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Clay Christensen’s Milkshake Marketing — HBS Working Knowledge -
Why We Can't Solve Big Problems | MIT Technology Review -
What kind of a recovery is this when so many people are crippled by debt? | Stella Creasy | Comment is free | The Observer -
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More Fun Science: Calculating Speed using a Webcam -
Gold is best. Best. Best. Best. -
Gold is best. Best. Best. Best.
(794) What are the pros and cons of each "Places" API? - Quora -
Malcolm Gladwell: Disruptive Innovators are Usually Disagreeable - The CIO Report - WSJ -
Being an innovator requires more than remaining indifferent to peer approval. That trait must also be paired with the ability to be open to new ideas, a solid work ethic and a sense of urgency, said Mr. Malcolm, whose new book, “David and Goliath,” looks at the role of underdogs through history. Mr. Jobs had “to be willing to be urgent and push people outside their comfort zone,” said Mr. Gladwell. People may exhibit one or two of these characteristics but it’s rare to find all of them in one person, he said. - Vince Maniago
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The “Zizz” Is An Intelligent Sleep Mask Which Helps You Get Better Zzz’s | TechCrunch -
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Stocks: Cheap or Expensive? | The Big Picture -
Are business schools graduating the wrong leaders? If so, the GMAT may be to blame -
It’s time to call BS on the cult of growth hacking | joelandren -
Growth hacking is part of the marketing mix. It may be a big part up front, but there’s a lot of other things necessary to create a Dropbox, an Uber or an Airbnb. If someone tells you “growth hacking = marketing” then they’re selling you Kool-Aid from the Jonestown batch. - Vince Maniago
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