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And what about the number we’re really looking for – how many people actually become “normal” weight long-term using Weight Watchers? It turns out only 3.9% of the golden 6% were still at or below goal weight after 5 years. By my calculations that means 3.9%*6.3% = 0.24% or about two out of a thousand Weight Watchers participants who reached goal weight stayed there for more than five years. - Vince Maniago
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My new favorite shirt thanks @waxpancake
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Way to go driver 24 @JeffGordonWeb for today's win in Michigan! #NASCAR
"Mommy, today is the day before school starts! I've been waiting about 75 days for this day" -my excited 1st grader
RT @designgrappler: At @tipsypig with @uvince. Thx @lyft @frankyoo must be doing something right. 😄
Woot! Bunch O Balloons: 100 Water Balloons in Less Than 1 Minute, via @Kickstarter
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