RT @sla_ctx: Happy to have @vacekrae, president of @ALA_LITA, to be speaking at #SLATX2014 on Nov. 13, 2014. Still time to reg. http://texas.sla.org/2014...
Just finished another day of week 1 of #C25K with @c25kfree! #awesomeweather #tiredbutenergized ##week1forever? #whereisEric?
"We all think we understand information architecture. But the things we think we know may not be correct." via http://boagworld.com/usabili...
RT @notsosternlib: hey #litaforum attendees/any @ALA_LITA members! you should write a guest post for http://litablog.org. contact me to discuss!
RT @tallgood: Back online. Enjoyed presenting with @biblioTECHaire #litaforum Great discussion followed. Thanks everyone. http://www.slideshare.net/tallgoo...
Like altmetrics & web analytics? @sharebrarian & @CBehles want to form an @ALA_LITA Metrics Interest Group. Contact them if interested!
So glad that I got to hang out with @robertvnewell while at #litaforum. Need to do this more often!
I had such a WONDERFUL time getting to know @sharebrarian @joeltonyan and Shad better while at #litaforum. I love my colorado peeps!
Excellent presentation by @tallgood on death of library website redesign. #litaforum https://twitter.com/vacekra...
My flight is at 4 today. Anyone want to share a taxi to the airport after the keynote today? #litaforum
RT @varnum: Gradual design gives you a less jarring UX. #litaforum
I love that the folks at Montana State Univ. post their presentation on slideshare AHEAD of their presentation. #litaforum @zoechao @varnum
RT @doralyn: Our "Share and share alike: applying social media optimization (SMO)" presentation slides are at http://t.co/mAw88dB...
Breakfast with the 2014 and 2015 LITA Forum Planning Committees! #litaforum #itsgoodtobethepresident https://twitter.com/vacekra...
Good morning, Albuquerque and #litaforum https://twitter.com/vacekra...
Good morning Albuquerque! https://twitter.com/vacekra...
I had an AWESOME night with @sharebrarian @robertvnewell @CBehles @arlierman @joeltonyan and Shad. #litaforum
RT @varnum: Hey, #litaforum peeps -- if you signed up for a networking or kitchen table convo dinner, meet your group at the sign-up table at 6:45.
RT @NimbleLibrarian: We look at technology the wrong way. Technology is application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. #litaforum
Nice shoutout to Univ of Michigan's library website for looking at discovery of more than just content - full library discovery #litaforum
RT @NimbleLibrarian: "Pervasive Sociodigitization Informationalized Sociomaterial Industrial internet" Say that 5 times fast. #LITAforum
Listening to @lorcanD talk about linked data at OCLC. #litaforum https://twitter.com/vacekra...
Welcome to all the new folks at #litaforum! So HAPPY you are here! Come talk to me if interested in becoming a member or getting involved!
Good morning, #litaforum! Ready for another AWESOME day? Breakfast + @lorcanD + exciting sessions, oh my! (I don't even drink coffee!)
If you see @varnum today, be sure to say Panda-Kai to him (in your best samurai voice, of course). #LITAgamenight #litaforum #somuchfun
RT @JuniorTidal: I forgot to mention, if you want more info about mobile usability I have a @ALA_TechSource book coming out next year! #plug #litaforum
RT @varnum: @mbreeding prefers "index-based discovery" to "web-scale discovery" - it's more descriptive. #litaforum
RT @hei_scott: Failure is such a complicated concept. @amptMN avoids "the F word" and instead focuses on self-motivated process-driven work. #LITAForum
I love @amptMN 's enthusiasm for making, playing, creativity, & new ways to learn. We need this same energy in libraries. #litaforum
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