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(on push) using, free voice and text app on my iPhone
Mountains @ Loolyan Headquarters
Adva @ Yitzhak Rabin Memorial
Bart taking Mario for a walk @ Meishar Village
Powered by the Sun: A Clever QR Code For Noon Deals:
Give me a sign @ Hotel Keen
Some people don't like textures. I do. @ Kanpai Sushi
Congrats Amit and Oded on the launch and coverage – From everybody at Loolyan::
כמה שהימין לא ידח להפסיד בכבוד, הוא הרבה יותר גרוע כשהוא מנצח.
מה שטוב בחוק מופז 2 זה שהוא מזכיר לנו ש-360 מעלות מתחיל ונגמר באפס.
Ron on guitar @ Meishar Village
Daria sporting the new haircut she gave herself @ Meishar Village
using, free voice and text app on my iPhone
Subscribe to this newsletter to change the behavior of VC, startups & designers. #launch via @enriqueallen
Extreme right blocking peace activists on Facebook – You can help
My answer on Quora to: How important is visual design in an early stage product?
My answer on Quora to: Why is Quora's UI so unintuitive?
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