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About Vancouver.
Total Connect Home Security in Vancouver. For more information, visit :
AJ Batac
"Metered broadband billing has become a volatile regulatory question in Canada. It has also become a political issue, with that country's Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic parties taking stands on the question of whether big telcos like Bell Canada can sell wholesale network access to smaller ISPs via a metered or usage-based-billing (UBB) system. Over 21,000 Canadians have co-signed Liberal industry critic Marc Garneau's commentary to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, calling for a more expansive debate over not only how to charge independent ISPs for data use, but how frame the problem." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Just wondering does anyone know where to find good photos of the eastside of Vancouver, around Gas town, Powell St area.
umm... everywhere? what kind of photos? - Vincent van Haaff
on flickr ! - Dustin Quasar
Vincent van Haaff
I want to be on my bicycle right now.
Richard Eriksson
“So I buy coffee in chinatown for someone who appears down and out ... And he asks for a French press! Should I laugh or cry?” -
Top Vancouver Restaurants
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Gregg Scott
Wow. I just popped in to see what's what.
nadia nascimento
about to nadiafeed.
will be back on thursday. have an exhibition at the orb gallery. fi's birthday on friday. then off to asia for 7 weeks!
Kim Feraday
Hoping we're finally in for some good weather this weekend
Robert Sanzalone
Looking for a new icon for this room. Submissions welcome.
will look for something. thanks for opening this room, robert - that way we can have you here, at least virtually! - isabella mori
okay, here are some possibles, robert: go to and search for "vancouver" - isabella mori
isabella mori
oh hi - this is my first share in a room - tada! a review of a restaurant that buzz bishop thought was scary ... -
Jeff Smith
Let your MP know what you think of the proposed Copyright bill - Jeff Smith
Robert Sanzalone
Big welcome to MJ!
Robert Sanzalone
Copyright deal could toughen rules governing info on iPods, computers [Vancouver Sun] -
Jordan Behan
Well hello there, friends with feeds...
How YOU doin' there papa? - Robert Sanzalone
Robert Sanzalone
“just noticed that when i use an IM client to chat with someone, i feel an overwhelming urge to stop after about 140 characters” -
Robert Sanzalone
A lot of excitement about the new Apple Store in Vancouver. Certainly has taken a while for that to happen. -
A lot of excitement about the new Apple Store in Vancouver. Certainly has taken a while for that to happen.
Roland Tanglao
ho. ho and a bottle of Grandville Island Lager. - Tris Hussey
Yo, yo Roland and Boris! - Robert Sanzalone
Robert Sanzalone
Hey Tris and Mack! Great to see ya!
Cool idea Robert :) - Mack D. Male
Robert Sanzalone
Welcome to the new Vancouver Room on FriendFeed
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