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Slipknot - Psychosocial [OFFICIAL VIDEO] -
Slipknot - Psychosocial [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
It's been far too long since I allowed myself to just sit here and get lost in music.
so bad it's good, or so bad it's .... bad? #Sharknado2TheSecondOne
RT @funnyordie: Huge missed opportunity not calling it "Sharknado 2: Atlantic Boogaloo"
I'm gonna drink beer and play #diablo3 . It's what this nations founding fathers would have wanted! #murica
RT @lawblob: hey asshole playing sim city on an iPad in the movie theatre! are u seriously putting residential houses right next to a power plant?!
Don't dress like Stevie Nicks if you look like Carney Wilson. #imsoold
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Germany vs France prediction: millions will die. Just based on history. #WorldCup
As much as I'm pulling for USA in the #WorldCup , I still am unable to feign interest in soccer.
I want to go kayaking. Like really really want to.
I desperately need a macro lens to feed my nature photo fetish.
The light in the darkness -
The light in the darkness
Waking up to no coffee in the house. Emergency trip to grocer complete. Pouring coffee into my face now. All without killing anyone.
According to Monty Python logic, I am obviously not the king. I "got shit all over me". #damndog
RT @TheTweetOfGod: You are entitled to your opinion but it’s wrong and you’re stupid.
Creepy guy just stopped his car in the street (again) to get out and pick up a couple of cigarette butts off the road. Yes, he smokes them.
Tip: It's best to let frozen burritos cool a little after taking them out of the microwave. In related news, HOT LAVA IN MY MOUTH! #itburns
Those black short shorts really compliment your black court issued tracking anklet. #Stylin
Gabbie: "I just can't feel my arms or legs. I must have slept too long."
“@JesusIsAJerk: Oh, you post Bible verses on Facebook? You're definitely getting into heaven.” Sounds legit.
RT @MikeCollierWX: Instagram is down. Time to dial back the clock to 2004 and look at people's photos on Facebook. I guess I better check farmville too.
RT @TooDopeBruhh: How Instagram models are feeling right now
RT @FLiiRTGOD: Everyone Waiting for Instagram to start working like.....
RT @instagram: We’re aware of a server issue affecting some people and are working on a fix. Thank you for your patience!
I sense a night of beer, #Orioles baseball and gaming ahead. But currently, watching Tangled with the girls. It's a tough life. 😜
Anyone have any experience with CLA as a workout/fat burning supplement?
I somehow hurt my ribs last night. At work. Did I mention I have a desk job? How the hell did that happen???
Passive aggressive post is passive aggressive. #canigetanamen
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