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Alexander van Elsas

Alexander van Elsas

I write about (social) media technology, the human factor and anything else I care about. Currently CEO of
is downloading The Lost City using #Zwapp
Het is een bewezen feit dat een bacchanaal van 2 weken in Griekenland geen echt goede voorbereiding op de kwart triathlon is #3kilo #erbij
Nothing better to spoil a perfect vacation ending than a lost suitcase at the airport :-(
is downloading Checkmark using #Zwapp
is downloading Ice Age: Dorp using #Zwapp
likes the Tap Tap Revenge Tour app #Zwapp
is downloading Amazing Alex using #Zwapp
is downloading Tap Tap Revenge Tour using #Zwapp
Song Pop Free: A fun game, very popular right now. Sa to see I only rock at the eighties classics though ;-)...
is downloading Song Pop Free using #Zwapp
If you ever want to know what the "God" particle, or Higgs Boson is, then watch this video : #amazing #cartoon
Finale EK valt tegen. Spanje scoort mooi maar speelt niet echt aantrekkelijk. Italië onmachtig, en met 10 man
Chrome: The tab UI is really fast and intuitive. Love it! - via @Zwapp
is downloading Chrome using #Zwapp
iPhone 4 connector fails 1year - 5 days after buying it. Hope it can be fixed. Battery is dead and won't charge anymore :-(
Wow! If you love photography then this might be interesting for you
is downloading Cue: Know What's Next using #Zwapp
is downloading MapQuest 4 Mobile using #Zwapp
Duitsland was beter, Nederland vocht niet hard genoeg. Te veel verwende voetballers. Te weinig die echt wilde winnen #tijdvoorvernieuwing
is downloading easyJet mobile using #Zwapp
Calling all iOS devs, hackers and Mac users to help build an open db of app URL Schemes via @zwapp #1MAppSchemes
This is the Facebook API. With the FB API a user needs to login to FB once in o (@YouTube
This is the Facebook API. With the FB API a user needs to login to FB once in o (@YouTube
likes the The Colbert Report's The Word for iPad app #Zwapp
Italy surprises me more than Spain. They play excellent today! #spaita
Start 1/2 marathon in 10 minutes. Warm day and running against the wind. Looking forward to it :-)
Find My Friends: Going to delete this. I have never been able to get it working - via @Zwapp
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