is flying to Boston
North Carolina BBQ (qshack) for dinner with Rob Call. Then indoor soccer
Beat the rain on the bike ride home from work! YES! (with single fist pump.) Now it's off to Social Hour with #TriUPA people in CH
We're on the boat
is on his way sailing for the day for Jeffrey's bachelor party!
I had a great time golfing today, even if I did shot infinity on that one hole...
Sunday morning soccer in Apex.
Getting ready the seasons for my first indoor soccer game
Today might have been the busiest on record. I'm heading home now so I can get ready for soccer. Writing more user requirements tomorrow!
Beach volleyball! Freakin' awesome.
All you detailed oriented people must really enjoy synchronized diving. It is fun to watch though, even as a non-detail oriented person.
is watching the Olympics like the rest of the US.
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