.@alli_burnie Do you know of any museums using GoPro well? Thinking of using one for Harvard Art Museum opening on Friday. Thoughts?
.@erodley Do you know of any museums using GoPro well? Thinking of using one for Harvard Art Museum opening on Friday. Thoughts?
.@harvartmuseums I have student tickets to attend the event this Friday. Will GoPros be allowed in the museum?
Any #museums using GoPro? I was thinking of using one for a museum opening (just as observer). Thoughts? #musesocial #musetech
15 Designs That Should Make You Worry About the Next Guggenheim Museum http://getpocket.com/s... [big or right sized?]
The Neuroscience Of "Harry Potter" http://getpocket.com/s...
How and why LinkedIn is becoming an engineering powerhouse http://getpocket.com/s... [how is your org using LI?]
Is Your Organization Ready for Total Digitization? http://getpocket.com/s... [on a scale of 1-10?]
Podcasts So Good You Want to Binge-Listen http://getpocket.com/s... [what are your go-to podcasts?]
Communication Tips for Global Virtual Teams http://getpocket.com/s... [what tips would you add?]
British Museum Will Let You Print 3D Copies Of Its Best Artefacts http://getpocket.com/s... [adding 3D printer to my Christmas list]
Why the Future Of Art is on City Streets http://getpocket.com/s... [would Instagram be the place to explore this impact in an online smart cit…
MIT creates sensory fiction http://getpocket.com/s... [I want to read and feel this story!]
How to learn a new language: 7 secrets from TED Translators http://getpocket.com/s... [have you learned a new language as an adult?]
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Renovation | Dwell http://www.dwell.com/renovat... [I'd love to hear this discussion.]
People say I always look so serious and mean. I am making a point to smile and say hello to everyone today.
Twitter Analytics is now free for all: so what can libraries get out of it? — Ned Potter http://www.ned-potter.com/blog... [Great guide for any org.]
Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right http://getpocket.com/s... [The saga continues.]
This Week at MoMA: August 18–24 http://getpocket.com/s... [Check out the new MoMA iPhone app! Tell me what you think.]
Finally. Internal engagement being considered as both internal and external engagement being defined by #CRMEvolution panel.
Should city planners have to live in cities? http://getpocket.com/s... [Cmty lines are blurring in and offline.]
For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights http://getpocket.com/s... [understand, but a lot of the impt work isn't sexy]
I am on cloud nine. Just finished #museumhack tour @metmuseum - Ethan and Harry were brilliant guides and singers. ;)
What’s Happening California? An Ongoing Museum-University Co-Curation Project http://getpocket.com/s... [starting a relevant conversation]
This live-stream will let you sneak around a famous London art museum after hours http://getpocket.com/s... [So amazing]
#AskACurator Who To Ask http://getpocket.com/s... [That time of year and a brilliant list of participants!]
3D printing via Smithsonian - SXSW PanelPicker http://getpocket.com/s... [I want to see this session make the cut!]
5 People Who Took A Huge Pay Cut For Their Unique Dream Jobs http://www.fastcompany.com/3034318... [I WANT to believe this, but my brain is not buying it.]
So excited to finally have the opportunity to participate in a Hack the Met tour!
I'd like to see a tiny house with a green roof. Maybe that will be aim of my new home design? Just dreaming.
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