RT @shiraselko: Please vote for my design to win the @threadless Japan Relief contest! http://causes.threadless.com/japanre...
oh hai turco
balls, nice to see the old kane
RT @jsuchy: Have you submitted a proposal for Chicago Code Camp? What are you waiting for? http://chicagocodecamp.com/ #ccc3
RT @Aimee_B_Loved: The biggest problem I've had with living in Milwaukee is determining which bars are for hipsters when every bar serves PBR.
RT @redsquirrel: As a Rubyist, I am supporting the relief efforts in Japan and so can you: http://www.rubyistsforjapan.com/ #rubyistsforjapan
RT @ToniMcLellan: Click to sign up for an email notification when my new site, Outdoorsy, goes live: www.getoutdoorsy.com Getting closer and closer to launch!
oh my, this is getting ridiculous #Blackhawks
TOEWS is all that is man
RT @jbogard: improving the windows restart dialog: http://yfrog.com/h2rc0ip
RT @jbogard: improving the windows restart dialog: http://yfrog.com/h2rc0ip
RT @dhh: Rails 3.1 will ship with jQuery as the default JavaScript library. Prototype helpers/RJS are going into a gem.
http://blogs.forbes.com/janetno... not happy about this, seriously
great, Amazon is terminating their referral program for IL participants, thanks Gov. Quinn, you douche
ooooooooooooooooooooooh crossbar
oh fudge, Campbell is out tonight
welcome home Discovery
Horseradish mustard is the nectar of the sandwich gods
RT @fakedanellis: I am on a drug. It’s called Dan Ellis. It’s not available because there's no way you could afford it.
RT @dysolution: BREAKING: The restraining order is in place. CAPITOL DOORS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Capacity = 9000. Spread this news far and wide! #wiunion
oh thank you hoss
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