Andrew C (✔)
Eschaton: Planning For 10 Years From Now -
"The last time an administration did the supposedly responsible thing, the fiscal "hawks" suddenly decided that the worst possible thing was no longer a deficit, but a surplus, and that therefore it was necessary to have massive tax cuts for rich people. And they will, of course, do it again. Nobody cares about the deficit. Those who claim to the most care the least." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
If we cared about deficits, we'd end the wars and raise taxes... But we do despearately care who gets married and if you take contraceptives and we love us some transvaginal ultrasounds - WarLord
I remember the deficit hawks suddenly changing their minds. It's all about what's politically convenient. It's analogous to the talk about "big government." Few people actually want a limited government – it's just a question of what the big government is going to do. - John (bird whisperer)