The 46 Healthiest Companies to Work For
Thank you to everyone who came to #careerinsights last night. We learned a lot!
RT @BlunkColleen: @UOCareerCenter Amazing night! Thx to the 32 professionals & students for attending #CareerInsights #TargetGivesBack
"People are limited because they are afraid. don't be afraid to fail "-Jennifer Payton Macy's district director HR #managementcc
"One of the most important things in marketing/pr is building your own voice" - Summer Jelinek, Vox PR #socialmediacc
It's crucial to find a good mentor; one can not carry all , use all the strengths in the group!#managementcc
"Make sure you're listening to what's going on in the world" - Trevor Steele, Communications Strategist #socialmediacc
"Take psychology class if u want to manage people" -Jennifer Payton Macy's Get skills communicating with different people #managementcc
"Don't say yes but, say yes and" Ben Warner, Macy's #socialmediacc
"Brand is perception. It always comes down to actions speak louder than words" - Mike Lepis, Creative Director #socialmediacc
"Find someone who does what you love who's better at it than you and become their best friend" -Ben Warner #socialmediacc
"The best time to get recruited is BEFORE recruiting starts. Early networking gets your foot in the door." Ben Warner, Macy's #socialmediacc
What is your best advice to someone who wants YOUR job? #researchcc
How does your job today relate closely to your major in college? #researchcc
"Future employers will Google you...Think about how what you put on the internet will effect your potential future." #socialmediacc
What's your day to day as a project manager at Google? @googlejobs #researchcc
The power of the network. #researchcc
"If you're going into a career and you don't know what it will be like, you are doing yourself a disservice." #GetExperience! #socialmediacc
Who is excited to glean wisdom from these Communication and Social Media Superstars? #socialmediacc #CareerInsights
Ready to take off with our professionals. #researchcc
Let's start it ! #researchcc @ uocareercenter
Are you ready to network tonight? #researchcc
What are you going to ask District VP of Macy's, Kim Freeburn? #careerinsights #managementcc
32 Professionals talking about what it takes 2 get their jobs! Food! #CareerInsights-Wed. 5:30-8:30@ FordAlumCenter
What are you going to ask Creative Director Tyler James at #careerinsights? #performcc
You're in a room a Forensic Scientist from the Oregon Crime Lab. What do you ask him? #careerinsights #researchcc
#buildurbizcc: how do you find investors?
RT @CallMeADuck: @UOCareerCenter event next wed! Hear from @NinkasiBrewing CFO, @FunkLevis Account Exec, and @Google project manager!
We've got a pilates instructor waiting to answer your questions. What do you ask her? #careerinsights #helpingcc
What would you ask CFO of Ninkasi, Nigel Francisco if you were in a room with him? #careerinsights #buildurbiz
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