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RT @ftrain: When I am knee-deep in project mess this is what everything I read looks like:
A bee just stung the bottom of my foot. That means I get to take the rest of the day off, right?
RT @derekwillis: The House passed a bill Mon. that would no longer require that Federal Register be printed:
Selling my (v1?) Google Glass (dark grey, with extra charger & shades) for $1k. Ping me if you're interested:
New email from Amazon! Did the book Marketing in the Age of Google by @vanessafox meet my expectations? Heh.
RT @Poynter: Correction: the CIA's stylebook instructs its users to deploy the serial comma at all times:
RT @baratunde: Following Dinesh D'Souza model of film titling, mine will be called "THE" and I'm preemptively suing Bing for censoring me #THEthemovie
LOL MT @DineshDSouza Google mis-labels the "America" film and misdirects people who search for it via @baratunde
Just got a "top pinner" email. Either Pinterest is very liberal with their use of "top" or they have way less engagement than I thought.
RT @maileohye: Can Google index your content loaded through javascript? Want to migrate site to HTTPS? #smx preso:
RT @Home_Halfway: Ahhhhhhh I love being by myself. So relaxing. And I--oh god oh OH GOD SOMEONE IS TRYING TO TALK TO ME breathe Michael remember your training
Neither of my college-age interns have either heard of @johncusack. The iconic boom box scene is lost on them. As, I guess, are boom boxes.
Doesn't it seem kinda weird & old school that you tap 3x to get to the mobile field when adding a # in an iPhone?
"Every technological change carries with it ... the creation of new benefits and the loss of things we treasure."
Google is colorful today!
According to this retirement calculator, my goals may be a bit lofty:
"I am teaching myself to let a problem task go unanswered at the end of the day and still be able to sleep at night."
Is that true?? MT @neyne MT @spliggle nerdy #Buffy fact of the day - first ever use of the word 'Googled' on TV:
Question! What search engine do you use *second* most? I find myself using Pinterest a lot (for ideas and how tos).
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay! @ Seattle Center Armory
Code Complete was amazing. RT @codinghorror: "If you're horrified by what you see in the mirror, you are not alone."
OH at the airport: security is getting better. They have that new machine that really sees everything.
(To clarify my last tweet, it was Yo's founder, not the author of the New Yorker article, who thinks 140 characters is too long.)
Hee! "140 characters is way too much these days." MT @NewYorker David Shapiro on Yo.
I blame startups for my brain thinking I'm misspelling everything when I spell words correctly with vowels & without extra letters or Ys.
RT @david_rees: Three weeks from tonight!
RT @NiemanLabFuego: New Knight News Challenge winners receive funding to help strengthen the Internet via @NiemanLab
I ate that little bag of cookies from my mini bar last night. It didn't get restocked today. So I can't have any more cookies. Seems wrong.
Sometimes I get an email notification that someone is following me on Tumblr and I think, wait, I have a Tumblr acct? (I truly have no idea)
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