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RT @alexismadrigal: I've got 99 problems and 98 of them are represented by tabs in my browser, and the last is the metaproblem of having 98 tabs open.
Ordering nespresso's new flavored capsules has re-affirmed that I'm bitter and black at heart. At least in the mornings.
Congrats! RT @KarlFrisch Exciting news! My buddy @cjoh has been named senior fellow at Center for American Progress:
I think it takes me nearly as long to take a photo of my check that my mobile banking app accepts as it would to just drive to the bank.
RT @NASA: The U.S. will be in a prime orbital position & time of day to view the #eclipse! Starts at ~2a ET & peaks at 3:45a
Facebook keeps trying to get me to admit that I don't really have a job. Heh.
RT @coachaina: Coach Aina BODY CAMP Spring Session 6 Weeks starting Monday, April 28th. Evening Session - Monday & Wednesday...
Don't we all have "sluggish cognitive tempo" & the drug cure is caffeine? Or like a million hours of sleep?
Enough to make me fly @united? RT @united: @scottkfoley We want to be sure we protected the identity of B613 command. Enjoy your stay.
My new software @keylimetoolbox recovers A LOT of (not provided) data. I'm looking for sites for the private beta.
I just logged into Google Analytics with my reporting account and instead Google sent me to a Google+ upgrade prompt, what?
RT @lukew: Obvious always wins.
All the cool kids format Excel worksheets on Friday night. Right? Wait, why isn't anyone replying when you're all so close to laptops?
RT @googleanalytics: "In a world of infinite choice, the ability to pick critical few metrics to focus on is -- critical," says @avinash:
So conflicted. I love Seattle but I'm an Angels girl at heart! Passed down from my grandparents. #gomariners&angels?
The BBC just told me to reset all of my passwords. So I guess don't expect me to answer my phone or email for about 3 days as I'll be busy.
Question: What's the most important thing my UW students should know about search engines & SEO? (Class #2 tonight!)
I clearly should have posted that last tweet on Secret.
I'm not the only person who's totally into Hot in Cleveland, right?
You guys! Sometimes outside is just as good as comfy pajamas! (Perhaps some of you outside of Seattle knew this.)
RT @berkun: When to Act on a Correlation, and When Not To - @HarvardBiz via @acroll #bigdata
Wait, what does the "x" in Uberx stand for anyway? Does this guy making "serious cash" look like a taxi driver?
I ventured outside. Well, onto my deck anyway. That counts, right?
Random question for no reason at all: How many days is OK not to leave your house? What if you're wearing really comfy pajamas?
By naming my new company "Keylime Toolbox", I can drink lime-flavored margaritas all day and call it "work". I can, right?
RT @googlewmc: We're now showing deep links to 24 more apps in English search results globally. Details: http://googlewebmastercentral....
RT @digiphile: "The 'Let Me Google That For You Act of 2014' …would abolish the 64-year-old @NTISInfo" -@GregoryKorte
Apparently Twitter realizes I'd much rather talk about #Scandal all day than work.
I have so much work to do, but I just want to hate tweet #HIMYM & philosophize about #Scandal.
RT @EmergencyPuppy: We had an April Fool's joke planned for today, but instead we chose to post this puppy wearing a bandana.
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