Great interview with @megan_muir on Seattle investments and & the tech landscape:
It is the worst when someone honks at you in traffic & you have the right of way but you have no way to tell the person they're wrong.
RT @keylimetoolbox: Any great Chicago-area SEOs looking for an in-house position at an equally great company? I can send you their way!
I unapologetically love @taylorswift13's new video (that deer!): & I love it stars her actual cat, Olivia Benson.
Internal monologue: Why am I so hungry this morning? Oh. Maybe because I had a bag of pop chips for dinner? Yes, I'm a responsible adult!
What my mind ponders over 11,000 miles of road (hint: it's not the meaning of life):
RT @pedrodias: Gogogogo! Send an email to within the next hour and get an invite
Maybe you missed my latest post about life on the road: Montana's pretty cool, turns out.
Fav new blog comment - great advice! "Hi fellas, just want to say–don’t pay $500 for platinum roulette system, you can find it for free"
RV road trip alert: Badlands, Montana, and infinite loops of propane fear:
Here's my problem: I have work to do & should sleep soon. But I just started watching Masters of Sex & I have a lot of episodes left.
This photo is freaking me out. MT @WSJ Scientists have discovered a dwarf galaxy with a supermassive black hole.
Oddly, everyone in this hotel lobby is Scottish (who don't know each other). More oddly, the conversation is about weird U.S. tipping.
So you stare like a zombie until 9:30? MT @avinash Ideal time to drink coffee? 9:30 to 11:30 am & 1:30 to 5:30 pm:
I know everyone has read this already, but this is a really great article on privacy & open access to content online:
Dear any company: it might not be the greatest idea ever to require me to like your page before I can order.
“@TheAtlantic: How Kim Kardashian killed Candy Crush” this is for you, @mattcutts and @harper.
RT @WhiteHouse: President Obama's launching the U.S. Digital Service to improve government digital services →
RT @jamesoreilly: RT @techdirt Spain's Ill-Conceived 'Google Tax' Law Likely To Cause Immense Damage To Digital Commons & Open Access
RT @cfirestone: Hearing from our #FOCAS14 working groups on scenarios for the future of the internet. Tune in 10:45 am ET
RT @elisewho: Many big brains here @aspencs talking #openinternet: @harper, @mattcutts, FCC commishes, etc. Streaming 10:45am ET
"How was your drive in? How long did it take you?" Me: "Hmm. Almost a month." @ Aspen Institute
That was one long baseball game! #goangels (sorry Seattle)
No thank you, Google.
My new RV lifestyle is hip! MT @sloane I'm quoted in this article: Air Scares Prompt People to Embrace Slow Travel
RT @jmspool: Forbes: If you have to explain how to navigate to the next article, you’re probably doing it wrong. #PoorScent
Sometimes metrics shine a mirror... I guess I should throw the word "I" into this post a few more times. ;)
RT @ftrain: When I am knee-deep in project mess this is what everything I read looks like:
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