework".
Watching The Wizard of Oz and doing her "homework".
She is the picture of a Disney princess. Hope those homework habits stay with her! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
She's decided to try Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory now. I try not to watch it as I still get completely freaked out by the oompa loompas. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Now please understand that I don't want to go spreading a rumor, but I have heard from a reliable source that a certain ff'er has developed a flying car.
He'll be offering the first sales to fellow ff'ers since it will be a limited release. Stay tuned for more rumors as they develop. - Marie
Scobleizer! Probably not. - Joe
More news: the car is a hybrid. - Marie
Multiple sources are reporting this! - John (bird whisperer)
Yeah, and it says so on Wikipedia too! - RepoRat
It's on the Internet? Then it's fact. #fact - Uli
Solar-powered with back up hybrid right? - Galadriel C.
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @jodyallen_sahm: I knew chocolate was naughty, but didn't realise it was quite this bad...
RT @jodyallen_sahm: I knew chocolate was naughty, but didn't realise it was quite this bad...
Big Joe Silence
Police: Woman said Jesus would pay her bill - -
"An Oklahoma woman allegedly told restaurant workers her husband, Jesus Christ, would soon arrive to pay her tab, but the holy hubby was a no-show, police said. Lawton police said Kristi Rhines ordered food and several alcoholic drinks Friday at El Chico and later told workers she didn't have any money, but her husband would soon arrive to pay her tab. Rhines soon clarified her husband was Jesus Christ, but she admitted the union was not solidified with a marriage license." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The woman, who managers said insisted the Christian savior would soon be arriving to pay in cash, was arrested on a fraud charge when police arrived and determined she had no means of paying the bill. " - Jessie
Well, we aren't Florida. But we're trying. - Kirsten
I feel like Florida would have Jesus show up with a credit card. - Jessie
It's sad. I remember Tiny Toon Adventures being much more entertaining than it actually is.
"That groin sneeze was sex? That was no Golden Gate Bridge to a promised land. It was a wobbly plank across a soggy bog."
Number9Dream: A Novel, by David Mitchell - Eivind
Steele Lawman
So I re-installed YikYak just in time to see students claiming they had sex in the library last night.
yay. also I bet they were lying. - RepoRat
Young adults lying about sex in an anonymous online forum? Surely you jest! - Steele Lawman
Huh, mine aren't bad at all. Though one is complaining about the wifi at Stephen's work? - Meg VMeg
Our study rooms have clear glass walls for related reasons. - kaijsa
Same for us, but some students have figured out that the moveable white boards do a good job of covering up those windows. - Joe
Ours get the boot if they cover the windows! - kaijsa
I was inspired to peek at ours again and found that somebody is doing a Gossip Squirrel thing. "Spotted: Squirrelrina Van Der Woodsen eating an apple core on a trash can. I heard she was dating Nut Archibald but he is nowhere to be found. -XOXO Gossip Squirrel." I approve. - kaijsa
Oh, that's quite good. Our students have a thing for squirrels, too. It's sex, food/bathroom, drinking/drugs, slandering the college president, complaining about campus technology, and squirrels, roughly in that order. - Steele Lawman
I am on the verge of installing it here... - laura x from iPhone
I don't have a device that would support it, but even if I did, there is not enough money in the WORLD to get me to see what ND students are posting. No. Way. - Catherine Pellegrino
Someone is spamming ours with Bible quotes and it's pissing everyone off. - Meg VMeg
I deleted my app again because I don't need to see all the "I'm so drunk in class" posts (ugh), but was happy to see a bunch of our students who post fond things about some of our local eccentrics. They seem to enjoy seeing people let their freak flags fly, which is nice. - kaijsa
My latest favorite: "I apologize to my neighbors for the dying whale sounds. I'm trying to get out of bed." - Julie Kane
(Most of ours are about Netflix and mainlining Gilmore Girls episodes when not slamming the wifi). Also, everybody seems to want a Cuddle Buddy. - Julie Kane
Why do classes start so early on Friday, food in Burge, complaints about other people having sex, Adderall, pro/con Asian students, I wish I had a boyfriend. It's actually sort of sweet. - laura x
Oh, why did I download Yik Yak... - Rachel Walden
Rachel, I hear ya. More like Yik Yuck a lot of the time: racism, sexism, ...and more! - Stephen Francoeur
Jason P
My sister (in Thailand) has been going nuts to get the new iPhone. She ordered one to our house for me to send to her. Before we mail it to her, I'm going to take some pictures of us using it as a coaster and maybe the cats playing with it.
You are an awesome brother. And by "awesome" I mean "deviously evil." - Catherine Pellegrino
Poor Ip. She's forgotten who her brother is... - Jenica
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Love it. What a shot. - Uli
Thank you! :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
The planet is Uranus! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Um. - Uli from Android
It's the seventh planet in our solar system, Uranus. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Z....I knew that, actually. :) - Uli
That is a nice shot. - Joe
Melly - #TeamMarina
Bei den Schrebergärten
<3 - ma∟ıĸ
Bei den Schrebergärten 2
Bei den Schrebergärten 3
Frickenhausen am Main
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Melly - #TeamMarina
Another wild Friday night at the Doyle's!
Another wild Friday night at the Doyle's!
Cutie. - Johnny from iPhone
Rawr. - Uli
How YOU doin? :) - Vampire Hunter DYSP
Ken Morley
Ah yes, the joys of working customer service.
You trying to tell me something? - Uli
Wicked Bat Catcher
Na dann guten Appetit!
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