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Anybody interested in sculpture? Modern, late 19TH or early 20th century?
Can anyone please lend a helping hand... If I change my tweet name.. Will I loose everyone I follow and everyone who follows me?
Does anyone know.. if I change my tweet name to I loose all my followers and followees?
Anyone familiar with Chaim Gross... Just got a great collection of pieces by him.. Anyone with an interest?
Anyone into late 19th or early 20th Century Sculpture?
Anyone know of plans to release a blackberry linkedin app?
Arguing w/ BofA.. What a shocker!
Anyone involved in the Art/Antique business out here??
Anybody else having problems with WAMU or BofA?? I'm having weekly problems with both and customer service just plain SUCKS!
Don't tell me everybody is loving their bank right now.. c'mon people.. give it up!!
Pineapple Express
pe to have one soon
@modat you took my dream job... Thanks bro...
@modat well now you took both of my dream jobs... Panty unbuncher and doing nothing... You got the life bro...
if you/someone you know in Boca/PBC donates blood, please get in touch w/me. A little boy in Nat's schl/having heart surg/needs blood ASAP!
Watching House
Chillin.. Wishing the weekend would stick around...
@teensygreen I'll do my best!
@modat I'll chip in
RT: @badbanana Martin Scorsese's eyebrows deserve a lifetime achievement award.
@shorty240 how you feeling?
Paying camp tuition for my daughters in January... Does anyone else see something wrong with that... I think the camp had BALLS!!
Anyone else thinks the porn industry deserves a bail out before the autos? there's a lot of jobs on the lines.. Seriously! Anybody?
I heard the Porn industry is taking their case to congress.. I rather bail them them out then the autos.. Just sayin!!
@shorty240 all I can say is shorrrrttttyyyy!
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