We are completely Useless.
This is quite possibly the weirdest dude out on the Internet [Thinking inside the box]
Hey, Joe the Plumber is back...and he's running for Congress [...and away goes trouble down the drain!]
This is what it really looks like when a family (including the kids) are thrown out of their house [Can you imagine having to do this job day after day?]
Now that we've Occupied Wall's time to occupy SESAME STREET!!!
And now the latest from Japan - a poop powered bicycle!
Exploding toilets cripple a federal govt building in DC [Insert joke about an excess of sewer gas in the nation's capitol here]
Honestly, if you don't want to be harassed at work, why work at a place named "Nu-Way Weiners"??? [Pulling the pork beats choking the chicken, every time!]
Here is an article for the next time you hear people complaining about how bad the economy is [Sheeple buy what the their TV overlords tell them to buy]
How crazy are these people who are 'angry' just because they couldn't buy some stuff??? -
GOP to The Fed: Screw the economy, we just want to take the White House next year! [Money talks and b.s. walks]
Here's everything you need to know about the Tea Party in a few brief paragraphs [Dept. of I've got mine to hell with the rest of you]
Meet the billionaire brothers and their Supreme Court friends who are poised to take over the country in 2012 [Democracy is for the little people]
4 in 10 Europeans are crazy [That explains a lot, doesn't it?]
Old people from nuclear areas in Japan are killing themselves because the government won't provide them with support [But nuclear power is soooo safe]
Hope you had fun on your ride, dumbass [Dept. of Wannabee Gangstas]
Lesssee here, a kid with the same name on Facebook, family lives in Willington, he's bragging about getting a new bike. And he was cooking for you at TGI Friday's. Yup, looks like our next candidate for the Darwin Awards, assuming they let him out of jail again. -
Guns don't kill people. Birthday parties, roller rinks and car shows kill people [Be sure to pack some extra ammo today]
Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal has now become completely morally bankrupt [Is there an App for that?]
Arizonans don't like the media calling their duststorms by a middle-eastern name [Haboob sounds too much like jihad]
Fake Apple stores in China confusing local buyers [and they're managed by 'Fake Steve Jobs'???]
Surprise! Oil companies are speculating on the futures markets, raising the price of gas for everyone [Don't worry, the 'market' will protect consumers...]
The price of oil should be no higher than "$60 or $70 a barrel" - Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil -
Where talking on the job will get you fired [Welcome to the new economy, check your soul at the door]
Some wingnuts believe that Oprah is the anti-christ [Does the devil give out free cars?]
Terrorists now planning for 'Ass Bombs'. Better pucker up [Dept of Anal Probes]
Stephen Colbert takes on federal campaign laws - on his own terms [It's all about the truthiness]
How much of a dick do you have to be to call the president of the USA a dick? [About 8 inches, apparently]
HOA scumbags block new home project for wounded veteran [Welcome to cracker-town]
For those with more money than brains - a $7,000 cellphone [Tag you're it]
GOP plan to raise yet more dirty sexy money ruled illegal [Cash Rules Everything Around DC]
Cut-and-paste regulation - how the NRC is too lazy to actually go out and inspect nuclear plants [Dept of Kooks Regulating Nukes]
Judge Judy makes over $860,000 each day just for being a b**** [Order in the court]
What type of complete idiot would buy dirt from a baseball park? [And we got some of A-Rod's used chewing tobacco for y'all]
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