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World Servers

World Servers

COCREATING A LOVING, PEACEFUL, JUST and SUSTAINABLE WORLD. Global Family, Collective Networking 1ღ
The Art of Living a Co-Creative Life | Julie Krull - Have you heard the new buzzword “co-create?” You may have heard people mindlessly using it interchangeably with collaborate or cooperate...
cocreator motherearth.jpg
New Story - Why Changing the Myth Changes Our World | Alan Heeks explores the pathways that can take us from the ‘old story’ of addictive materialism into a new, creative and regenerative post-industrial society...
changing the myth - new story.jpg
"An emerging global brain through social media networks is raising collective conciousness." --Deepak Chopra
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How to Keep a Positive Attitude -
How to Keep a Positive Attitude
Live Authentically in a World Steeped in Illusion -
Live Authentically in a World Steeped in Illusion
The Manifestation of Presence -
The Manifestation of Presence
Our Divine Original Blueprint -
Our Divine Original Blueprint
The Biochemistry of Spirituality -
Doorway to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines -
Doorway to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines
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