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Andrew C (✔)
When Libertarians Go to Work... « Corey Robin -
"Sanchez's youth, his lack of a mortgage and kids--all these material factors and conditions make his exercise of freedom less costly to him and thus more likely to occur. [...] Ordinarily, most libertarians dismiss such talk as blurring the lines between negative liberty (the absence of coercion) and positive liberty (the capacity to act). [...]" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
" But clearly there is coercion in the workplace; Sanchez readily admits it. And clearly its reach--whether it touches the individual worker or not--is related to, indeed depends upon, that worker's ability to act, in this case to quit. Again, Sanchez admits as much." - Andrew C (✔)
"More to the point: is one's individual freedom not increased by measures such as unemployment compensation, guaranteed health insurance, public pensions, higher wages, strong unions, state-funded or provided childcare--the whole panoply of social democracy that most libertarians see as not only irrelevant to but an infringement upon individual freedom?" - Andrew C (✔)
"That, it seems to me, is the great divide between right and left: not that the former stands for freedom, while the latter stands for equality (or statism or whatever), but that the former stands for freedom for the few, while the latter stands for freedom for the many. " - Andrew C (✔)