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"Do I look like a Nintendo? Is that why you playing me?"
And the power is out. Live wire down in the road on Hopewell. The kids bus can't even get home.
I am actually feeling bad for Tampa Bay. #ATLvsTB
RT @TheTweetOfGod: I have forsaken the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. #ATLvsTB
RT @ultradavid: CA legislature passed bill to allow gov't to shut off cell phones, up for governor now. Imagine #Ferguson w/o phones
RT @YourAnonNews: Police are clearly treating the media, and the general public, as enemy combatants. Can we have a revolution yet? #Ferguson
RT @frenchamnesty: gif'd that cop ripping off @timcast's press badge #ferguson
RT @TUSK81: Jesus Christ. Amnesty getting ordered out of #Ferguson by police. (Photo via @sdkstl)
RT @JamieFord: Kill unarmed teen. Threaten journalist. Arrest holocaust survivor. It's like the #Ferguson police have a bucket-list of shame. 😕
RT @ErickaSimone: People. This is the ONLY man who can #ARRESTDARRENWILSON. Call him & ask why he hasn't arrested #MikeBrown's murder.
RT @ScottKelby: Dear @twitter -- if you really want us to post more photos, stop penalizing us by taking away characters when we do include a photo.
Currently watching a show about "epic RVs". Most cost more than 10 times what my house did. WTF?
RT @WhySharksMatter: I guess this is the #SharkWeek motto this year. #Megalodon
I am appalled that during the #megalodon show on @Discovery tonight, they totally failed to mention the mermaid in the video. #SharkWeek
RT @TheTweetOfGod: There's no greater proof that someone led a noble, worthy life than having his funeral picketed by the Westboro Baptist Church.
Holy hell, @Discovery ! Are you seriously showing this as serious footage? Be ashamed. #SharkWeek
Very sad that @Discovery is ending #SharkWeek with a bad show that has an infomercial feel to it. Very anticlimactic end to a great week.
Anyone that sees #Expendables3 , let me know what you think of it. I thought it was.... well, just awful.
RT @XaiaX: Looters stealing camera equipment in Ferguson:
RT @newsneighbor: Why was #Ferguson PD still looking for the suspect 7 hours after Michael Brown had been killed?
RT @DepressedDarth: Justin Bieber posted a video of him boxing. Surprisingly Bieber hits pretty hard for a girl.
Every week is #SharkWeek around here
Wait, the people who didn't understand Muslims being outraged over comics of Mohammed are freaking out over the comedy #BlackJesus ?
While watching an episode on abalone diving on #SharkWeek , Gabbie said "I didn't know that's where bologna comes from". LOL
Video of Ferguson police gassing news crew and dismantling their�equipment via @BoingBoing
RT @xtop: Twitter suspends Anonymous for posting a photo of Ferguson police officer, but make violent rape threats for weeks on end and you're fine
This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police via @BI_Defense
RT @BlackGirlDanger: Funny how violence is *never* the answer when used by oppressed people, and *always* the answer when used by the state.
RT @wilw: MT @BoingBoing: #Ferguson police response 'a municipal version of shock and awe' —@jelani9
RT @Black__Elvis: Thanks for the advice, officer. I'll try to be less black next time.
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