Andrew C (✔)
Young People in the Recession - The War Against Youth - Esquire -
"Once you're out of college, you'll have to intern. Again, no choice. The practice of not paying young people for their labor has become so ingrained in the everyday practice of American business that we've forgotten how bizarre and recent the development is. In the early 1980s, 3 percent of college grads had had an internship. By 2006, 84 percent had done at least one." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"Employers have feasted on despair -- and these aren't internships for struggling small presses or rarefied design companies. [...] And because internship programs are sheltered from the violation of labor laws by the complicity of universities that give students "credit" for them -- as long as the students pay thousands of dollars for those credits -- American companies can operate these programs for the most part hidden from scrutiny. The best study of intern life in America found that companies save annually around $2 billion from pseudo-employment." - Andrew C (✔)
(I think the author engages in fearmongering about Social Security, but his point on internships is still valid.) - Andrew C (✔)