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AWOOOGAH!!! Conservatives Start To Sound The Alarm Over Rick Santorum’s Extremism | TPM2012
Rick Santorum, conservatives and his opponents started to say Tuesday, is just too dang extreme. The key bullets from Tuesday, when the story really started to emerge: • The Drudge Report’s powerful homepage banner spent a full day blasting out a 2008 Santorum speech at Ave Maria University in Florida in which the former Pennsylvania Senator told the crowd that Satan is trying to destroy the US. Drudge sold the story as “developing”, but Right Wing Watch had pretty much the whole thing reported last week. Drudge is generally seen as a friendly outlet for Romney, and the timing of the less-than-flattering story — coming just a week before the primaries in Arizona and Michigan — was dead-on for someone hoping to derail Santorum’s momentum. Ed Kilgore noted that Drudge wasn’t the only generally pro-Romney conservative to call out Santorum for extremism Tuesday. Jennifer Rubin took Santorum to task for his comments about women in combat, women working outside the home and this weekend’s meltdown over Obama’s “theology”: “In short, Santorum on social issues is not a conservative but a reactionary, seeking to obliterate the national consensus on a range of issues beyond gay marriage and abortion.” • But it wasn’t just people with generally nice things to say about Romney who were raising the concern that Santorum may just be too far out there for the modern GOP. Conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham hosted Newt Gingrich on her show Tuesday, and spent much of the eight minute interview berating Santorum for causing the conversation to veer away from economic issues in favor of discussions of pre-natal testing. - daveeza from Bookmarklet
Santorum has said enough crazy stuff to totally take down the Republican Party. Didn't the Republican leadership see this coming? Or have they lost control of the crazies in their party that they have assiduously cultivated for so long? - Sean McBride
If so many people support his views can he really be considered crazy? It's easy to dismiss this a mere craziness. - Todd Hoff
The Republican "southern" evangelical base loves this shit and they stay in their cracker Faux Nooz echo chamber assuming "everybody" agrees. (see Komen) But how will the vast mushy independent middle react to Rick's raving? He lost his Pennsylvania Senate seat by 20 points.... - WarLord
Todd -- what percentage of Americans believe that American universities and the Protestant establishment are literally under the control of Satan? Santorum is batshit crazy by the standards of most Americans. With those statements Santorum just turned into enemies most Americans with university degrees or membership in the Protestant establishment. And most of his fellow Roman Catholics would consider him to be completely crackers -- they are not ignorant religious extremists. - Sean McBride
Not just the Satan angle, but actually making a point of condemning ....*blink*.... Whitney Houston. He's bugfuck nuts, no doubt about it...which is why I was so amused by him being in town (literally just up the street) this past weekend. Given where I live, I was not surprised by him speaking to an overflow crowd of Cumming residents who were probably writhing in ecstasy over one of their own being in their presence. - Prosey BUTTONS!
See: this is why we need to seriously consider dividing the United States into two nations. I am serious. There is no conceivable way that Santorum America will ever be able to live with Obama America. These two cultures live on different planets. There is no basis for meaningful communication or good social relations. This is why we fought the Civil War in the 19th century -- an event which only papered over these differences but didn't resolve them. - Sean McBride
I don't see (at this point) any conceivable way that Santorum will get the nomination, though. He's reviled by much of his own party because of his extreme religious views. Hell, the conservative establishment annoys me with its flagrant religiosity, but he's even too extreme for most of *them*. - Prosey BUTTONS!
When Santorum attacked Obama for not having the correct understanding of the Bible, he sounded like a little kid, an infant, a toddler in short pants -- not a presidential candidate. - Sean McBride
To me, he sounds like that no matter what he's blathering about...lol - Prosey BUTTONS!
Yeah -- a toddler in short pants. That's who he is. Not even a teenager. - Sean McBride
The problem Sean is you've just identified one fault line on which to cleave the diamond. There are infinitely more which means the end result of every person as their own country, making the political mode alliances based on shared interests, which is pretty much where we are at today, so there's no easy way out, it's a long fight ahead. - Todd Hoff
I think the basic cultural divide between blue and red state values provides a highly salient fault line for contemplating a political divorce. These differences really are irreconcilable and they are getting much worse very fast. - Sean McBride